22 Nov, 2011

Kobe and Osaka!!! 

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I'm visiting Kansai again and will do three live performances this weekend:

25th (friday) in Kobe:
I'm support member for mamerico whose debut album I produced and which was released in September. I'll play 2 of my own songs as well. The rest of the performance I am playing guitars and cavaquinho, and Maya is singing!

Start 19:00
Rough Rare

All details:

* * * * *

26th (saturday) in Kobe:
I'm support member for mamerico again, and the evening is continued with my own solo performance as Peacebird... Of course, I'll also play some of my old songs, as usual.

Start: 19:00
Midori Cafe

All details:

* * * * *

27th (sunday) in Osaka:
I'll do a solo performance at digmeout Art&Diner. This is a free event arranged by FM802, they have given out 60 tickets to 30 of their listeners, so it's not open for anyone - sorry!
If you missed the opportunity, please reserve a ticket for my Kobe gig on the 26th if you want to hear me live (^^), it's also limited number of tickets, so be quick.

Start 14:00 - invitation only
digmeout Art&Diner

* * * * *

That's all for now. I'm having some time off internet, email and twitter, to focus on music, music and music, so stay tuned.

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18 Nov, 2011

Nina Ripe - Apaixonada 

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The debut album from Stockholm [latin] jazz singer NINA RIPE is finally released!

Listen here:

I've known Nina since many years, she first contacted me in 2007 about my English lyrics for Povel Ramel's song Underbart r Kort (Wonderful Is Brief, released on my BLISSA NOVA album). Since then I have written many lyrics and translations for her.

After she decided to release her first album, I have been offering some kind of artistic guidance along the way, and it's great to finally have this CD in my hands!

APAIXONADA - Brazilian Stories is a 14-song long album, over 50 minutes, with many wonderful musicians and arrangements.

All 14 songs are Brazilian songs, some translated to English and one into Swedish, and I have written 3 of the lyrics:

* Picture in Black and White (Retrato em Branco e Preto) by A.C. Jobim & C. Buarque
* Mten och Avsked (Encontros e Despedidas) by M. Nascimento & F.Brant
* Return (A Volta) by R. Menescal & R. Boscoli

Click the title above to read the lyrics on my website.

On Nina's website, you can listen to 2 of the songs, among those the duet with Brazilian singer & guitarist GUINGA, the man with the golden, mysteriously beautiful voice!

Other musicians playing on the album include:
HANS BACKENROTH - acoustic bass
MAGNUS LINDGREN - tenor saxophone
KARIN HAMMAR - trombone

Buy the CD here:
http://cdon.eu/music/nina_ripe/apaixona ... s-16270841

I have also made the art direction and design of Nina's website:


14 Nov, 2011


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I have setlists from 2 gigs to post, but first I have to say that my song I LOVE YOU climbed to #34 at J-WAVE's weekly chart TOKIO HOT 100!!! It makes me really happy!

11/12 - SARAVAH TOKYO "Rainbow Town Encore"

I really enjoyed Saturday's gig at Saravah, as I played with Takero Ogata (percussion) and Kazuya Saka (piano/keyboard). The sound was great, and the audience seemed really happy as well. I think we stayed on stage too long though...

I used the cavaquinho in several songs, and tried some alternative tunings on the guitar during my 4-song solo set in the middle. And I also played the grand piano during my performance of the new song FROM HERE. Especially the piano song seemed to please the audience. I'm not very good at playing the piano, but I try to do it with as much feeling as possible.

I don't have any photos but here's the setlist:

Me with Kazuya Saka and Takero Ogata.
1. A Little Bit More Real
2. Baby Just Relax
3. Slow Down
4. After The Rain
5. Pickin' Up The Pieces
6. Anything For You
7. Let The Sunlight In
8. I Love You *

Me solo:
9. Hey It's Gonna Be Ok
10. Jabuticaba
11. Plunge Into The Miracle
12. From Here (piano)

Me and Taisuke Tsugimatsu:
13. Natsu No Numa
14. Se Solen G Upp *
15. Waiting In Vain *

* Songs I played with the cavaquinho.

