21 Sep, 2012

Old albums & singles 

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I'm releasing a new album on November 2, but did you know that you can stream all my previous albums on my bandcamp page?

It's not just samples, but all songs from all releases, including my download singles.

Just click on a cover and then click the PLAY button in the next screen.

(2011) Album

Peace! (Give the people the power back)
(2011) Download single

Hold On Now
(2011) Download charity single

C'est La Vie
(2009) Album

Se solen g upp / Drm
(2009) Download single

Balans (bossa remix)
(2009) Download single

Blissa Nova
(2007) Album

(2004) Album



21 Sep, 2012



I'm late again with the 3 latest setlists, and have no good excuse, so I'll just skip excusing =)

Setlist - Seed Ship (7/9):

I was guest at Chihiro's gig, and I focused on my Swedish songs this night.

1. Balans
2. Se solen g upp
3. Du det r OK
4. Changes Changes
5. Passion duet with Chihiro
6. Baby Just Relax duet with Chihiro
7. Fly Me to the Moon duet with Chihiro, featuring Tetsuro Yafune (piano) and Hiroshi Yamazaki (tenor sax)

Setlist - Seed Ship (8/9):

The second night I was invited by Cellen, we played 40 minutes each. I performed all my songs as a duo, with Kazuya Saka (grand piano), who also plays on my new album. We'll play in Shibuya Bar Music on 11/18 to promote the release, Saka on a vintage Fender Rhodes and me on Guitar/Vocals. More information later...

1. A Smile Will Take You Far
2. Don't Fight the Flow
3. Let the Sunlight In
4. After the Rain
5. Slow Down
6. Passion
7. Pickin' Up The Pieces
8. Love This World

Setlist - Cafe TORi (9/9):

1. So Happy
2. Passion
3. Difficult
4. Balans
5. I Guess it's OK
6. Slow Down
7. After the Rain
8. Changes Changes
9. All You Need is Love livingroom duet with Hitoshi Abe (racoustik)

Three gigs, three days in a row, exhausting but wonderful. I love meeting an audience.

Next Tokyo gig is 10/20, in Koenji at Club Roots:
http://www.songkick.com/concerts/140687 ... ource=1471


21 Sep, 2012

All older posts visible again 

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I have finally fixed the bug in this blog, which has stopped older entries from being shown since December!

Now, all previous posts, since I started blogging in 2007, are visible again, sorted by Year and Month. You can always access them from the menu to the right.

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15 Sep, 2012

Actor debut 

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Last Saturday, September 8, was the first episode of the Japanese TV drama about Shigeru Yoshida, the prime minister who rebuilt Japan after WW2. In this drama series of 5 episodes I make my extra actor debut!

Episode 2 will air tonight.

The drama features Ken Watanabe (as Shigeru Yoshida), Japan's most famous male actor, featured in American movies such as The Last Samurai and Memoirs of a Geisha, and David Morse (The Green Mile, Dancer in the Dark) as Douglas MacArthur, commander of the Allied Forces during the occupation.

Here's a 5 minute summary of Episode 1:
http://gyao.yahoo.co.jp/player/00397/v1 ... id=1736629

Did you see me? (hint: 26 seconds in...)

As I'm just an extra, it's really nothing extra (pun not intended!) but I may be in each episode, so keep watching!

If you have satellite TV, it's broadcast worldwide on NHK World Premium.

負けて、勝つ ~戦後を創った男・吉田茂
NHK Channel 1 and NHK World Premium
Saturdays 21:00 - 22:13
Information in English.

01 Sep, 2012

Next weeks gigs 

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Next weekend I have 2 gigs coming up, with different setlists and different settings, so if you want it all, you'll have to come to both!

9 / 8 (sat)
下北沢 Seed Ship

At SEED SHIP, I will play as a Duo, with pianist Kazuya Saka on the grand piano! Don't miss this special gig! Saka plays on my upcoming album as well, and he's a really really great musician! Great stage, great sound and a real grand piano.

me with Kazuya Saka (piano)
Sophies 'n Wonderland

OPEN 18:30
START 19:00
CHARGE 前売:2500 / 当日:3000(1ドリンク代別)

予約はSeed Shipまで下さい:
世田谷区代沢5-32-13 露崎商店ビル3階
http://seed-ship.com/schedule.php?ym=20 ... ;category=

9 / 9 (sun)
Cafe TORi 中目黒

At TORi, apart from me, there will also be a live performance by racoustik (Hitoshi Abe) who I played with last week at Drole. His acoustic live performance is really good, and this will be an intimate night. Usually at TORi, I'm playing unplugged without microfone or PA, so the atmosphere is more personal.

racoustik (website)

OPEN 19:00
START 19:30
CHARGE:2500 (1ドリンク付き)


Here are quite recent photos of us both:


me, actually at Cafe TORi (^^)

See you!

30 Aug, 2012



I have 3 setlists to upload, sorry for not keeping up to date! Last sunday I played at DROLE Daikanyama together with racoustik (Hitoshi Abe) (myspace) and ナイアガラ交響楽団 (myspace), a duo with sisters Eiko and Yuko Otaki.

Photos: Eiko Otaki (twitter @p_i_n_c_o). As you see from these great photos, Eiko (pinco) is also a professional photographer. Hope to work together in the future!

Yuko Otaki made the "paper bags" and dolls you can see hanging all around me, as she is also a designer and "paper bag maker"!

Check out their website:

Setlist - Drole Daikanyama (8/26):

1. So Happy
2. Passion
3. Balans
4. I Guess It's OK
5. Changes Changes
6. Slow Down
7. I'm Here

Here's racoustik live:

I'll play with him again on September 9 at Cafe TORi (Nakameguro). My live schedule is always here (日本語).

