31 Dec, 2012

Happy New Year! 

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I wish for 2013 to be a year where we all learn to accept eachother on a true and deep level.

Truly and deeply.

Many of us (not me, but maybe you?) were really worried that the world would end on December 21, because of the Maya indians' calendar.

I just feel, ok, can we go on now? Can we continue with the important things? We're 7 billion (7,000,000,000) people in this world. A child dies every second because of lack of clean water or medicine, and we argue about which day the world will end.

Grow up.

There is a real problem here, because so many of us escape from thinking and caring about the really important things, such as green energy, food for everyone, clean water, education for everyone - including girls in poor countries. It's all connected. We're all connected. Will 2013 be the year when we all understand that?

I hope so.

Here's for a new world.

It starts with me and you.

Happy New Year!

24 Dec, 2012

85% of my songs 



This is a simple Christmas card from me to you. First, let me thank you, my fans & listeners, for the love and support!

* * *

My Christmas song entered the J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 chart yesterday as #100! Big thanks to ALL of you in Japan who voted for the song to enter!

http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm

This is my 4th time on the chart (as far as I know), all 4 songs have been during 2011 and 2012.

* * *

Inspired by the radio airplay, I decided to check how many of my songs that have been played in radio or TV since I released "Passion" in 2004.

The result was VERY surprising. I knew that radio stations in lots of different countries have been playing my songs, but I didn't know it was so many of the songs. I have released 4 albums and 5 singles until now. It's totally 48 original songs.

The amount of songs played in radio or TV is:

85 %

! ! !

That's a pretty amazing result, remembering that they're all indie releases, but the music seems to find its own way out into the world and I feel really blessed and thankful for that!

The song most played is still "Passion" (in different versions):

One of my own favorite songs is "After the Rain" (2011):

* * *

I'll end with one of my newly re-discovered favorites, "The Rainbow Connection" by genius singer/songwriter Paul Williams together with Kenneth Ascher.

This is Sarah McLachlan's beautiful version:

Here's the original from The Muppet Movie (1979):

Have a beautiful and peaceful Christmas, and see you around. On one or the other side of the rainbow.

14 Dec, 2012

Open letter to my friends in Japan 


http://nation.time.com/2012/12/13/elect ... -honestly/

To my friends in Japan:

Sunday's election is very important. This election can change the constitution of Japan (Peaceful since the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and even wars with China or North Korea if people really vote for ABE.

* Prime minister NODA will lose his job, because opposite of the people's wish, he wants Nuclear Power.

* Expected new Prime minister ABE will boost the army and spend more public money on the army, weapons & aggresive foreign policies ("war"). Shouldn't public money go to rebuilding the country after the tsunami or improving schools? ABE also wants to put Japanese citizens to live/work on the disputed "Senkaku" islands, and you can only guess China's response. Several western countries have expressed worries about him from an international peace point of view.

* And nationalist canditate ISHIHARA, 80-years-old, wants Japan to test Nuclear weapons. Doesn't he remember the bombs?

* There are many small candidates as well. PLEASE check what they want, even though there's an accepted policy in Japan for politicians to lie about everything and suddenly change opinion.

Follow your heart. This election is Very Important.

Johan Christher Schtz

11 Dec, 2012

Thank you for the wonderful response! 


I've been totally overwhelmed by direct messages and tweets from people about the music video and the song. Probably about 25 % of everyone who has watched it has written to me. I was even blocked on twitter for writing too many direct messages to say thank you! I didn't even know there is a 24-hour limit.

I decided to collect some of the feedback from messages, tweets and youtube, in some cases translated to English for the sake of simplicity.

- I just watched this 2 times without breathing.

- I love this song... So beautiful & wonderful message!

- I watched it 4 times!

- It makes me really warm!

- Your beautiful song and video made me cry. Thank you for creating such lovely music!

- I love it!

- Wonderful!

- I was very very deeply impressed.

- Sooo cuuute music video - warm voice, warm melody and warm video.

- What a beautiful song! It makes me so excited.

- It fills the chest!

- The song and video is a perfect match!

- Thank you for the inspiration!

- It's amazing!

The video has just been up for three days, so please continue to tell me what you think!!!

You can also send me messages on facebook:

Thank you!!!

08 Dec, 2012

Christmas Time (We can change the world) music video 


32 years after the death of John Lennon, we publish the music video for Christmas Time (We can change the world):

Please share and spread the love!


22 Dec, 2011

Johan Persson & Martin Schibbye 

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Swedish journalists Johan Persson & Martin Schibbye were found "guilty of supporting terrorism" by an Ethiopian court yesterday.

It's awful.

