27 Oct, 2007


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time is like leaves, dwells a moment in thought before reaching the ground. another leaf. another day. another thought. another life.


i'm still amazed. life is developing like a scene from "THE TRIAL" (der prozess) by Franz Kafka - i find a door and open it. expecting to find a room, i am surprised every time. there are no rooms behind the doors. there are new worlds. like stepping into a painting by Caspar David Friedrich.

new worlds also bring new people. i am so thankful for every person that comes across my way, because it's now becoming so obvious how everything is connected, how everyone enters our life not by chance or coincidence, but with a deeper "purpose". if we let ourselves be affected, there's a treasure waiting for us.

but this treasure is located at the bottom of the heart. you will never find it if you're afraid of being affected. fear is never an alibi for not going. for not loving. for not crying. yes, for not crying.

life is like a tear on your cheek - you never know which way it's gonna take next.

vulnerability in this cold, selfish world seems to mean "vulgarability" - the true values are slowly being reversed. sometimes it would be so easy to just turn your back on someone or something. don't do that. don't be afraid.

a trail from a tear is better than a trail from blood. the trail from the tear will glitter for a moment, like the jewel it is, then slowly fade away, leaving nothing but a taste of salt on your skin to remind you, in the kindest of ways, that crying is the best way to heal.

to quote Leonard Cohen:



21 Oct, 2007


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yesterday i recorded 2 jazz ballads with singer NINA RIPE. fun to just be playing the guitar for a change, and leave the singing to someone else.
The songs are "5 A.M.", one of my own most recent songs in english, and "RETURN", my english translation of "VOLTA", the old Elis Regina song.

and new strings on the guitar.... i love it!

i'm really looking forward to my little japan tour in november. i still haven't got the exact dates, but i'll post it all here, and on my website of course, as soon as i get them. all i know is that i'll be beginning the tour in tokyo on november 23rd.



21 Oct, 2007

One more =) 

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my god, i just discovered this song!!!!! i love it, this recording is a live duet with GONZAGUINHA and SIMONE.

this is truly amazing stuff!!!!

mulher e da?

"E da?
Digo a frase maldita
E pra mim pouco importa
Se voc acredita
Eu te amo e no temo este amor
J vou indo vou levando esta dor
Vou em paz
Pois no temo a dor de amar demais
E da?"


19 Oct, 2007


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GONZAGUINHA from brasil is one of my absolute favourite songwriters and singers. he died way too early in a car accident in 1991, but this is the magical beauty of music - it never dies.

i will translate some of his songs from portuguese, to make his music reach out more, but in the meantime i'll just show you two videos from youtube.

in the first song, "Explode Corao", which is one of my favourite songs of his, he sings a duet with Maria Bethania:

here's another great video - "O que o que ". Wonderful song, wonderful arrangement and performance, look at the guy playing the rhythm with a knife!

please also look up the song "Grito de Alerta" (cry of alarm), an incredibly beautiful song:

E assim nossa vida um rio secando
As pedras cortando e eu vou perguntando: at quando?

So tantas coisinhas midas, roendo, comendo
Arrasando aos poucos com o nosso ideal
So frases perdidas num mundo de gritos e gestos
Num jogo de culpa que faz tanto mal

No quero a razo pois eu sei o quanto estou errado
O quanto j fiz destruir
S sinto no ar o momento em que o copo est cheio
E que j no d mais pra engolir

Veja bem, nosso caso uma porta entreaberta
Eu busquei a palavra mais certa
V se entende o meu grito de alerta
Veja bem, o amor agitando meu corao
H um lado carente dizendo que sim
E essa vida da gente gritando que no"

and the song "Feliz" (happy), gorgeous stuff:

"Para quem bem viveu o amor
Duas vidas que abrem
No acabam com a luz
So pequenas estrelas que correm no cu
Trajetrias opostas
Sem jamais deixar de se olhar

um carinho guardado
Num cofre de um corao que voou
um afeto deixado nas veias
De um corao que ficou

a certeza da eterna presena
Da vida que foi, na vida que vai
saudade da boa, feliz cantar
Que foi, foi, foi
Foi bom e pra sempre ser
Mais, mais, mais
Maravilhosamente amar"

these songs are both available in live video recordings from this great tribute site:


13 Oct, 2007

Life is a metaphor 

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i'm getting even more existential, and i'm enjoying it!!! it's got nothing to do with the fact that i'm currently reading "a morte e a morte de quincas berro d'agua" by JORGE AMADO. it's about death, yeah, but not from the most existential point of view.

so it has to be something else. they said it would snow here any day now, and really, you can feel it in the air, winter will soon be all over us. and i've started writing lots of songs again, i've felt it building up inside me for a long long time, and finally here it is, the outburst of newness, the birth of memories, arranging and rearranging opinions, emotions, devotions.... neverending inspiration, does it mean it's eternal or just going on fully right now?

truth is not absolute. sorry, i'm quoting myself over and over, but does that mean that i'm self-centered or just a concentrate of "truths" as tousled and untamable as my own hair?

probably we all have experienced something wrong that felt right at the moment.... or something right that felt wrong. of course, the existence of "right and wrong" was invented my mankind, and doesn't naturally exist in nature, so how then, how, how, how do we know when we're doing the right thing? do we have to be hit by a car to wake up and see all the small messages we receive every day? and to make it even harder to tell, how do we know the accident was not only a very intelligent way to stop us from going to the shopping center where a masked robber would have killed us?

but i believe in karma. so in my opinion, the car accident may be the only way to stop you from dying in a armed robbery, and then the whole thing gets a totally different illumination. truth is not one-dimensional, truth is not two-dimensional, truth is not three-dimensional.

truth has four dimensions. and life is a metaphor for this.


