19 Dec, 2012

Blog update - new photos! 

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I am hopelessly late with updating this blog, and I'm really sorry. The release of the Christmas song took a good few weeks of my time, and now I'm just finishing a new song for a Children's film festival in Kansai, Japan. It's a theme song for the festival in January,

I have written the music and produce the song, which has lyrics in Japanese by Kazuma Yano (from mamerico which I have produced 10 songs for earlier). It's my "first song" in Japanese, but please note, I do NOT sing in this song, I just play the instruments and stuff (guitar, piano, bass, arrangement).

Vocalist is Lica, a fantastic singer, previously in the band Bophana.

* * *

I have received some more great photos from my live gig at Bar Music last month. Sakami-kun, I'm sorry that I couldn't upload them before!

Bar Music, Shibuya, Tokyo. The logo and sign is already a classic!

Great photo evidence of the warm atmosphere.

Perhaps checking the tuning of the guitar.

Sakami-kun and me.

I borrowed Sakami-kun's hat for a special photo.

All photos by Kentaro Sakami (twitter) (facebook)

Thank you again for the great photos!

The previous post with more photos and the setlist is here:
http://blog.johanchristherschutz.net/in ... 129-090007


17 Dec, 2012

Japan radio 

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J-WAVE, TOKYO FM, KAMAKURA FM and radio in FUKUOKA have all been playing my Christmas song, and this week Japan FM Network, JFN, will play it every morning in OH!HAPPY MORNING, broadcast all over Japan!

And last week, Swedish newspaper Corren linked to the video from their facebook page, and wrote:

"Champion singer/songwriter Johan Christher Schtz has created one of those Christmas songs that feels like an evergreen already when hearing it for the first time"
(Corren Kultur, Sweden)


J-WAVE、TOKYO FM、KAMAKURA FMなど各FMでもオンエアされ、JFNの「OH! HAPPY MORNING」では12月17日から21日まで、週間の推薦曲としてプレイされます。

Thank you!!!

We can change the world!

14 Dec, 2012

Open letter to my friends in Japan 


http://nation.time.com/2012/12/13/elect ... -honestly/

To my friends in Japan:

Sunday's election is very important. This election can change the constitution of Japan (Peaceful since the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and even wars with China or North Korea if people really vote for ABE.

* Prime minister NODA will lose his job, because opposite of the people's wish, he wants Nuclear Power.

* Expected new Prime minister ABE will boost the army and spend more public money on the army, weapons & aggresive foreign policies ("war"). Shouldn't public money go to rebuilding the country after the tsunami or improving schools? ABE also wants to put Japanese citizens to live/work on the disputed "Senkaku" islands, and you can only guess China's response. Several western countries have expressed worries about him from an international peace point of view.

* And nationalist canditate ISHIHARA, 80-years-old, wants Japan to test Nuclear weapons. Doesn't he remember the bombs?

* There are many small candidates as well. PLEASE check what they want, even though there's an accepted policy in Japan for politicians to lie about everything and suddenly change opinion.

Follow your heart. This election is Very Important.

Johan Christher Schtz

11 Dec, 2012

Thank you for the wonderful response! 


I've been totally overwhelmed by direct messages and tweets from people about the music video and the song. Probably about 25 % of everyone who has watched it has written to me. I was even blocked on twitter for writing too many direct messages to say thank you! I didn't even know there is a 24-hour limit.

I decided to collect some of the feedback from messages, tweets and youtube, in some cases translated to English for the sake of simplicity.

- I just watched this 2 times without breathing.

- I love this song... So beautiful & wonderful message!

- I watched it 4 times!

- It makes me really warm!

- Your beautiful song and video made me cry. Thank you for creating such lovely music!

- I love it!

- Wonderful!

- I was very very deeply impressed.

- Sooo cuuute music video - warm voice, warm melody and warm video.

- What a beautiful song! It makes me so excited.

- It fills the chest!

- The song and video is a perfect match!

- Thank you for the inspiration!

- It's amazing!

The video has just been up for three days, so please continue to tell me what you think!!!

You can also send me messages on facebook:

Thank you!!!

10 Dec, 2012

Amazon mp3 

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Here are the links for the Amazon stores where the christmas single is available as download (mp3, I guess):

http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Time-Ca ... B00AK89OD6

http://www.amazon.co.jp/Christmas-Time- ... B00AKF7IUK



http://www.amazon.de/Christmas-Time-Can ... B00AK3VX2G

http://www.amazon.it/Christmas-Time-Can ... B00AKD8Q08

http://www.amazon.es/Christmas-Time-Can ... B00AKCRXFI


08 Dec, 2012

Christmas Time (We can change the world) music video 


32 years after the death of John Lennon, we publish the music video for Christmas Time (We can change the world):

Please share and spread the love!


07 Dec, 2012

Music video 

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Just finishing the music video for my xmas song. Maybe I can upload it tomorrow!

Today, there was an unpleasant earthquake, magnitude 7.3 up north, but glad everyone seems to be fine. It always takes you by surprise. You never get used to it.

Just reminds me again, we all share the dream of a silent night.

07 Dec, 2012


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The preview in iTunes Store is now working fine:

Here's the link:
http://itunes.apple.com/album/christmas ... d584139631


A bit early, though...

05 Dec, 2012


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Today my new download single CHRISTMAS TIME (WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD) is released on iTunes, and many other sites.

On CD Baby, the world's biggest website for indies music, my single is featured under NEW RELEASES, all genres:


and under POP MUSIC, top page:


Thank you CD Baby!

05 Dec, 2012

Christmas Time out now! 

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The Christmas song is out on Bandcamp!

iTunes, Amazon, Spotify coming soon.

Click play to listen:


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