Thank you everyone who came, and thank you Toru Hashimoto for arranging this event, which was an "encore" event for the last time at Saravah.

11/13 - SUSU

The owner of SUSU, Tomoko Iwasaki, contacted me earlier because she likes my music, and asked about the possibility to arrange a performance in her shop. Yesterday the time had come and, for the first time in a long time, I brought my both guitars and cavaquinho to the gig. SUSU is a really nice shop with goods from mostly Europe, and has quite a big space in the shop that they can rearrange to have live performances. There's a PA and microphones, so it's perfect for intimate evenings.

Here's the setlist:

1. What good are tears
2. You've got a friend
3. Prague this spring
4. Slow down
5. Hey, it's gonna be ok
6. C'est la vie *
7. Balans
8. Difficult
9. Pickin' up the pieces
10. Let the sunlight in
11. I love you *

12: Passion
13: Smile *

* Songs I played with the cavaquinho.

Performing live really exhausts me, and it's been really busy this autumn, and I feel it in all my body. So during the next few weeks it will be nice to rest from "the public eye", and focus totally on other music projects, such as my Musical and a song I've been asked to arrange for a recording.

My musical is finished, and I will soon post demos of all songs on a new website. I have started real recordings, but as it's over 30 songs, and I don't like posting unfinished stuff.

It will take several months before I can start mixing the "real album", so I will post my own demos in the meantime. It's been over 2 years since I started working with it, and I know that some of you are very very keen to hear results!

Sorry to keep you waiting, as the Japanese humbly would say.

Finally, a photo from one of the stops along the freeway between Tokyo and Nagoya, last weekend. It's from the toilet, and I think there were text in Chinese under the photo which shows how to sit on the toilet. As the traditional asian toilets are "squat toilets", without seat, it's understandable. However, for me this kind of sign is very funny!


11 Nov, 2011

The best Swedish song ever! 

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I just have to post this song here!

Jimmy Welleby - ver eldar

I grew up on the Swedish countryside of stergtland, and aged 20 I invited two other guys (which I barely knew!) to start a new band. One of the other members were Jimmy Welleby, and that was the first time we played together.

That was 1995, I think.

In 2002, Jimmy asked me to produce an album of his acoustic songs ("visor" in Swedish), and we borrowed a small red house from his cousin, even deeper into the countryside (Vstra Harg), where we recorded his album during one autumn weekend that year. We finished the production in my small apartment in Mjlby, where I later wrote the songs for "Passion".

Now, Jimmy's songwriting is something really special. His imagery is personal and intense, and he changes perspective - from private to universal - from one line to another without efforts. It's incredibly beautiful.

"ver eldar" (Above fires), is in my opinion the best result from that album. Amazing lyrics and melody, and my simple but hopefully effective production of 2 acoustic guitars (Jimmy and me doing one of our guita duels!), electric slide guitar (me), bass (Jimmy's younger brother Royne Reinholdsson) and very sparse percussion (Tomas Palmquist).

This is the best song ever written in Swedish, and I'm not saying that because we're friends.

It's genius, perfect and timeless. 6 minutes and 30 seconds, but feels fresh all the way until the end.

I'm very happy to have been a part of this recording. And I'm very proud of being his friend.


Jimmy does not have a website, but you can read some of his poetry on this page. It's in Swedish, so please feel free to use some translation software:

Check especially the poem "den frsta kyssen" (The first kiss). I love that one:

10 Nov, 2011


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I've got some great news to share with you:

this week, "SLOW DOWN" climbed to #14 on FM802's OSAKAN HOT 100 chart!


And "I LOVE YOU" is #59 on J-Wave's TOKIO HOT 100 chart!

http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm

This is really a great week, both professionally and personally: my music is finding its way out, and I myself have found my place in life. It seems to go together.

