31 Dec, 2008

Happy new year! 

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i wish you a happy new year, filled with everything you dream of!


here's a new year's greeting from me to you in english and japanese, feel free to download it and send it to your friends!

take care!!


23 Dec, 2008

Japan - nana (7) 

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here are photos from my last day in japan, from wonderful kobe with wonderful friends. thank you all very very much!!!!


going to mount rokko, here's me reflected in the car's panel.

dangerous bridge? let's avoid it!

the stunning view from mount rokko...

going down by "train".

later in the evening, we went to a 10-storey building of games, bowling, etc etc....

taking a photo in a machine for remembering. left to right: tetsuya-san, me, kimio-kun, ikuko-chan and jun-chan.

adding text and colours to the pictures....

throwing balls.

in the bowling hall, me and masao-san, the owner of disques dessinee.

rolling.... rolling.... my only strike. i won the first round. but was last in the second!

me trying out the bowling outfit ;)

the "dress" being left in a corner, looking very sad, don't you think?

dinner time, later at night at a very nice restaurant, some more friends joined us for a lovely dinner.

one of the last toasts in swedish, SKL!!!!

gorgeous dessert, with icecream and fruits.

later, a couple of drinks at a local bar before saying goodbye.

next morning, taking the bus to kansai airport, about an hour from kobe.

going back to sweden, feeling very melancholic, tired but happy!!!!


at my last gigs, i brought my japanese-english dictionary and asked people to mark words they wanted to teach me until next time.

after the first couple of words someone told me that i won't be able to read the japanese characters (i know only a few so far!) -

so we started to write the pronounciations!

so i'll learn more japanese until next time, ok? and you will have to learn more swedish hehehe


if you have more photos you would like me to post here, please send them to me at:



22 Dec, 2008

Japan - roku (6) 

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sunday 14th december, going to himeji, for the last gig of the tour.

live at hummock cafe, himeji, at the japanese seaside.

a present from go-san, to keep my fingers warm. arigatou gozaimasu!

my three cds available.

megzinha and ikukozinha outside the cafe.


"johan christher schtz live - limited drinks menu"!

beautiful cars. just a bit expensive....

performing outside in the middle of december. in sweden it's raining, with 3-4 degrees, here it's almost 15 degrees. i simply prefer the japanese winter.

do i have a dj career, masao san?

taking photos after the gig, watching the result.

megzinha and euzinho (me).

warming my fingers in the "head" of the heated bear.

fooling around....

writing autographs again....

my guitar and cavaquinho in a very nice light.

signing the poster for hummock cafe -

and the paparazzi once again photographed my hips ;)

receiving a present from the owners, where people have written messages for me in english and japanese. so, i'll have to learn japanese so i can read what you wrote!!!! please give me a while....

a lovely memory!

monday 15th december

the following day i was taken to the port of kobe, which was only a 5 minute walk from disques dessinee.

here is a view from the seaside towards the mountains. the tall building is a hotel and the thing with a strange boat-like shape is a maritime museum, i think.... i love the shape of the big cloud at the right.

trying out a game, where you have to beat a drum to the rhythm of a song.

another view from the seaside, you can see mount rokko in the background, where i went the day after. the red tower is for tourist viewing, but i didn't go up, though, because i really don't like heights....

1995 earthquake memorial messages.

having a delicious "cafe au lait" at a french-style cafe.

my hotel was situated next to the chinatown, but i don't remember where i took this photo hehehe

joining the thousands of people walking to see the Kobe Luminarie, which was introduced after the big earthquake in 1995.

millions of lights in different colors.

me and my friend mitsuo san.

maybe not so good from an environmental point of view, with all this electricity. but it was beautiful.


now, there's only one day left to post, i'll do that tomorrow. it takes quite a while to resize all the images ;)

mata ne!


21 Dec, 2008

Japan - go (5) 

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december 13th, in-store live performance at disques dessinee, in kobe, the shop of my japanese record label/distributor.

my cds....

singing some songs....

the nice, bright premises of disques dessinee. several of the people in the audience later also came to my gig at triton cafe.

after the mini-gig, talking to people and signing CDs.

with the staff members and other friends.

present from my friend go-san, chocolate from nagoya...

later in the evening, live at triton cafe. this was the best gig on the whole tour, in my opinion. i was in a great mood and felt very inspired.

a big, warm, friendly audience.

conversations during the break.

in japan i was told some very emotional stories about how my music has affected people's lives. this made me feel very blessed. it must be one of the best things a singer or composer can hear - that his music means a lot someone else.

after two extra numbers the audience still wanted more.

so i did another song. i hope to be back in kobe next year because i had a wonderful time!!!


