26 Oct, 2011



Ok. I have a jetlag. Can't hide it when I'm up writing on my blog at 2 o'clock...

Came from Sweden yesterday, Wednesday morning Japanese time, and went almost straight away to Osaka by Shinkansen. My lunch was a small sushi and a cup of coffee. Then I fell asleep, missing Mount Fuji passing outside my window. Again...

FM802 was a great experience! Incredibly friendly DJs, producers and staff, and the office felt like a big family. I felt very very welcome!

I was invited to the program BEAT EXPO with DJ Kazuyo Hayakawa, and I performed 'Slow Down' and 'A Little Bit More Real' from the Peacebird album. After the interview I was surprised to learn that she had 2 of my old albums, and already knew about my music.

Sometimes, the world is small!

There are some photos on their blog:

I'll post photos here later (^^)

Already tomorrow, I'm invited again to another program at FM802, called FLIP LIPS, and I'll be on air between 12-12:30 talking and singing a couple of songs (not the same as today), just me and the guitar.


After that, I'm invited to a radio station in Kyoto called ALPHA STATION at FM Kyoto for an interview starting live just after 18:00.

Then, back to Tokyo, and the day after I'm going to FM Gunma.

Sunday is Iwaki, Fukushima-ken, for a "normal" gig. My performance on September 11 was so well received that I was asked to come back. Address and more details on my homepage:

From today, FM802 is handing out a limited number of tickets for a gig I do on November 27 in Osaka at digmeout ART & DINER:

Click above to read more and go to the entry form.

Well, I'll try again to sleep. My head is 7 hours wrong.

Peace, Kansai!

23 Oct, 2011

Peacebird songs on 2 charts! 

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Good news reached me in Sweden:

My Peacebird song 'I Love You' entered the TOKIO HOT 100 chart on Tokyo radio station J-Wave, at #78!


At the same time, in Osaka, the song 'Slow Down' climbed to #31 on the OSAKAN HOT 100 chart at FM802.


! ! !

I don't know what to say. I love you Japan!


19 Oct, 2011

Bringing the good news back to Sweden 

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I'm not checking the Music From Radio website daily, but yesterday 'Slow Down' was the most played song again on Tokyo and Kansai FM radio!

http://musicfromradio.com/daylyranking. ... 0&d=18

Another surprise was that 'Slow Down' has entered the OSAKAN HOT 100 CHART on Osaka's FM802, and last week it climbed to #46!


It's the best kind of news to bring home to Sweden on a cold autumn day like this.

Several Swedish newspapers (daily and weekly) have contacted me for interviews about the sudden success on the Japanese radio.

It's the magic of the Peacebird - it's flying by itself.

I am just watching...


17 Oct, 2011

Saturday's setlist 


My gig at 8.cafe in Fujisawa was the last for this time, and I'm now packing my suitcase to go home to Sweden. It will be a little vacation, a break in the middle of the intense period of the 'Peacebird' release. I'll soon be back in Japan with new strength though. In the end of October I'll be the guest in 4 radio programs and continue the release tour. Nagoya, Iwaki and Sendai are some of the places I'll go, apart from my 'second home' Tokyo.

All live dates are here:

Japanese page:

My setlist from Saturday at 8.cafe also included more of my old songs, which my fans from before seemed to appreciate!

1. Pra Que Chorar
2. Difficult
3. Passion
4. A Little Bit More Real
5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
6. Slow Down
7. Let The Sunlight In
8. Balans
9. Svar
10. After The Rain
11. Baby Just Relax
12. When Happiness Attacks
13. Prague This Spring
14. Wave *
15. I'm Here

* 'Wave' was requested by the event organizer Tomoko Nakauchi, and it was the first time I've performed it live.

I didn't remember the lyrics very well though (_ _*)


14 Oct, 2011


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Tomorrow I'll do my first gig in Fujisawa, southwest of Tokyo, at the lovely 8.cafe. I visited shortly last month for a meeting, and really look forward to having another of those Margerita pizzas between the sets.

I can't read japanese too well, but I think the gig will be broadcast online on ustream, so people all over the world can watch it. It's a bit scary. What if I make mistakes?

I guess I just have to enjoy myself and don't think about such details.

10 / 15

神奈川県藤沢市鵠沼花沢町1-5 8ホテル1F
Start: 19:00
Music charge: 1,500 yen


Broadcast live on ustream at
'Peacebird' アルバム発売記念Live&鵠沼海岸チャンネルが取材した鵠沼海岸商店街のアートなフォトブックの完成発表会を藤沢駅南口8.cafeにて開催


Japan is a great place, really full of wonderful people. Those are words straight from my heart. I've been lucky, but I'm paying off my dues. I believe in karma, but it seems to be working quite slow. Could be a good thing to know.

After this gig, I'm going back to Sweden to rest for a while. Need to walk in those forests, sit in front of the fireplace and get a refill of power. See the stars above with no distraction. The lights in people's windows.

Because when I go back to Japan next time I have a really busy schedule.

* For 'Peacebird' - radio performances and interviews, live gigs, etc.
* For my musical - finishing the last few arrangements for the recording of the 30+ songs.
* And, when I have time in between - writing songs and recording for a new Peacebird album, and an eventual download single.

