08 Dec, 2012

Christmas Time (We can change the world) music video 


32 years after the death of John Lennon, we publish the music video for Christmas Time (We can change the world):

Please share and spread the love!


02 Nov, 2012

Love This World 

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We're currently finishing the album design for the new album. I've gotten some good response from people already, but don't hesitate to let me know your opinions. The lyrics, which are quite reflective and philosophical, much influenced by my re-reading the novel 'Siddhartha' by Hermann Hesse, a book I have loved for 20 years now.

The photo was taken at my favorite Cafe TORi in Tokyo, and the ascetic mood (sparse & earthy) really matches the song themes, in my opinion. It also reminds me of old (1970's) Brazilian album covers...

Here are 3 ideas. Click image to enlarge in new window.

To get the mood of the album, click the Play button below to listen!

1. A Smile Will Take You Far
2. Peace Is The Way
3. Changes Changes
4. Don't Fight The Flow
5. Love This World
6. From Here
7. Piece Of Myself
8. I Learned To Be Me

30 Aug, 2012



I have 3 setlists to upload, sorry for not keeping up to date! Last sunday I played at DROLE Daikanyama together with racoustik (Hitoshi Abe) (myspace) and ナイアガラ交響楽団 (myspace), a duo with sisters Eiko and Yuko Otaki.

Photos: Eiko Otaki (twitter @p_i_n_c_o). As you see from these great photos, Eiko (pinco) is also a professional photographer. Hope to work together in the future!

Yuko Otaki made the "paper bags" and dolls you can see hanging all around me, as she is also a designer and "paper bag maker"!

Check out their website:

Setlist - Drole Daikanyama (8/26):

1. So Happy
2. Passion
3. Balans
4. I Guess It's OK
5. Changes Changes
6. Slow Down
7. I'm Here

Here's racoustik live:

I'll play with him again on September 9 at Cafe TORi (Nakameguro). My live schedule is always here (日本語).

Here's a photo I took of Eiko and Yuko backstage:

Two weeks ago I played 2 gigs in one day. The first was was an unplugged live gig at Toru Hashimoto's release party for SEASIDE FM 80.4 compilation album, in the house where Nujabes lived. It was a very special occasion for me, and I felt some kind of strong connection with Nujabes being in his house with about 50 music lovers.

The eatables:

And the listenables:

I performed in front of a big window, that's why the back-light is so strong, the sky was actually pretty blue!

Setlist - Seaside FM 80.4 release party, Kamakura (8/12):

1. Triste
2. Mten och avsked (Encontros e despedidas)
3. Changes Changes
4. Don't Fight The Flow
5. There's Only You
6. I'm Here
7. I Guess It's OK

8. Passion

At the day of this event the weather report had promised rain, but for some reason (you know what I mean) the skies cleared up miraculously. This afternoon inspired me to make a remix of my new song "Changes Changes". It's almost finished, but you can pre-listen on this page:
http://soundcloud.com/peacebirdmusic/jo ... nges-remix
(just click the red PLAY button)

And let me know what you think (^^)

For those of you who might have missed him, Nujabes was a Japanese DJ and music producer who died in an accident in 2010.
R.I.P. Nujabes!

One more, the same day as the release party I performed at Roman Records Cafe in Tokyo! This gig had a great lively atmosphere, it was the 3rd anniversary for Roman Records, and the owner Aimie even sang a song together with me (I played the guitar).

It was especially nice because many in the audience knew my songs, and especially "Slow Down" and "Passion" were wonderful! Everyone singing my songs loudly together! It was almost like the Brazilian music parties in Stockholm...

Setlist - Roman Records Cafe, Tokyo (8/12):

1. Triste
2. What Good Are Tears
3. There's Only You
4. Balans
5. Changes Changes
6. Luiza
7. I'm Here

8. Passion
9. Difficult
10. Slow Down
11. Let The Sunlight In
12. After The Rain
13. Moon River (with Aimie Tatsuya - vocals & whistling solo)

14. So Happy

This setlist is not 100% accurate! The audience knew my songs so well so I made some changes to my plans, to give something extra!

Here's Aimie singing during our rehearsal a few days earlier:

That was quite a long post! I'll try to write more often.....


02 Aug, 2012

Limited edition Peacebird t-shirt! 

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The Bird & guitar t-shirt is now also availble online from Bandcamp:
http://jcschutz.bandcamp.com/merch/peac ... ird-guitar

Natural white t-shirt with sky blue Peacebird logo with bird & guitar drawing.
It's really soft & lightweight (100% cotton) - your skin will love it! And the print is water-based: no plastic feeling for the Peacebird!


Sizes are "large for being small", please check the measures if you worry:

(Height / Shoulder width / Sleeve)

S (66 cm / 48 cm / 19 cm)
XS (58 cm / 44 cm / 16 cm)

Print width on S size: 14 cm
Print width on XS size: 11,5 cm

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
日本語 (Japanese)


リミテッド エディション

http://jcschutz.bandcamp.com/merch/peac ... ird-guitar

PEACEBIRD ロゴと手書き風ギターのイラストがプリントされた、爽やかなイメージのオリジナルTシャツです。ユ二セックススタイル。 素材:綿100%。

サイズ: S
身幅:48 cm
着丈:66 cm
袖丈:19 cm

サイズ: XS
身幅:44 cm
着丈:58 cm
袖丈:16 cm


15 May, 2012

Retrato em Branco e Preto 

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I always loved RETRATO EM BRANCO E PRETO, the classic song by Tom Jobim & Chico Buarque, which I first discovered in the recording of Joo Gilberto, but which has been recorded by most Brazilian artists.

