28 Nov, 2010

Musical producers wanted! 

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we now look for sponsors and producers to help finance the recording of the Musical. i plan to enter the recording studio during the summer of 2011.

DO YOU want to be a co-producer ?

this Musical will discuss cross-cultural understanding and the power of dreams.

the story of destined love is based in Japan, with some scenes taking place in Sweden.

anyone who help raise enough funds (to put it simple: 'money') for this Musical will be regarded an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER, and your name will be included on all printed material regarding this Musical and Album recording, forever.

if you are interested, please send an email to
peacebirdmusic (*) gmail.com

and we will get back to you with details about how you can help. for safety reasons, the songs and the storyline are still confidential, but you will receive all information in our reply.

you can write in English, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

the music is highly dramatic, drawing much inspiration from asian scales and instrument sounds. it's mainly pop/rock songs crossed with world music, and in a few numbers resembling old Musical music such as Weill/Brecht and Cole Porter.

the main part of the songs will use regular drumkit and real instruments, but a couple of songs use drum loops to evoke the modern world, mainly in a manic unpredictable way.

i have composed some of my best songs ever for this Musical. it's 100 minutes of music divided in two acts, so i guess it will be a double-CD.

the recording will incorporate a small orchestra - that apart from the rhythm section of drums, bass, guitar and piano - will have sections of strings and horns, about 5 percussion players, the japanese instruments shakuhachi (flute), koto (harp) and the chinese erhu (kind of 'violin').

plus a couple of additional singers. it's a very big project to keep in check, i can tell you.

for this Musical CD the amazingly talented Masako Kurokawa from Osaka, Japan, will paint the cover and images for the detailed booklet including all lyrics (see one of her previous paintings above).

check out her website for inspiration:
Masako Kurokawa website

after the recording, the next step is finding a theatre to stage the production. it will be an all-night dramatic experience, totally almost 2 hours of music PLUS dialogues, so the total playing time will be around 2 hours and 30 minutes.


(from the song "Dream")

Producers wanted!


24 Nov, 2010


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Japan has given me some of the most beautiful experiences and memories in my whole life. now, i just returned from the local supermarket and i was suddenly overwhelmed by strong emotions. i have been in japan 5 times, and the last two times have changed my life in many ways.

it's time for me to start giving something back to the land of the rising sun.

and first out is my Musical.

i've finished 80 minutes of music, that's 23 songs, and still need about 20 minutes before i can say it's done. 100 minutes of music, that's about 2 full-length albums!!!

so, my plan is to make a 2-CD release with all the music, recorded by mainly swedish and japanese musicians, and with the singers singing in english.

the marvellous Osaka artist Masako Kurokawa has agreed to make the artwork for the Musical CD, and i am very happy about that! i really LOVE her work, please check out her blog:

the story and details of the Musical is still confidential, i'm sorry about that... all i can say is that it will take place in Japan and Sweden and discuss cross-cultural issues, modern life versus traditions, based on my own beliefs in Fate and Destiny and the power of dreams.

i've spent 2 years now writing songs, and i can say it has been worth every moment!

the first advice you get on websites about writing a musical is always: "DON'T" and i understand why. it's years of unpaid work and struggle for an idea that only you know and care about. you really don't know if anything will come out of it.

but i really believe in this project, and now i'm almost there. it makes my eyes brim with tears.

life is a beautiful journey.

let's make the most of it while we're here on Earth together.

MASAKO KUROKAWA takes part in an exhibition in The Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo from December 8, be sure to go there! her work is outstanding!


she also has an exhibition in Osaka, starting the week before, on December 2. all information in japanses is here:



21 Nov, 2010

Magic Aprs-midi 

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last night at CAFE APRES-MIDI in shibuya was magic and totally wonderful!

it was the first of two event nights celebrating Toru Hashimoto's Cafe Aprs-midi's 11-year-anniversary ('Side A'). Hashimoto is one of Japan's absolutely most important persons when it comes to discovering good music and telling the rest of Japan about it - through books, magazines, compilation albums, new productions, radio programming, events, etc etc etc.

it was my 3rd time to perform at Cafe Apres-midi, and i just want to say Thank you, Toru Hashimoto-san!

TAISUKE TSUGIMATSU - who you all recognize by now as my FAVOURITE japanese singer, songwriter, piano player, and who is also a good friend, did a fantastic performance! Fujii Toshimitsu helped in 3 songs playing improvised jazz drums.


i also did 3 songs together with taisuke, his fabulous 'Natsu no Numa', Bob Marley's 'Waiting in Vain' and my own 'Passion'.

NOA NOA also played a short set with great singer Chihiro and guitar player Ben. it's always a pleasure to hear your music!

my own set ('stage' as the japanese call it) consisted of 11 songs (to celebrate the 11 years) included some old songs and three new songs, plus a cover of Jobim's amazing jazz waltz 'Luiza', which i sang in portuguese. my new songs really seem to appeal to the audience here in Japan, for a reason i don't know.

towards the end of my performance, Taisuke suddenly started playing his glockenspiel, and Fujii began playing percussion on the floor where he was sitting, using his drumkit brushes and a shaker, absolute magic!

i finished with my new song 'Pickin' up the pieces', a song about moving to a new city, leaving friends and the old life behind to start a new chapter with faith that everything will turn out allright.

with Taisuke's glockenspiel, Fujii's percussion, and Cafe Aprs-midi filled with wonderful people - new friends and new strangers - my eyes filled with tears as i was singing. and with Tae's presence in the audience my heart was moved in a very, very deep way. thank you for coming and thank you for existing!

i'm ready for a new chapter. let's write history!

