16 Nov, 2013

RENT in Norrköping 

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We have just started rehearsing the American rock musical RENT which will premiere in Norrköping at Skandiateatern in January 2014. The production is directed by Johan Pettersson, produced by Robin Karlsson (Arbis nytta och nöje), choreographed by Elin Hultberg, and I am the music director.

Written by Jonathan Larson and based on Puccini's opera La Boheme, the story takes place in New York in 1989-90 and tells about a group of impoverished young artists and musicians struggling to survive under the shadow of HIV/AIDS.

Here is a song from the Broadway production which closed in 2008 after 12 years, with Will Chase and Renee Elise Goldsberry (and ensemble) -"Another Day":

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05 Nov, 2013

Beautiful Place music video 

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Here it is!

The new music video for my song BEAUTIFUL PLACE:

Wayang-kulit shadow puppetry/animation by:
JT Wong and Yh Khoh

Awarded first prize at the 2013 Borneo Eco Film Festival.



23 Sep, 2013

"Swedish saudade" in Japanese radio 

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Thursday, 9/26, I will be the guest navigator of "World Navigation", a corner of RENDEZ-VOUS in Tokyo radio J-WAVE 81.3!

I will talk (in English) about Swedish saudade (melancholy) and play some songs of my favorite songwriters and one song from my latest album Beautiful Place.

Thank you as always to navigator Rachel Chan and producer Iwasaki-san, who invited me to try to explain Swedish mentality, and why Swedish music has such a specific sound.

It starts after 16:00PM, but RENDEZ-VOUS is broadcast live every day (Monday-Thursday) from 14:00, so make sure you listen if you're in Japan!

RENDEZ-VOUS website:

Time: September 26 (thursday) 16:00
Where: J-WAVE 81.3
What: World Navigation - Swedish Saudade

Below is a photo of me and Rachel from 2010, I think it was the first time they invited me to the program!

21 Sep, 2013

R.I.P. grandma 

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My grandma Sigrid passed away recently at the age of 84, and the funeral service is on Monday. My heart is full of vivid memories even though we only met once or twice a year because of the distance.

I dedicate the following Swedish song to her, called Just one day, one moment, at a time, one of my favorite psalms, performed by Freddie Wadling.

See you later among the stars.

19 Sep, 2013

More Japanese radio - Saturday! 

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...more radio!

On Saturday, at LOVE FM 76.1 in western Japan (Fukuoka, Nagasaki, etc), my latest album Beautiful Place will be introduced and played in their program @Music Cafe, in a corner called Natural Drivin' where they each week choose one album to play songs from and tell the listeners about.

They have introduced several of my previous albums as well, so I am very happy for their continuing interest in my music.

Thank you!!!

Time: September 21 (saturday) 12:30AM
Where: Love FM 76.1
What: @ Music Cafe - Natural Drivin'


11 Sep, 2013

Interview in Swedish Radio P4 

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August 23, the day before the premiere of Tivolisaga, I was invited to Swedish Radio program P4 Morgon, to talk about the project with Robin Karlsson and Jessica Gredin.

The conversation is still available online:
http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.as ... el=5625072

Robin is the manager and owner of Arbis, the theatre where we staged the musical, and Jessica is the talkshow host. The conversation was semi-improvised and unstructured, which suits me perfectly. Jessica said she likes my new album and they played the first song "Peace is the Way" just before we started to talk.

I don't know how long it will be online, but go to this page and click the button below the photo of me and Robin with the small speaker icon:
http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.as ... el=5625072


11 Sep, 2013

Eu Vim da Bahia (English) video (live with cicadas) 

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Here's another live video from Rinshi no Mori Park in Tokyo. This time it's my English translation of Eu Vim da Bahia by Gilberto Gil (I Came from Bahia). The cicadas seem a little bit more quiet in this one!

Filmed live in August 2013.

Enjoy! =)


01 Sep, 2013

Changes Changes video (live with cicadas) 

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Here's a video of me performing Changes Changes live in my favorite park in Tokyo. The cicadas are overwhelmingly noisy, and made your ears ring when you left the park.