07 Oct, 2007

Anjos do sol - Angels of the sun 

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last night i saw an amazingly strong movie, ANJOS DO SOL, which i have to talk about for a bit. it's written and directed by RUDI LAGEMANN and was released 2006, and it was part of the BRASILCINE weekend in stockholm, the brazilian film festival which i worked with last year.

ANJOS DO SOL is a movie that E V E R Y B O D Y should see. it will affect you, it will move you, it will touch you deeply if you dare letting it.

it's about a 12-year-old girl from northeastern Brasil, Maria, who is sold in 2002 by her father. she ends up in a tiny mining village in the amazonas where she's forced to prostitution with several other young girls.

here's a strong scene i found on youtube. Maria (with dark hair) and Ins have escaped from the village and found a house by the river where they "safely" could spend the night.

ANJOS DO SOL website

the movie is based on true stories, taken from interviews from the press and non-governmental organisations.

it is estimated that more than 100 000 children and adolescents are sexually exploited only in Brasil.

please support ECPAT ("End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes")
ECPAT website


03 Oct, 2007

Aurora - music video 

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(written by J.C. Schtz)

taken from my 2007 album BLISSA NOVA.


30 Sep, 2007

Help the people in Burma 

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the people in BURMA need our help. lives depend on our action, please do like me and 246,000 others, sign the online petition here to end the military dictatorship and support the protesters. today. right now.

» www.avaaz.org/en/stand_with_burma/t.php

Read more here:
» www.amnesty.org


28 Sep, 2007

So I skipped the blues 

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this week i've had several gorgeous conversations with some of my best friends, all about life and issues about existing and co-existing.

during the last months i've been in a new phase in my life. suddenly i started to see everything in new perspectives. clearer and sharper than ever, the world seemed to have decided to reveal more of itself to me. of course i've always been curious about these issues, but now i don't have to look for any answers, because they are being offered to me from everywhere.

last night i had a lovely conversation with a wonderful friend who i've known for about a year. i'd planned to have a beer at a blues place afterwards, but suddenly she said something that changed the course of the conversation towards spiritual evolution. i realised that she is one of the very few people here on earth with whom i really am connected on a deeper level. suddenly it felt so obvious. wonderful, but also scaring.

there is no such thing as coincidence. of this i'm more sure for every day that passes. we are in almost total control of our lives, we're just not aware of it. this awareness is now taking me over, maybe that's what scares me. i'm suddenly in control! here's the wheel, hey where's the break? don't worry, you won't need it.

i thought about the beer and the blues bar and decided to skip it. suddenly, the decadence didn't attract me any more, and it took quite a while to get used to it.


25 Sep, 2007

Beautiful autumn 

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now i'll do something reeeeeeeeeeeally swedish and talk about the weather!!!! it won't become a habit, so please forgive me ;)

we've had lovely autumn weather a couple of days. the sky is blue and clear, or maybe with just a thin white veil of clouds stretched across it from time to time. it is definitely autumn here, but yesterday felt like spring. together with a friend i took a long walk from where i live and in to medborgarplatsen. clear sky, warming sun, yellowing leaves on the trees and in small drying orange piles along the pavements.

this gave me some kind of inner peace.

to me, autumn has always been a period of death. because of the darkness that climbs upon us so suddenly, with grey rainy weeks without any proper daylight, awful cold, etc..... autumn has always made me melancholy, everything dies, everything passes, even people turn colder.

and i know. nothing remains the same forever. that would be an existential impossibility!!!

but the fact is that i find comfort in this death.

now, this has absolutely NOTHING do to with a wish to die!!! my comfort lies in the fact that everything comes to life, lives, and dies. and here is the interesting part - death is not THE END. i don't believe in ends. there doesn't exist any ends in universe. everything is circular and goes on forever. an atom is constructed in the same way as the solar system. is that a coincidence? of course not.

the trees "die" in autumn, slumber during the winter and are "reborn" in spring with fresh green leaves on its branches. it doesn't come a new tree every spring, it's still the same, and it can stand there for 1000's of years. this is my comfort.

maybe these thoughts and inner peace also hail from the fact that i visited some friends' house the other day, and met their 3-week-old gorgeous baby!!!

so... yes, it is autumn, it is getting colder, the leaves fall from the trees, the bus timetable has changed too. everything changes. and i'm here waiting, with a childlike curiosity, for what will follow and what spring will reanimate.

i'm really not talking about the weather, am i?!?


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