Of course, I was then very happy when Swedish jazz singer Nina Ripe wanted to record my English translation of the song for her debut album "Apaixonada". It was released in 2011, and I have mentioned it on this blog before. I wrote three of the lyrics for that album, all fully authorized.

The arrangement is great, and the accordion is awesome.

She's just uploaded a youtube video for it, so check it out!

NINA RIPE - Picture in Black and White
(Retrato em Branco e Preto)

Get the lyrics at my website:
http://www.jcschutz.com/music.php?do=vi ... amp;page=1


11 Nov, 2011

The best Swedish song ever! 

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I just have to post this song here!

Jimmy Welleby - ver eldar

I grew up on the Swedish countryside of stergtland, and aged 20 I invited two other guys (which I barely knew!) to start a new band. One of the other members were Jimmy Welleby, and that was the first time we played together.

That was 1995, I think.

In 2002, Jimmy asked me to produce an album of his acoustic songs ("visor" in Swedish), and we borrowed a small red house from his cousin, even deeper into the countryside (Vstra Harg), where we recorded his album during one autumn weekend that year. We finished the production in my small apartment in Mjlby, where I later wrote the songs for "Passion".

Now, Jimmy's songwriting is something really special. His imagery is personal and intense, and he changes perspective - from private to universal - from one line to another without efforts. It's incredibly beautiful.

"ver eldar" (Above fires), is in my opinion the best result from that album. Amazing lyrics and melody, and my simple but hopefully effective production of 2 acoustic guitars (Jimmy and me doing one of our guita duels!), electric slide guitar (me), bass (Jimmy's younger brother Royne Reinholdsson) and very sparse percussion (Tomas Palmquist).

This is the best song ever written in Swedish, and I'm not saying that because we're friends.

It's genius, perfect and timeless. 6 minutes and 30 seconds, but feels fresh all the way until the end.

I'm very happy to have been a part of this recording. And I'm very proud of being his friend.


Jimmy does not have a website, but you can read some of his poetry on this page. It's in Swedish, so please feel free to use some translation software:

Check especially the poem "den frsta kyssen" (The first kiss). I love that one:

05 Sep, 2011

Musical drums 

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Yesterday, I found this lovely guitar coaster (small mat to put under a coffee cup) in a great interior shop called SUSU (http://www.susu.co.jp) where I have been offered to have a live performance in November. It will be great to come back to Japan after relaxing a bit in the Swedish autumn. I just wish I could live both in Sweden and Japan. It's both expensive and exhausting to go travel between.

After leaving SUSU, I accidentally ended up in the middle of a 'Matsuri' (festival) in Jiyugaoka!

There were people dressed in Yukata (summer kimonos) and traditional clothes everywhere, I really felt like a tourist looking deep into the Japanese history, until I saw several westerners in the trail of people following the portable shrine (Mikoshi) that was being carried by something like 50 yelling people. Yelling in rhyhtm of course. And it was a car that drove the persons playing drums, so it was a strange mix of old and new. Well, it's Japan after all!

It was a great coincidence, as the percussion and flute music really inspired me for my musical, as I'm in the middle of arranging and preparing the songs for the recording which will begin this winter.

Anyway, I filmed a little with my mobile phone just to get the rhythms and feeling of the music to bring it home, but... now when I listen I can't feel the first beat of the rhythm. Can't understand where it went! Everyone was yelling "Hai!" together with the drums, and intuitively I'd like to put the yell on the 4th beat in the bar. But then the drums feel a bit off.

I won't use their music, I just need to decipher what they're doing to make my own rhythms, but that was easier said than done.

But man, do I love drums!!!

Photo of a Mikoshi from wikipedia.


29 Jul, 2011

Nihonga exhibition in Kyoto 

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My Osaka friend Masako Kurokawa, who will do the artwork for my Musical CD next year, is now in July participating in a Nihonga exhibition in The Museum of Kyoto (京都府京都文化博物館).

Masako's work is on display only until the end of this month, and from next month, the work of other nihonga painters will be displayed.

Website of the museum:

Masako's blog:

Because my Peacebird album has been so much delayed, it has also delayed the production and arrangement of the music for the musical. I will begin studio recordings later this year, in Tokyo with Japanese musicians, and in Sweden with Swedish musicians, and the release of a finished CD may be possible for the autumn of 2012.

The musical project is very very big (almost 2 hours of music that need to be arranged for a small orchestra, solo musicians and singers, and we are looking for producers to help us finance the production.

If your're interested, please email to
peacebirdmusic # gmail (.) com

# is "@".

It's rare for me to Hate something, but i Hate spam robots. The people who create them need to find a job and get a haircut.


13 Jun, 2011

CD cover design 

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In a last minute revision, we may change the Peacebird cover design.

Please let me know which one you prefer of these 3:




You can see bigger images here:
http://www.johanchristherschutz.net/vip ... topic=48.0

Tweet me your opinion @jcschutz or send a direct message.

Thank you!

28 May, 2011


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Finally, the design of my blog, website, and the fan club website - the VIP Club, has been updated - and in my opinion hugely improved!

Here are recent screenshots of the website:


and the VIP Club:


I'd love to hear what you think, so please tweet me @jcschutz

I'm just finishing the mixing of the MAMERICO album. The songs are really beautiful so I hope it can reach a wide audience. You can hear the first single here, released as charity to raise money for the Japanese tsunami relief:

I've arranged and produced all songs, and I play all instruments, so I feel very much a part of the music. Here is their website:


And finally, we will enter a mastering studio in Tokyo on Monday to master my PEACEBIRD album!

Release date is set to August 3rd.

Listen here:
http://www.johanchristherschutz.net/dis ... amp;page=1


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