Still hope you will enjoy it =)

Filmed live in August 2013.


29 Aug, 2013


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We've got some rave reviews of Tivolisaga, here are a few sentences, and links to the full reviews (in Swedish).

* * * * *

NT, Norrköpings Tidningar:

"The fairytale of fairytales for our time"

"Filled with striking one-liners"

"Conveys faith, hope and love across the boundaries of our time"

"Musical director J.C. Schütz performs miracles with the songs"

Full review (Swedish):

* * * * *


"The young lovers are performed by Linnea Källström and Olle Petersson. Both have a great stage presence and impress with their voices."

"In the choreography of Elin Hultberg, the dancing statues is a refreshing ingredient. The dance remind more of modern ballet than pure show dance."

"The music is melodic and easy to like. Johan Christher Schütz plays with recurring themes and the solo singers bring out their emotions in fine ballads. The music also includes tango rhythms, a minuet and carousel music.

"The story gets blackness and depth when the carousel caretaker Tempest (Philip Kristiansson) tells of his life in the song I'm Not Getting Anywhere, a song holding an entire life and it grasps your gut. The siamese twins Paulina and Johanna (Anna Carlsson and Clara Karlin) offer a show number in the best vaudeville style.

Full review (auto-translateable):

* * * * *

Folkbladet (from the dress rehearsal):

"The vocal numbers are strong, especially the ensemble"

"(There are) several convincing voices on the stage"

Full review (auto-translateable):
http://www.folkbladet.se/kultur/default ... id=6485952

26 Aug, 2013

Opening night! 

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We've finally had the opening night of Tivolisaga!

The cast did an amazing job, regarding the fact that quite a few of them didn't have any stage experience at all, and after all we've had very few rehearsals.

However, these last 2 months have made this into one of the best summers of my life. I'm hooked, and am already thinking of my next musical... and I've been so stunned by the dancers that I've even started thinking of writing a ballet!

Here are some photos I took during last weekend's three performances.

Tivolisaga (Carnival Tale)
Directed by Johan Pettersson
Musical direction by Johan Christher Schütz
Choreography by Elin Hultberg

The whole ensemble (in no specific order): Olle Petersson, Linnéa Källström, Tim Petterson, Kimberly Spirito, Elin Gårdfalk, Anna Carlsson, Clara Karlin, Johan Wåhlin, Eva Moberg, Johan Ivarson, Lisa Forsman, Linn Joge Erinder, Valeria Valdes, Lotta Bäck, Philip Kristiansson, Michael Björkman, Frippe Pettersson, Rebecca Asp, Mons Gregemark, Klara Lundberg, Julia Andersson, Matilda Janzén.

Judy (Linnéa Källström) and Punch (Olle Petersson): My world is light years from yours.

The siamese twins Paulina and Johanna (Anna Carlsson and Clara Karlin) in their show number. Judy's first contact with a different world.

Judy meets Tempest (Philip Kristiansson), the man pulling the carousel.

Valentin (Johan Ivarson), the suitor from Verona, full of himself while Punch performs a coin trick at Judy in the opening scene.

Punch suddenly ends up among dancing statues in the magic garden of Sensimillia (Elin Gårdfalk).
Statues: Julia Andersson, Rebecca Asp, Anna Carlsson, Linn Joge Erinder, Matilda Janzén, Clara Karlin, Kimberly Spirito.

Beautiful choreography by Elin Hultberg.

Members of the "carnival family": Marilyn (Kimberly Spirito), Punch's childhood flame, Antilles (Tim Petterson), Punch's friend, and the siamese twins.

The other gentleman from Verona, Protevs (Johan Wåhlin) pulls his sword to protect Judy's honour.

Judy and Punch.

All photos copyright J.C. Schütz. All rights reserved.

Johan and I joined the cast for a final photo, before having a last supper together in the restaurant. Many of us shed a tear when we realized we may not meet again. I cried already during the last performance, because I was so moved by the passion and energy of the wonderful cast.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful summer!!!


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