Fujii, Taisuke, JC. Photo by Acha: (twitter.com/acha_e_)


19 Nov, 2010

Live tonight 

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tonight i will perform as 'special guest' at SAEKO INUZUKA's concert at Praca Onze.

i'll sing 4 songs together with Saeko, and 3 songs by myself. Praca Onze has always great sound and a wonderful atmosphere, so be sure you come if you're in central tokyo. it's just a few minutes walk from Omote Sando station!

Open 19:00
Start 20:00

Main act:
SAEKO INUZUKA (vocals, guitar)
with SACHIKO ISHIKAWA (percussion)
and special guest J.C. SCHTZ (vocals, guitar)

More info:

Praca Onze website:


15 Nov, 2010

Open until 29:00 

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it must be a typical japanese thing. i mean, the day only has 24 hours.

or did i miss anything? is there a well-hidden secret in japan about how to squeeze more hours out of every day?

today i saw a sign outside a bar, saying:


that is, midnight+5 hours. that is, 5 in the morning. so why not write: Open until 05 AM?

i think there might be a universal secret hidden here.

in claiming that the day has 29 hours, we can play a trick on our mind, which actually seems to WORK! the day does NOT end at 24:00, it continues until we go home with the first morning train and go to bed. so the clock also continues to 25, 26, 27, etc, it does not start again from ZERO at midnight.

the day can have 29 hours if we manage to stay awake. the new day only arrives when the previous ends, and if you're staying in the bar until 5 AM, you are still using time from Yesterday.

it's like squeezing out 29 hours from a 24-hour day.

and it works!

i think Einstein would have had something to say about this. today, maybe i discovered something HUGE.


14 Nov, 2010


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tonight i had a live performance at Roman Records Cafe in Tokyo. it went very well, nice audience, nice sound, nice evening.

but what surprised me, and what i still haven't really understood, is that a guy came from Korea just for my gig and to have me sign his copy of my 'Passion' CD with my autograph.


from Korea, because of ME????


to know that my music is really reaching out to people all over the world makes me so happy that i just want to cry.

hope to see you in Korea next time! hontou ni!

peace and goodnight!

13 Nov, 2010

Tomorrow's live gig 

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don't miss my gig tomorrow at ROMAN RECORDS CAFE!

it's just 2 minutes walk from Gakugei Daigaku station (8 minutes from Shibuya), and there will be DJs playing great records from 17:00.

Live: 18:00


see you there!


11 Nov, 2010

11/11 - Cai em Mim 

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this wonderful song about True Love is the song of the day for me. very poetic peaceful lyrics.... blue skies, blue ocean. eternity.

in your ocean
i find in myself
your blue and all the peace

our ocean -
a blue port

almost like a haiku.... the lyrics (in portuguese) are written by Adriana Miki, one of my brazilian singer friends, and the music was composed by her husband Sergio Crestana:


09 Nov, 2010

New song - After The Rain 

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here is one of my new songs which will be on the next album. i'm still in the pre-production stage so the sound WILL change, but i still hope you will enjoy it. the next album will probably be made under the 'pseudonym' PEACEBIRD.

i will post a sample of a new song EVERY WEEK, so be sure to check back.

click PLAY button to listen.



for your information:

this is NOT the finished version. i'm just uploading it so you can follow the process. i will record new vocals, probably change the drums, keyboards, mix, etc.

let me know your thoughts!
please comment on twitter.com/jcschutz

sign up for my newsletter in the right menu and you will receive a WELCOME GIFT, a free mp3 download of "Slow Down" recorded live with a full band at Loop Daikanyama, Tokyo, 13 June 2010. for Newsletter subscribers only ;-)


09 Nov, 2010

November Live dates 

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as i'm writing this i'm listening to one of my new songs which i'm working with at the moment. i'm struggling with the middle part, but the rest of the song is finished, a truly funky-soul-kind-of song.

i'm looking forward SO much to finish my next album, i'm trying to make every song a 'classic'. however, that's not so easy!!!

but i have wonderful inspiration at the moment, Tokyo seems to be the right place for me to be.

i'll upload a sample every week here at the blog, so be sure to come back to listen. it's under the new category of PEACEBIRD in the right menu.

* * * * *

my remaining november live dates are as follows, together with the time and closest metro/train station.

11/14 - TOKYO
Roman Records Cafe
Gakugei Daigaku
DJ start 17:00 / Live start 18:00

11/19 - TOKYO
Praa Onze Aoyama
Omote Sando
SAEKO INUZUKA's live night. I am invited guest and will sing 3 songs.
We will also sing about 3 songs together.
Open 19:00 / Start 20:00
東京都港区北青山3-5-2 第2青朋ビルB1

11/20 - TOKYO
Dr. Nakamats House
Gakugei Daigaku
My friend Yoshinari Nakamatsu's SAUNA event.
Time 13:00 - 17:00
I play live at 15:00

11/20 - TOKYO
Cafe Apres Midi
DJ time: 21:00 - 05:00!!! CAFE APRES MIDI 11th anniversary party, 'side A'
My live time: 23:00
Live acts:
J.C. Schtz
Taisuke Tsugimatsu (次松大助)


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