19 Dec, 2008

Japan - yon (4) 

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here are some more photos from tokyo that i received from my friend yukimi, the first two are live at bobtail acoustic live bar in ikenoue:

me in an inspired moment....

me and saeko inuzuka performing her wonderful song KURERU HI together from her CD "heartbeat".
buy it here:
her myspace page:

and a photo from the after-party at bar cacoi, ginza, tokyo.... i returned to the hotel at 5:30 in the morning.

here's me with the owner of bar cacoi, Oba san =)

i learned that there are three different ways to pronounce "oba". the first one "ohba-san" means Mr Oba, the second "obah-san" means grandmother, and the third, with both O and A short, "oba-san" means aunt... did i get it right? quite important to learn the difference hehehe


18 Dec, 2008

Japan - san (3) 

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live at cafe dieci, osaka. warming up with a caffe latte... my voice had been terrible all week because of a small flu i caught on the flight.

teaching the audience how to toast in swedish - SKL!!!

talking and taking photos, receiving business cards (i still don't have any. have to sort that out until next time!)

paparazzi photos ;)


18 Dec, 2008

Japan - ni (2) 

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here are some pictures from my last days in tokyo.

with my friends seiki and yoshi, having a meal and a drink. they were preparing for yoshi's christmas live party. photo from yoshi's blog:

in tsukiji, famous for it's fish market. my friends sekine and yukimi took me there. i was too tired to go there early in the morning -

so it was closed...

with yukimi-chan in one of the narrow streets.


we visited the UKIYO-E OTA MEMORIAL MUSEUM OF ART, showing wonderful old japanese paintings, i can really recommend a visit:

with sekine san, having a coffee. it was great to see them again, one year is a long time....

street in koenji where we went for dinner.

a traditional okinawan restaurant, with foods and drinks from the japanese tropical OKINAWA islands.

delicious food and wonderful friends! i am not used to sitting on the floor, so my legs always start aching =)

later we went to shibuya and cafe apres midi to meet up with HIROSHI YOSHIMOTO san. hiroshi wrote the wonderful personal liner notes for the japanese edition of C'EST LA VIE. we met for the first time last year, and i'm very happy to be his friend. arigatou!

fresh organic bread.

my last night in tokyo.

delicious icecream with blueberry taste.

friday, leaving tokyo for osaka. here a photo from kyoto, from the shinkansen train window.


10 Dec, 2008

Japan - ichi (1) 

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here are some pictures from my first week in japan. i'm still in tokyo and will leave for osaka on friday.


live at fu-chi ku-chi, tokyo


the cds

live at cafe apres-midi, tokyo

live at tower records shibuya, tokyo

queue to the "signing table"...

where i write autographs and sign cds

one of many cafe lattes.....

special menu at eau cafe

live at eau cafe, tokyo

i was offered champagne! kampai!

manager and staff at eau cafe

shinkansen to nagoya, mount fuji through the train window...

i was welcomed to nagoya in a wonderful way, "welcome back johan" written in perfect swedish!


cafe dufi, nagoya. from left: staff member, meg-chan, me, mikio

eri-chan and ikuko-chan, at the door

live at cafe dufi, nagoya

late night dinner with everyone. biru, kurasai!

end of a wonderful day. arigatou gozaimasu! tack!

in mikio's car, i'm being escorted to the hotel

view from hotel window in nagoya

monday afternoon, back in tokyo, view from hotel window

bobtail acoustic live bar

saeko inuzuka singing her wonderful bossa nova. thank you for inviting me to sing!

at the door, bobtail

wonderful thai lunch with toyono, japanese singer and composer. we later met up with marcos suzano and visited seigen ono at his studio in omote sandou.

tokyo street at night


30 Nov, 2008

Crossing roads 

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here is a wonderful live version of tom jobim's CAMINHOS CRUZADOS, with CAETANO VELOSO. the lyric is beautiful, and the video is subtitled in english.


26 Nov, 2008

C'est la vie (japanese edition) 

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you can buy the japanese edition of C'EST LA VIE here, the official release date for japan is december 10th:

Tower Records Japan
HMV Japan


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