30 Dec, 2007

Tsuki no akari 

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for a reason that only the universe knows, this song came across my path today. i loooooove it!!!!!!!!

it's a new recording of a song from the computer game FINAL FANTASY IV, and i think it's just been released.

the title is "TSUKI NO AKARI" which i think means something like "MOONLIGHT".

the singer is called IDA MEGUMI.


yeah, i miss japan!!! ok???

just the simple fact that people can take a song from a computer game (nintendo?) just as seriously as other popular music, makes me LOVE this country more than anything on earth. that is what i call open-minded.

please, never become like us in the west!!!


30 Dec, 2007

New date for radio show 

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the date for the japanese radio show has been changed. i'm very sorry, but there's nothing i can do about it.

it will be broadcast
wednesday 9th january, 2008

same time. sorry again, but not my fault!


28 Dec, 2007

Internet radio show - January 2nd - J.C. Schtz special 

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when i was in tokyo i recorded an internet radio special for the show CAFE DE YOSHI, which will be broadcast on wednesday!

the show is hosted by japanese bossa nova singer/songwriter YOSHINARI NAKAMATSU.

i perform special live versions of my songs, backed up by Yoshi-san on vocal and guitar, only for CAFE DE YOSHI listeners.

in the show, which is on internet air between 20:00-21:00 japanese time (please look below for local times) YOSHI will ask me about my childhood, presence and future.

we will also talk about how we have developed similar music styles, despite our different backgrounds, and coming from opposite sides of the world.



Broadcast times:
Japan - 20:00
Sweden - 12:00 (noon)
London - 11:00 am
Brasil - 09:00 am
New York - 06:00 am


click PLAY NOW, and a new window opens, where you choose which music player you are using. you don't have to download anything!


Yoshinari Nakamatsu website:

24 Dec, 2007

Christmas thoughts 

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this christmas i especially remember Niklas (1974-2007), a friend from my childhood and early teens who has recently passed away.

when i was 10 years old and he 12 we tried to start a rock band. nothing really came out of that, in terms of "results" - we never actually had any songs - but i remember us making many phonecalls to annoyed record labels!!! anyway, it was definitely a very important step in my musical staircase, and i will never forget you!

rest in peace.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

to everyone else - i hope you have a nice christmas!!!

feliz natal!
merry christmas!
god jul!


08 Dec, 2007

Culture shock 

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i'm experiencing the strangest thing in my whole life - a reversed culture shock! when i came to japan i immediately felt at home, incredibly comfortable with everything. and now, after returning to sweden, i'm having the biggest culture shock i've ever experienced!


i was only away for 12 days!!

how can the CULTURE SHOCK of returning home be bigger than the CULTURE SHOCK of coming to a completely new country on the other side of the world?

to me, being in japan was like coming home.

i'm so thankful for meeting all the wonderful people and for all the new friends i made during my intense visit. i loved the food, the beer, the buildings, the tea (sorry but not the coffee hehehe), the caring, the honesty, the smiles, and the intense will to communicate despite the language barriers - i'm sorry, it's my fault, i'll learn more japanese until next time!!

i'm coming back as soon as possible, but then you'll have to make all your friends and family members buy my cds, so i can afford the flight ;)

i love you!!!!


05 Dec, 2007

Photos from Japan 

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just put around 220 photos from my japan visit, right here:


04 Dec, 2007

Back from Japan 

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my first gig, at mado lounge in tokyo at the 52nd floor in mori tower, the tokyo skyline is seen through the windows.

radio broadcast at J-WAVE, i did 3 songs live, 30th floor, same building as the night before - mori tower.

a very surprising welcoming at nagoya station, thank you for giving me a wonderful day to remember you by, you all have a very special place in my heart!!! =)

last dinner (midnight) with friends, at a traditional restaurant in kobe, here showing a present. yes, i had takoyama!!


just returned to stockholm, after a wonderful, unforgettable time in japan!

arigatou gozaimass, everyone who made this a memory for life. and sumimasen for surprising you with my strange hair!!!

i will soon put up a special page here, with lots and lots of photos from my japan visit, so if anyone of you wonderful japanese people have photos that you would like me to include on this page, please email the photos to:


21 Nov, 2007


Posted at 08:12

off we go!!!!!!


14 Nov, 2007

Quando a saudade apertar 

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DICK FARNEY is a brazilian artist who died in 1987, here's a great video with a song he recorded the year before, written by Tom Jobim, and taken from the marvellous brazilian music blog LORONIX. i love this song, i find it hard to believe that i've never heard it before!!!!

the sound is not the best, but the performance is ôtimo!




10 Nov, 2007


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i don't like heights. but if my information is correct, my very first gig in tokyo will be in a club on the 52nd floor.

52nd floor!!!!


i don't like heights. but on the other hand, i don't like fears, so this is a perfect opportunity to work with it!


hmmmm....... i hope the weather will be nice, because i'll bring my camera. the view must be spectacular, or i know that it is, because i've seen pictures taken from this building in roppongi. anyhow it's a great start to my japan visit! this visit that i am looking forward to so incredibly much!

well, life is unpredictable.

and that's part of the charm. i guess that's how you gotta see it. the unknown is part of the beauty. DON'T RUIN THE MYSTERIOUS, to quote myself again..... i won't. i'm trying all the time to unveil the secrets of life, but i never make it. during the last year i've written about 15 songs in swedish, in my own opinion the best songs i've ever written. guess i'm finally finding my own language.

and all the songs are about life.

from different points of view, but always with the same focus.

in a way, i guess life is like a tall building. you can stay in the elevator, pretending you're safe.

or, you can step out of the safety, walk up to the large windows and take a deep breath.

really, you can see as far as you want, if you really want to.

the view is amazing.


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