This year has been both tough and wonderful. I happened to be in Tokyo during the march earthquake and the following panic in food stores among old ladies who argued over the last package of milk. Don't they have any perspective? Where did that ego come from?

It was scary.

Life is really fragile, and we need to remember that. No matter what happens.


13 Oct, 2011

Peacebird website in Japanese 

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We have added a few pages in Japanese on my website.
It's still not the whole website, only:

News (ニュース)
Peacebird (ピースバード)
Live (ライブ)
Contact (コンタクト)



13 Oct, 2011

Slow Down music video 

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Yesterday 'Slow Down' was the second most played song again in the Tokyo and Osaka FM radio, I think much thanks to the heavy rotation on FM802 and FM Gunma.

It seems as if the music video (PV) for 'Slow Down' is on its way. A few months ago, we filmed for the video, then other things took all focus and time from it. When you search youtube for the song, all I they can find is a live version where I performed with Yoshinari Nakamatsu's band at Loop Daikanyama, from last spring or so, I think. Yoshi's playing electric guitar on the album in this song, but the rest of the musicians are different, in the case of 'Slow Down' they're Swedish musicians.

I'll tell you when the video is finished...

Listen on iTunes:

or on my website:
http://www.johanchristherschutz.net/dis ... amp;page=1

日本語版 (Japanese page):


08 Oct, 2011

Yesterday's release party 


It's been a week of many strong feelings.

Yesterday's release party was great, and I enjoyed my performance with the band until the last note rang out, after the 3-song encore.

It's the first time for me in a long time to play with a band, and it was an awesome feeling to hear my songs come alive in such a way. The audience seemed to really love it, and I could see a sea of smiling happy faces. It made me really happy.

Japanese 7-piece band Minuano (including some members from LAMP) started the evening, and it was much thanks to the collaboration between me and Takero Ogata (songwriter and member of Minuano) that I could play with a band. My band included, apart from Takero, the same drummer Toshiyuki Sasaki. They must both have been very very tired after we finished! (The photo above is from their soundcheck.)

I played 10 songs with the band - drums, percussion, bass, keyboards and backing vocals by special guest Chihiro - and was loudly welcomed back to stage for an encore, which I started with 2 songs solo and ended with one final song with the band.

Here are two lovely photos from our gig, taken by my friend Masaru Mitsu:

Peacebird setlist (with the band):

1. Slow Down *
2. Let The Sunlight In
3. A Little Bit More Real
4. Passion
5. Baby Just Relax *
6. Pickin' Up The Pieces *
7. Don't Bring It Up
8. I Love You
9. After The Rain
10. Peace! (Give the people the power back)

Encore (me solo)
11. Smile (Chaplin/Turner/Parsons)
12. Balans

Encore (with the band):
13. Anything For You

Yesterday's groovy band was:

me (vocals/guitar)
Chihiro (guest vocals)*
Kazuya Saka (keyboards)
Takero Ogata (percussion/backing vocals)
Keisuke Tanaka (bass)
Toshiyuki Sasaki (drums)

Kazuya Saka
Takero Ogata
Keisuke Tanaka
Toshiyuki Sasaki

Thank you everyone, including Kouki Takahashi at Tsuku Miru Kimi Omou.

Special thanks to Osamu Sakuma at Motel Bleu. Without you yesterday would not have been possible.

It was a night I will remember forever.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Next weekend is my last gig in Japan before I return briefly to Sweden.

It's in Fujisawa (Shonan), at 8.cafe. I think it will be broadcast live online, but I'm not sure about the details. Perfect for you who live in other countries, even if a live broadcast can never be the same as being present yourself.

October 15


神奈川県藤沢市鵠沼花沢町1-5 8ホテル1F
Start: 19:00
Music charge: 1,500 yen


Broadcast live on ustream at
'Peacebird' アルバム発売記念Live&鵠沼海岸チャンネルが取材した鵠沼海岸商店街のアートなフォトブックの完成発表会を藤沢駅南口8.cafeにて開催



08 Oct, 2011

Slow Down #1 again 

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This week has been amazing.

Album release, a great release-party yesterday, and incredibly high rotation on Japanese radio.

2 days during this week, 'Slow Down' has been the most played song in Tokyo and Kansai FM radio. Over 50 million people live in these metropolitan areas and the amount of people listening to radio daily is enormous.

From monday to friday, 'Slow Down' has been among the 3 most played songs. Here's yesterday's chart:

http://musicfromradio.com/daylyranking. ... 10&d=7

Having my own little song played more than hyped releases by Major Label artists is just so funny. We didn't even release a single, the song found its own way out.

It's so wonderful, and I'm very very happy.

But I think I can't handle it, because I avoid thinking about it.


05 Oct, 2011


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I'm humbled. Can't find another word than "SUGOI".

It's raining in Tokyo.

But there's sunshine in my heart.

Yesterday, 'Slow Down' from PEACEBIRD was the most played song in Tokyo and Kansai FM radio stations!

I'm incredibly happy.

This PEACEBIRD album is a work straight from my heart, and is maybe the first album I really feel is "me". So the fact that it is reaching out to people is just wonderful.

http://musicfromradio.com/daylyranking. ... 10&d=4

PEACEBIRD is released today!



Tower Records


I love you Japan!

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