They entered the country illegally on an assignment for Filter Magazine, to dig for the truth about the Swedish oil company Lundin Oil (now Lundin Petroleum), which previously had Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt as a board member. Bildt has refused to talk about the issue all the time, obviously covering up his dark, oilstained secrets.

Lundin Oil has been accused for forcefully relocating thousands of people in Ethiopia to be able to get their hands on the oil. People may have been killed during these "relocations".

Finally, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said they were innocent and should be freed. Bildt just says his job is to support the decision of the prisoners and their families.

English (BBC):

Swedish (SVD):
http://www.svd.se/kultur/litteratur/rat ... 725447.svd

Johan Persson & Martin Schibbye may face between 11-18 years in Ethiopian prison.

I guess it's time for Bildt to tell the truth for once.

And after that, it's time for Sweden to get a government who cares about Free speech and not only about covering up their ministers dirty past.

Just stop letting greed show your way. How far does it have to go?

FACEBOOK PAGE - please show your support:

16 Mar, 2011

Prayer for Japan 

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about 500,000 people are homeless in japan at the moment. many shelters in the northeast are packed and people are living on hope.

the food and help have started to arrive, but the weather is freezing, especially at night.

still, people don't seem to complain or argue about the little food there is. they are resilient, patient and respectful to eachother.

in tokyo, the situation seems to be different. people are not directly threatened, there is food and people still have their homes. but some are witnessing about depserate scenes in food-markets, who will get the last pan of bread, who will get the last 10 kilo bag of rise.

of course, what's happening in FUKUSHIMA is threatening, and the power-cuts in tokyo and surrounding cities can make everything seem very dark. tokyo is HUGE and if all trains stop and the food runs out in the shops, there's nowhere to go.

but how come that the people who suffer the most, in Miyagi, Fukushima, etc, in the northeast don't show the same desperation? because they already lost everything?

friends and family in Miyagi tell us to look forward, to focus on the future, and not on the things lost in the tsunami.

family members, friends, houses, possessions.

the tsunami took it all away. erased cities and changed the map.

i fear a massive release of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and i don't trust the japanese government. i had friends who deeply suffered the Kobe earthquake in 1995, and now i have very close friends who suffered this earthquake and tsunami.

i always check the BBC website because it feels more reliable, but i still feel afraid every time the news page load.

what's new? a nuclear explosion that will kill 50 million people over time?

experts say that's impossible.

the japanese had enough of radiation after World War II, the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki left life-long scars in the country. i just hope this incident will mean ONE thing: that all countries abandon nuclear energy NOW.

the nuclear waste takes 100,000 years to become harmless. Yes, 100,000 years.
and we dump in inside the earth.

this is a reminder for every person on the planet. we need to act together to stop the madness of nuclear power.


not in 50 years from now.


dear god, make this nightmare stop now.

28 Feb, 2011

New blog 

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to give room for my thoughts on Democracy and Society, i've started a new blog at

i'll continue to write here about things concerning me, my music, my thoughts in general, etc.

however, i feel that the time is ripe for supporting a change in our society. the transit needs to be started now, before we run out of oil or clean fresh-water.

we can do anything together.

today we DO NOT have a true democracy, i'd say ANYWHERE. i advocate creating a new, internet-based DIrect Democracy, where we no longer need full-time politicians in parliaments.

and where the votes can no longer be SOLD to the company with the strongest lobbyists.

our system of Representative Democracy is outdated. it was introduced as it became physically impossible for citizens to join the voting in the Townhall on a specific day each week, or month.

to vote once every 4 years is NOT DEMOCRATIC.

especially when 'our' politicians don't follow our wish.

the system we have today is conflict-CREATING, it supports conflicts for the sake of sales or export or short-term profits, and from the following inequality between individuals or countries or peoples rise conflicts, terror and war.

with an internet-based direct democracy, we can all become more involved in OUR OWN WORLD.

our greed is making the world collapse.

we can stop that from happening but it's necessary that we do it together.



22 Feb, 2011

"I am in Tripoli not Venezuela" 

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Libya's justice minister has quit, several ambassadors in different countries have done the same. leader Gaddafi claims he is in Tripoli and not in Venezuela.

quite a strange statement. but after 41 years of dictatorship it's time for him to go as well.

where is he welcome after having ordered his armed forces to kill the demonstrants?? hundreds of people have apparently been brutally shot down in the streets of libya during the latest week. it's probably just Saudi Arabia that welcomes him.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/fe ... et-gaddafi

oil prices go up because the world depends on these countries. is that's why western (and other) countries have not condemned these regimes earlier? we have been continously selling weapons and armoured vehicles to libya and many other countries for ages, and buying their oil.

let's just care about money!

let's continue pretending that everything is perfect, so i can drive around in my oversized car listening to radio with ads but without news.

