12 Oct, 2015

Pre-release of new single 

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Especially with my fans in mind, today I pre-release a new single!

It's an acoustic version of I'm Here, a song that many of you state as your favorite song of mine.

So this is for you!

Along with the single, which is pre-released today on Bandcamp.com ONLY, I also publish a lyrics video on youtube:

Get the song from iTunes right here.

Or listen at Spotify:

Enjoy! And let me know what you think!


10 Oct, 2015

New single coming soon! 

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A completely new, acoustic version of my song I'm Here will be released soon!

Follow me on facebook to keep updated:

29 Sep, 2015

Librettist wanted for Japan-themed musical 

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My Japan-themed musical Peach has been selected for a pitching slot for next years BEAM:2016 showcase of new musical theatre writing.

So I am looking for a librettist to help me reform and rewrite the libretto and the dialogues. It's preferable with someone with insight and understanding of Japanese/East Asian culture as I'm very very eager to avoid Asian sterotypes.

Peach is a 'modern-day Cinderella' set mostly in Japan to the backdrop of the financial crisis.

I write music and lyrics. I've written loads of songs for this show, 2 hours to be exact but I understand the lyrics needs to be rewritten as we rewrite the book, and it definitely needs new songs, more natural ensemble numbers, etc, as 20 of the songs I've already written need to be cut.

However, I really believe in this musical, and so did the jury selecting it to be one of the shows to have a 10-minute pitch slot on 4 November at Park Theatre, London.

Here is a demo reel, with old lyrics:

Please get in touch with me here:

or here:

or send a message here:

*'Peach' is a working-title.

22 Sep, 2015

Librettist wanted for "honour" culture musical 


I am looking for a Playwright/Librettist to collaborate with on a musical (that is in some way) about South Asian "honour" violence and/or women's rights/equality.

Preferably someone with insight in, for example, Indian/Pakistani culture and traditions, as I intend to compose music with that flavour.

Bollywood-inspired, but has to be unpredictable.

Is that you?

Please get in touch with me here:

or here:

or send a message here:


21 Sep, 2015

Peace Is The Way - lyrics video 

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Today is International Day of Peace.

On this day in 2011, I released my album Peacebird.

This year I celebrate with a Lyrics video for my song Peace is the way.



28 Jun, 2015

New album 

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I am currently mixing songs for my new album release, which will feature some of my favorite female singers from around the world, singing my songs in new versions!

And yes, there are a couple of new songs too.

Singers from Brazil, Japan, Portugal, France, Sweden and USA are featured on this album, where I will only sing in three duets. On this release, I am mainly songwriter, arranger, musician (guitar and piano) and producer. And I love my new role!

These new versions make me feel as if I hear the songs for the first time, they literally sound like new songs. I am incredibly thankful and happy for getting the chance to work with these fantastic singers.

I am continuously introducing the singers and songs on my facebook page, so make sure you follow me:


31 May, 2015

Before You Go Away - new version 

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Yesterday I recorded this new version of Before You Go Away, with only piano and vocals.


And let me know what you think.

Link to video:

11 May, 2015

Before You Go Away (with lyrics) 

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A jazz singer friend recently "scorned" me for not putting my jazz ballad "Before You Go Away" on youtube.

So I did.

I admit that I kind of forgot about this song.

It's one of the songs of my own that I'm most pleased with, but I've rarely played it live. I realize now that I ought to...



13 Apr, 2015

Hana Chiba 

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Japanese singer Hana Chiba has passed away. My heart is bleeding.

We never got the opportunity to work together in this life, even though there were plans. Your time was too short.

This is how you'll be remembered:

And Hana-chan... I will name a star in the sky after you.


08 Apr, 2015

3rd teaser from the documentary 

Posted at 23:26 under MUSIC, MOVIES

This is the 3rd teaser from the coming documentary about Mariyan, for which I am making the music.

Premiere screening:

May 31, 2015

Link to video:

Let me know what you think!

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