Thanks to you who listen to my music, who request it from your favourite radio station, who bought the CD or download. You're the best!

I've secretly started to write songs for a new album.

Love and Peace!

07 Nov, 2011

Peacebird keeps flying 

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I have three gigs to post updates from, Iwaki, Nagoya and Tokyo Shinjuku Tower Records. Here's the setlists:

10/30 Iwaki setlist:

1. Difficult
2. Smile*
3. A Little Bit More Real
4. After The Rain
5. Slow Down
6. I'm Here
7. Pickin' Up The Pieces
8. Don't Bring It Up
9. Baby Just Relax
10. C'est La Vie*
11. Passion
12. Let The Sunlight In

13. Svar
14. I Love You*

* songs performed with cavaquinho instead of guitar.

Here are two photos I received from Akatsu:

Me during the performance, it was acoustic, no microphone or PA.

And the people who stayed long enough to be photographed. Iwaki people are very kind, and I'm always happy to play there!

Thank you Akatsu and Kida for arranging this night!

11/5 was Tower Records Shinjuku, 9th floor:

1. A Little Bit More Real
2. Baby Just Relax
3. Slow Down
4. Pickin' Up The Pieces
5. Let The Sunlight In
6. I Love You*

* song performed with cavaquinho instead of guitar.

11/6 was Nagoya, at Myshica:

1. Prague This Spring
2. Balans
3. Difficult
4. A Little Bit More Real
5. After The Rain
6. Slow Down
7. Baby Just Relax
8. C'est La Vie*
9. Passion
10. Pickin' Up The Pieces
11. Let The Sunlight In
12. I Love You* (2nd time only)

* songs I performed with cavaquinho.

The owner of Myshica, Riyota, was born and raised in Sweden, so it was amazing to be able to speak Swedish a little. We've both lived in Stockholm (even if I only lived there for 5 years), and we have many interests in common. It was a very nice evening, and I was happy to meet two of the persons who welcomed me in Nagoya the very first time I came to Japan, 4 years ago, Gou and Eri!

Nagoya people are wonderful, and I can't wait to go back. It's three years ago since the previous time.

And I'm amazed to see how the "en" (縁), destiny or fate, is interconnecting me with people and places in this country. I'm not even surprised anymore... I must have lived in Japan in many of my previous lives.

But the PEACEBIRD continues flying over Japan. This coming weekend I've got 2 gigs in Tokyo, and the last weekend of November is Kobe and Osaka, and in December I'll do my first gig in Sendai.

About this weekend, I'll tell you again about the details, because of the last trains etc...

12th (saturday)
@ SARAVAH TOKYO again, this time I'll play with a small band (me+keyboard+percussion) and I'll do another session with Taisuke Tsugimatsu, about 3 or 4 songs.

My performance starts late though, 22:45, so please check your train times... The band is me + Takero Ogata (percussion) and Kazuya Saka (keyboards). If you can stay until midnight without worrying, please come down to Shibuya! It's an all-night event with many live acts and DJs.

13th (sunday)
@ SUSU in Setagaya, this is only me with my guitar and cavaquinho. Start time is 19:00, and the fee includes tea and Swedish cake (Mjuk sockerkaka; ginger coookie spongecake), so it's no problems with trains and buses. It's a more relaxed and intimate event, in the beautiful Setagaya interior shop SUSU:

11 / 12 (sat)

Saravah 東京

東京都渋谷区松濤1丁目29-1 渋谷クロスロードビル B1

'Rainbow Town Encore'
Peacebird (Live start 22:45) trio (with Ogata/percussion and Saka/keyboards)
ヒロチカーノ(La Bossa)
和知 里
吉本 宏(bar buenos aires)
富永珠梨(usen for Cafe Apres-midi)
ユズル(Lots Of Lovin')

Open / Start 18:30 ~ midnight
Charge: ¥2,500(23:00 ~ ¥2,000)

TEL/FAX 03-6427-8886

11 / 13 (sun)


Open 18:30
Start 19:00
Charge: 2,500 円 (スウェーデンのお菓子Mjuk pepparkakaとお茶つき)

susu*susu.co.jp  *を@に変えてください。

02 Nov, 2011

Weekend live gigs 

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I've previously announced the wrong floor for my gig at Tower Records Shinjuku on saturday.