Here's a photo I took of Eiko and Yuko backstage:

Two weeks ago I played 2 gigs in one day. The first was was an unplugged live gig at Toru Hashimoto's release party for SEASIDE FM 80.4 compilation album, in the house where Nujabes lived. It was a very special occasion for me, and I felt some kind of strong connection with Nujabes being in his house with about 50 music lovers.

The eatables:

And the listenables:

I performed in front of a big window, that's why the back-light is so strong, the sky was actually pretty blue!

Setlist - Seaside FM 80.4 release party, Kamakura (8/12):

1. Triste
2. Mten och avsked (Encontros e despedidas)
3. Changes Changes
4. Don't Fight The Flow
5. There's Only You
6. I'm Here
7. I Guess It's OK

8. Passion

At the day of this event the weather report had promised rain, but for some reason (you know what I mean) the skies cleared up miraculously. This afternoon inspired me to make a remix of my new song "Changes Changes". It's almost finished, but you can pre-listen on this page:
http://soundcloud.com/peacebirdmusic/jo ... nges-remix
(just click the red PLAY button)

And let me know what you think (^^)

For those of you who might have missed him, Nujabes was a Japanese DJ and music producer who died in an accident in 2010.
R.I.P. Nujabes!

One more, the same day as the release party I performed at Roman Records Cafe in Tokyo! This gig had a great lively atmosphere, it was the 3rd anniversary for Roman Records, and the owner Aimie even sang a song together with me (I played the guitar).

It was especially nice because many in the audience knew my songs, and especially "Slow Down" and "Passion" were wonderful! Everyone singing my songs loudly together! It was almost like the Brazilian music parties in Stockholm...

Setlist - Roman Records Cafe, Tokyo (8/12):

1. Triste
2. What Good Are Tears
3. There's Only You
4. Balans
5. Changes Changes
6. Luiza
7. I'm Here

8. Passion
9. Difficult
10. Slow Down
11. Let The Sunlight In
12. After The Rain
13. Moon River (with Aimie Tatsuya - vocals & whistling solo)

14. So Happy

This setlist is not 100% accurate! The audience knew my songs so well so I made some changes to my plans, to give something extra!

Here's Aimie singing during our rehearsal a few days earlier:

That was quite a long post! I'll try to write more often.....


24 Aug, 2012

Next live gig: Drole Daikanyama! 

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My next live performance in Tokyo is on Sunday, August 12th, at DROLE Daikanyama!

8月26日 (日)
Drole Daikanyama

Open 18:30 - 20:00
Charge: 3000 yen (incl dinner plate)

I'll perform 1 set of about 30 minutes, and there's also a set from my friend Rakoustic (Abe Hitoshi) who will play after me, and a project whose name I can't read because it includes Kanji characters (>.<), who will play some songs before me.


東京都渋谷区猿楽町28-3 2F

See you!

** update **

The duo whose name I couldn't read was ナイアガラ交響楽団, which according to iTunes means Niagara Orchestra:

Here's their myspace page:


22 Aug, 2012

Nujabes tribute 

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After playing live in Nujabes house recently, I felt that I want to make some kind of tribute to him, and started making a remix of a song from my coming album, "Changes Changes":

Listen here:

http://soundcloud.com/peacebirdmusic/jo ... nges-remix

And comment below to let me know what you think!

12 Aug, 2012

New songs! 

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From today, we will sell a CD-R single with songs from my coming album, Love This World! The CD also includes one unreleased song called Some Days, NOT included on the coming album!

Love This World is released in October.
The CD single is sold from today, and the price is only 500 yen.


1. A Smile Will Take You Far (5:06)
2. Don't Fight The Flow (3:48)

3. Some Days (3:59)
Not included on the album.
Recorded 2010-2011.

11 Aug, 2012

Tomorrow and yesterday 

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Yesterday I watched the big Tokyo fireworks from my friends' house in Aoyama. Actually, we were sitting on the parking lot behind their apartment building (it's called 'mansion' in Japanese for some reason), drinking beer, eating snacks and just having a good time. The station and streets were incredibly crowded (more than usual).

It was great to see some people I haven't seen for ages again, and Toru Hashimoto spontaneously invited me to sing live on his DJ event in Kamakura tomorrow, a release party for his latest compilation CD, Seaside FM 80.4.

It's great (and humbling) to know that my music is liked by one of Japan's most important taste-makers during the last 20 years.

Really looking forward to that!

Just like last year, I was asked to sing some songs, so I tuned Kobayashi's mini-guitar and sang "Passion" and Baden Powell's "Tristeza" which resulted in an almost Brazilian atmosphere, with people singing and dancing in Kobayashi's nice flat.

So, 'coincidentally', I have 2 live gigs tomorrow:

15:30 Kamakura
Please check here for more information:

19:00 Tokyo
Roman Records Cafe

Our dear friend Hiro-san playing on Kobayashi-san's mini-guitar!

Hiro is a DJ as well, but he is also working to create new icecreams for Glico, and the latest of his creations is a Peach Gelato, which was really delicious! It's only available in Seven Eleven for a limited period of time, so if you're in Japan, be sure to try it.

When watching the fireworks I started thinking that it reminds of travelling through the universe, with galaxies passing in front of your eyes.

It was really beautiful, but in some way I like the Japanese word for Fireworks more than the fireworks themselves.


Fire flower.

Seaside FM 80.4


http://www.inpartmaint.com/ripcurl/rip_ ... -0176.html

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