it's a bubble.

the developments in the arab world are shaking the whole world. and after the US recently vetoed the UN condemnation of israeli settlements, the palestines are furious. let's not forget the history. let's ask the US which powerful forces BEHIND the government is making the rules. you can't blame Obama, he has no real power.

but palestinians plan a 'day of anger', as we have seen it in other arab countries recently, with mass demonstrations, on this friday. the development is written in the stars, but the world is changing, and the prosperous 'western' countries is beginning to see an end to the colonial era.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/fe ... settlement

it's about time, and i stand completely behind the idea of democracy.

also from a world-perspective: why should some countries on the northern hemisphere make the rules for all the world?

that's not democracy in the first place.

my democracy song on youtube soon has 2000 views!

send the video to your friends, download the song to your ipod, send it to your cousins. it's free for the sake of democracy:

download links are here:


20 Feb, 2011

Ego and democracy 

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the unrest of the people in bahrain seems to pay off. police and military withdraws. the government should too, as it's not supposed to be there in the first place.


during the last month people have started to stand up for themselves in MANY arab countries in the middle east and northern africa. it's not difficult to feel happy for the people's success in Egypt to tear down such a long dictatorship.

it is however, difficult to accept that the countries in the european union (such as sweden where i come from) and the usa have not cared about these 'democratic issues' before.

big (mostly western) corporations make billions every year by putting their manufacturing in low-cost countries in asia, northern africa and south america.

people who work in banana plantations die of cancer at the age of 35 because of the pesticides used to keep the fruit 'fresh'; people who work in clothing factories get skin diseases because of the chemicals used in the production; children work as unpaid slaves in african mines digging for diamonds and other metals; the list can go on forever.

about one year ago 21 workers died in a factory in Bangladesh which produces clothes for successful swedish clothing chain H&M. the doors to the factory were apparently LOCKED, and when the fire began, people could not escape. another 50 persons were injured.

http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style ... 14292.html

this takes us to my point. we do live in a globalised world, which it wouldn't make any sense to change, it would only take us back in time instead of learning from our 'mistakes' and move forward.

it seems the biggest obstacle is the Human Ego. because BILLIONS of people knows about these horrible problems but we don't do anything about them. the big corporations KNOWS about them but they don't care because they need to maximise their profit and make their shareholders happy. the governments DON'T SEE the problems because the corporations pay them to keep quiet.

one can see the uprisings in africa and the middle east as something more than just a 'call for democracy' or 'more rights to the oppressed peoples'. in the end, it's the fact that people live under such poor conditions that gives us people in the 'developed' parts of the world to live in luxury.

but someone has to pay the price.

the 'developed' governments (such as Sweden, England or the USA) have been supporting these oppressive governments in the arab world all the time, and they have never complained before. suddenly, with the massive demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt, they started to ask for 'change' and 'respect for the wish of the people'.

that's what i call double standard. it's called 'double moral' in swedish, but it's the same thing. it's pure hypocrisy.

we have supported these horrible governments for our own 'peace of mind', for our own corporations to make as big profits as possible.

but now the people have started to demand an end to this.

the world today is indeed a rest of the COLONIALISM. companies in the developed world use the poor conditions in other countries to maximise their profit.

we need an end to this.

i'm asking for true democracy now. a democracy that comes from the people, and not from the EGO of the owners of corporations.

there's just one planet earth, and we are very much here together, all of us. it doesn't matter where you're born or what language you speak. we're all brothers and sisters, and we need to help eachother.

we cannot force another human being to live as a slave because we want glittering jewelry or noisy mobile phones. we need to care about the environment. we need to care about eachother.

i sincerely hope that the uprisings in the arab world will bring a final end to the colonialism that our elected governments don't seem to care about. swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt previously was a prominent shareholder in questionable companies in the Oil and Gas industries (i don't know as of today).

and he is the foreign minister of sweden?

but just the fact that he is a multi-millionaire whose riches come from buying and selling shares in companies that allegedly have killed and forced away people in africa from their homes and villages, can he ever be a good foreign minister?

he is all about ego.

unfortunately i must say that people like him is what makes Democracy and Peace impossible. people like him cling to their thick wallets while drooling something about 'the interest of the country'.

it's just bullshit.

but as long as all of us just care about ourselves, nothing will change. capitalism and democracy just don't go together.

the arab countries have reached a point where the people have had enough. they can take NO MORE. and the change must begin now. and they can only do this TOGETHER.

i deeply and honestly respect and support the courage and strength of the people in the arab world today. they do what is necessary. what we see now is hopefully the beginning of a new, more equal and more democratic world.

when will democracy come to europe and america?

* * * * * * * * * *

keep downloading the song and send to your friends. empower the people now!


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