It's on the 9th Floor.

Sorry, hope it doesn't give you any trouble.

11 / 5 (sat)

タワーレコード 新宿 9F

instore live

11 / 6 (sun)


名古屋市名東区高社1-190 サンローヤル東山1F
1部-open 15:30 - start 16:00
2部-open 18:30 - start 19:00
charge: 3,000 円 (ドリンク・スウェーデンのクッキーセット・スウェーデンミニランチボックス付)

tel: 052-737-8601
myshica.com*gmail.com (*を@に変更願います)

Next weekend, I have two gigs in Tokyo:

November 12 is for you who don't need to go back home early - my performance starts at 22:45 at SARAVAH TOKYO (Shibuya). This time I will play with Keyboards (Saka-san) and Percussion (Ogata-san).

November 13 is for you who wants a releaxed evening, starts at 19:00 at SUSU (Setagaya) Acoustic gig; just me, my guitar and my cavaquinho.

11 / 12 (sat)

Saravah 東京

東京都渋谷区松濤1丁目29-1 渋谷クロスロードビル B1

'Rainbow Town Encore'
Peacebird (Live start 22:45)
ヒロチカーノ(La Bossa)
和知 里
吉本 宏(bar buenos aires)
富永珠梨(usen for Cafe Apres-midi)
ユズル(Lots Of Lovin')

Open / Start 18:30 ~ midnight
Charge: ¥2,500(23:00 ~ ¥2,000)

TEL/FAX 03-6427-8886

11 / 13 (sun)


Open 18:30
Start 19:00
Charge: 2,500 円 (スウェーデンのお菓子Mjuk pepparkakaとお茶つき)

susu*susu.co.jp  *を@に変えてください。

01 Nov, 2011

Report from the last weeks 

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I've been incredibly busy lately, and even managed to go back home to Sweden. I'm back in Japan now, and more than ever, I feel really at home. Walking through Narita airport after landing filled me with surprisingly warm feelings. Then I forgot a small bag of beer on the train for Tokyo, beers bought at the Copenhagen Airport, and I went back yesterday to pick it up among the "JR Forgotten Things Department" at Tokyo Station. When I walked through the station, suddenly I heard my own voice singing from the BGM speakers -

Let the sunlight in, you can't hide away forever, you must let the sunlight in...

It was a bit surreal. I wasn't prepared to hear one of my Peacebird songs in Tokyo Station. It made me very happy!

I went back to Sweden to rest a bit. It seems impossible to rest in Tokyo - time goes fast, and there's always lots of things to do. In Sweden, I barely turned on my laptop, and it made me feel free. Internet makes me stressed, just like TV and the noisy advertisement trucks in Shibuya. My mind can't turn it off...

So Sweden was a pause, a break, a time recharging-the-batteries with my family in stergtland. Here are some photos I took:

When you're in Japan, you miss these open fields.

Wind power.


Went one day to Vadstena. Here's one part of the old castle.

The old church. Beautiful windows.

And ceiling.

That pipe organ is huge! Wish I could play it some day.

And the old cobble-stone streets.

Also spent a little time in Stockholm, here's the view from the Mosebacke Terrace on Sdermalm. We came at the right moment to see the skies grow dark over the old Swedish capital.

Then back to Japan, for radio interviews and promotion. After landing in Tokyo, I took the Shinkansen straight to Osaka to make a 2-song live performance and interview in FM802.

Live on air in FM802, October 26, in the program BEAT EXPO.

