29 Nov, 2012

Photos from Bar Music 

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My gig with rhodes piano player Kazuya Saka at BAR MUSIC on the 18th went down really well, and we got in the mood for recording a live album there in the future. Only rhodes piano, guitar and vocals. That would be something!

I received some great photos from Masafumi Koimai, who was in the audience, and he kindly sent me his photos to use here on my blog:

I hope the wonderful atmosphere of these photos reflects our performance!

One of the moments when Saka was not hidden behind the audience.

Koimai-kun and me. Arigatou!

Photos by Masafumi Koimai (twitter) (facebook)


1. After the rain
2. Changes Changes
3. Peace is the way
4. Love this world
5. Don't fight the flow
6. Pickin' up the pieces


7. A smile will take you far
8. Piece of myself
9. Let the sunlight in
10. Slow Down
11. What a Wonderful World

12. Passion

Thank you everyone who came!

Bar Music website:

DJ Tomoaki Nakamura:

28 Nov, 2012

Christmas song release 

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Next week, I will release a new download single:


It's a song for peace, calling for understanding of people coming from different cultures. As I use to say, sometimes we have more in common with a stranger than a twin.

Human greed is causing the worldwide economic crisis, but in countries all over the world racism and fascism is growing as foreigners are an easy target. In Sweden, a small fascist/racist party is even in the parliament. And their support seems to be growing :(

This song is a christmas present for all of us who wish for this world to change for the better and it features backing vocals from 12 (!) of my friends from Asia, Europe and USA! Music is my humble way to strive for a better world.

24 Nov, 2012

Tomorrow's live gig 

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Tomorrow's live gig in Tama Plaza at Gallery Shuu starts at 14:00.
Price is only 800 yen, including one drink, so you shouldn't miss it!

Gallery Shuu

And..... there are Swedish cookies (pepparkaka) and bread (lussekatt), freshly made for tomorrow's event, which is a Scandinavian mini "festival".

Pepparkaksgranar! ... Ginger cookie pine trees. Can't wait to eat a handful of those!

Last tuesday (20th) I was invited to the radio program Muse Amuse in FM Salus (84.1) to sing one song live and to talk about the event. Actually I didn't talk so much, as I'm not the one arranging the event, but architect/interior designer, and event organizer, Takahiro Takahashi did the talking fine. I answered some questions in Japanese, and was surprised that it was broadcast on ustream. I didn't know before, so I didn't think about my clothes so much =)

Here we are together with the DJ and "personality" Misa Fujita who is holding my CD "Passion";

It was a really nice studio looking out over a small plaza with cafes, shops and a fountain. I sang "Slow Down" live on air. Thank you for a lovely time!

Muse Amuse facebook page:

Gallery Shuu:

Takahiro's website, Atelier Shuu:

13 Nov, 2012

It's on Sunday! 

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It's on Sunday!

Open 17:00. Start 18:00.

Here's one of the new songs we'll play on Sunday. Here, Saka plays "normal" piano.

Peace is the way (acoustic mix)

The gig was announced yesterday on J-WAVE Rendez-vous by Rachel Chan!
(Thank you!!!)

Details @ Bar Music blog:
http://barmusic-coffee.blogspot.jp/2012 ... 8-sun.html

11 Nov, 2012

New album postponed 

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I've got some bad news. The release of my new album has been postponed. Currently I don't know the new release date... I'm really sorry about that.

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06 Nov, 2012

There's No Way To Peace - Peace Is The Way 

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Tried an acoustic mix of Peace Is The Way, from my coming album. I love the band version too, but without drums and bass the song is breathing in a different way.

Andreas Andersson - clarinet
Kazuya Saka - grand piano
me - vocals, guitar, whistling

Click play below to listen.


The lyrics are here:
http://www.johanchristherschutz.net/mus ... amp;page=1

Thinking about releasing both versions together as a download single. How about that? Here's an idea I got for the cover with my name and the title written in good old-fashioned handwriting style:

02 Nov, 2012

Love This World 

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We're currently finishing the album design for the new album. I've gotten some good response from people already, but don't hesitate to let me know your opinions. The lyrics, which are quite reflective and philosophical, much influenced by my re-reading the novel 'Siddhartha' by Hermann Hesse, a book I have loved for 20 years now.

The photo was taken at my favorite Cafe TORi in Tokyo, and the ascetic mood (sparse & earthy) really matches the song themes, in my opinion. It also reminds me of old (1970's) Brazilian album covers...

Here are 3 ideas. Click image to enlarge in new window.

To get the mood of the album, click the Play button below to listen!

1. A Smile Will Take You Far
2. Peace Is The Way
3. Changes Changes
4. Don't Fight The Flow
5. Love This World
6. From Here
7. Piece Of Myself
8. I Learned To Be Me

01 Nov, 2012

Live: November 18 

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On November 18 (sunday), I will play at Shibuya Bar Music with Kazuya Saka supporting on the fender rhodes piano! We'll focus on songs from my coming, 5th album, and also do a selection of older songs.

DJ is Tomoaki Nakamura (MUSICANOSSA/Bar Music)

The fee is only 2000 yen, and it starts already at 18:00, so be early!

All reservations by phone to Bar Music, please:

In Japanese:

11月18日 (sun)


[Live] ヨハン・クリスター・シュッツ (Vocals, Guitar)、坂 和也 (Rhodes Piano)


※17:00オープン、ライヴは1st / 18:00~、2nd / 19:30~の開催です。
お電話(Tel 03-6416-3307)にてご予約を承ります。

Bar Music / Tomoaki Nakamura website

Kazuya Saka blog

27 Oct, 2012

I Learned To Be Me (remix) 

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It's very simple, but one of my favorite songs from the new album. Maybe it's because of the lyric, which I think is both personal and universal at the same time.

Here's a remix I just made. Press Play to listen!


And here's the lyrics:

If you close your eyes now
What do you feel?
If I touch your heart there
Could it be real?
I learned to live from life
I learned to sing from songs
I learned to trust myself
When nobody would play along

I learned from the clouds
to be free
I learned to be me

Nothing holds you back now
If you let go
Walk, and doors will open
Didn't you know?
I learned to dream my dreams
I learned to walk my way
I learned to face myself
And never ever look away

I learned from the clouds
to be free
I learned to be me

Words & music: J.C. Schtz

26 Oct, 2012

Flyers for 11/18 gig 

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Got the flyers for the November 18 gig at Shibuya Bar Music. I think it looks great!

The size is A6.

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