Kazuyo Hayakawa and me.


Again, the following day, live on air in FM802, October 27, in the program FLiP LiPS.

Makiko Kato and me.


Otsukaresama deshita. In front of the FM802 welcome board. I tried to not stand in the way of the board.

Eating Okonomiyaki in Osaka. Don't miss it when you go. Sugoi oishikatta desuyo!

While in Osaka, we visited two Tower Records stores:

And with the Master at DIGMEOUT art & diner where we had lunch. I'll perform there on November 27.

Ending the time in Kansai with a trip to Kyoto FM's ALPHA STATION where I was interviewed in the program KYOTO AIR LOUNGE.

Chikayo Kawahara and me.


Going back to Tokyo with Shinkansen, I could get some sleep before arriving at Shinagawa Station around 22:00. Next day I went to FM GUNMA for a new interview in Michiyo Sakurai's program SPANGLE!!!, but I don't have any photos from there unfortunately. They also put 'Slow Down' on heavy rotation, or "power-play" as they call it, in October, so the interview was a way to top up my relation with the Gunma listeners.

I'm still learning to read the Japanese Kanji, so if I made any mistake in the names above, please forgive me and tweet me the correct reading @jcschutz.

Minasan, otsukaresama deshita!!!

Saturday, I was exhausted, and didn't do anything. Went out for a walk, and by total coincidence, my friend Yoshinari Nakamatsu passed me in the street in his car, so we went for a coffee in a nearby patisserie. He's playing the guitar in 'Slow Down' on the album, so we had lots to talk about...

Sunday I played live in Iwaki again, but I'll come back later with the setlist and photos. Right now I need to stretch my legs and go for a walk in the sunshine.

I've barely used my legs during the last 2 weeks.

Oh, before I forget - my songs climbed on both FM802 and J-WAVE charts!

OSAKAN HOT 100 (FM802)

http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm


26 Oct, 2011



Ok. I have a jetlag. Can't hide it when I'm up writing on my blog at 2 o'clock...

Came from Sweden yesterday, Wednesday morning Japanese time, and went almost straight away to Osaka by Shinkansen. My lunch was a small sushi and a cup of coffee. Then I fell asleep, missing Mount Fuji passing outside my window. Again...

FM802 was a great experience! Incredibly friendly DJs, producers and staff, and the office felt like a big family. I felt very very welcome!

I was invited to the program BEAT EXPO with DJ Kazuyo Hayakawa, and I performed 'Slow Down' and 'A Little Bit More Real' from the Peacebird album. After the interview I was surprised to learn that she had 2 of my old albums, and already knew about my music.

Sometimes, the world is small!

There are some photos on their blog:

I'll post photos here later (^^)

Already tomorrow, I'm invited again to another program at FM802, called FLIP LIPS, and I'll be on air between 12-12:30 talking and singing a couple of songs (not the same as today), just me and the guitar.


After that, I'm invited to a radio station in Kyoto called ALPHA STATION at FM Kyoto for an interview starting live just after 18:00.

Then, back to Tokyo, and the day after I'm going to FM Gunma.

Sunday is Iwaki, Fukushima-ken, for a "normal" gig. My performance on September 11 was so well received that I was asked to come back. Address and more details on my homepage:

From today, FM802 is handing out a limited number of tickets for a gig I do on November 27 in Osaka at digmeout ART & DINER:

Click above to read more and go to the entry form.

Well, I'll try again to sleep. My head is 7 hours wrong.

Peace, Kansai!

23 Oct, 2011

Peacebird songs on 2 charts! 

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Good news reached me in Sweden:

My Peacebird song 'I Love You' entered the TOKIO HOT 100 chart on Tokyo radio station J-Wave, at #78!


At the same time, in Osaka, the song 'Slow Down' climbed to #31 on the OSAKAN HOT 100 chart at FM802.


! ! !

I don't know what to say. I love you Japan!


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