29 Sep, 2011

Heavy rotation on the radio! 

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The songs from 'Peacebird' are getting heavy airplay in Japan!

The first Japanese radio stations to offer Heavy Rotation (every day?) of 'Slow Down' is

FM Gunma


FM802 in Osaka

Other radio stations also frequently play my songs, such as J-Wave and stations in the Japanese FM Network, broadcast all over Japan. I think I will need to create a News Page on my website because of this, I get really good news every day now.

I think the Peacebird is flying!

If you're in Tokyo next friday (10/7) - don't miss my Release Party!

As I've mentioned earlier in my newsletter, twitter, etc, I will perform with a full band this time only.

(click image for large view)

10 / 7 (fri)
Tokyo, Aoyama

Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou

107-0062 東京都港区南青山 4-9-1 B1F
Open 18:30
Start: 19:30

Minuano (with members from LAMP!)
Peacebird (full band set)

On stage as Peacebird:
J.C. Schutz (vocals/guitar)
Kazuya Saka (keyboards; member of ex-Cymbals/FROG/etc.)
Takero Ogata (percussion/backing vocals/member of Minuano/LAMP/etc.)
Keisuke Tanaka (bass/support member of LAMP/etc.)
Toshiyuki Sasaki (drums/member of Minuano/LAMP/etc.)
Special guest: Chihiro (vocals/singer of Piece of Peace/ex-NOANOA)

More info:

Release on iTunes (worldwide) and Japanese shops is on Wednesday (10/5).


23 Sep, 2011


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I've spent the last weeks finishing songs for my musical. It's been almost finished for quite some time, but I needed to tie things together, get the "red thread" through it all - one song has to lead the story on, take the audience further into the magic. I needed to rearrange the introductions and endings of all songs.

Right now, I'm listening to everything without break.

40 songs.

Well, not really. It's 33 songs, but some are repeated one or two times through the story, with different lyrics or arrangement.

But it's almost 2 hours of music and lyrics. 40 tracks, of which 4 are instrumental.

And it took me over 2 years to come this far. I guess I'm crazy =)

The musical is divided in 2 acts, with 19 songs in the first act, and 21 songs in the second. I'm really really looking forward to finishing the studio recording of this material, which will hopefully result in a double-CD during next year).

It's getting closer.

Some of the songs may be the best I've ever written, but I'll leave that decision to you.

It will be a full-night musical - 2 acts with a break in the middle, totalling over 3 hours of entertainment, including dialogues without music.

But keeping all songs in mind while composing and arranging takes a real effort.

Otsukaresama desu.

...if I can say that about myself...


21 Sep, 2011

International Peace Day 

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It's United Nations' International Day of Peace today, and there couldn't be a better day to release the first Peacebird album.

My new record label, Motel Bleu, is based in Japan though, and it seems as if the album is not available in other countries yet on iTunes. I'll keep you informed.

Here's the link again with a warm wish of true peace of mind to all beings on Earth. We're here together. Let's also work together. Inter-being.



20 Sep, 2011

Pickin' up the pieces 


Just uploaded the first video from my new album to youtube:

Peacebird: Pickin' Up The Pieces

September 21 is UN's International Peace Day.

My album 'Peacebird' was released on iTunes today.


19 Sep, 2011

Back to Mito! 

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On wednesday, September 21, PEACEBIRD is released on iTunes! I have really been waiting for this day. I'll post the link to the album when I get it.

And, I have a live performance in lovely Japanese city Mito, Ibaraki, on Sunday to perform live at MINERVA, a cafe which often hosts live nights, exhibitions and events. I'm really looking forward to performing in front of their second floor window walls to the street!

The Peacebird is flying!

September 25


Open 16:00
Start 16:30
2,000 yen (incl. 1 drink)

Ticket reservation:
Tel. 029-226-8688



15 Sep, 2011

Iwaki photos & setlist 


I have waited to write about my gig in Iwaki, Fukushima, as I was hoping someone could lend me some photos from my performance, because as usual, I forgot to ask someone to do it for me... But maybe everyone was so amazed by my performance because nobody seems to have taken any photos hahaha

Coming by train, the landscape of Ibaraki and Fukushima reminded me of Sweden, with forests and yellow fields.

View from the Grand Park Hotel EX in Iwaki, with the kindest staff I'd ever met in a hotel. I almost felt a bit sad to have to check out, I wanted to say "I'm sorry!"

I don't know whether to keep in mind or not, that Iwaki was severely affected by the tsunami and earthquake (and following aftershocks that are constantly shaking the area.) I didn't go nowhere near the seaside, but as everything seems to have been wiped out by the tsunami, I had no reason to go there.

What makes me angry is that the Japanese government seem to be doing nothing. The 2 political parties in the government are apparently disagreeing on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, so they can't even agree on how to help all the affected people. It's really really sad that even in times like this, of an immense national disaster, they don't see to the best of the people, just to their own interests. There's a new prime minister every year, but nothing happens. Where is the change that this country needs? Where's the fresh air of hope and future visions?

It needs to come from the people, from the young.

The AYANAI event was arranged by people about the same age as me, and I guess the average age of the audience was just under 30. Bar Queen, in the basement of Grand Park Hotel, is a really great venue for live music, and the owner Isao Kato was really friendly. He was also the sound engineer so he was keeping himself busy. Thanks for keeping a great venue with great sound!

The entrance to Bar Queen with a contrabass worn by the hands of time. I put my guitar next to it to take a photo.

Photo from the soundcheck of the brilliant and humble Toshimi Watanabe who did a great live performance later. Unfortunately I don't have photos of RF, who also did a stunning instrumental performance with just guitar, bass and drums.

My setlist:

1. Peace! (Give the people the power back)
2. Passion
3. Over The Rainbow
4. After The Rain
5. Slow Down
6. Baby Just Relax
7. Let The Sunlight In
8. Jabuticaba
9. Balans
10. Difficult
11. Pickin' Up The Pieces
12. A Little Bit More Real

13. I'm Here

Here are some photos taken the next day before I went back to Tokyo. I took a walk to the west side of the station, trying to find the big park, but ended up in small streets and something that reminded me of the mountains. It was really quiet and peaceful, so I took a little walk together with birds and winds.

I'd like to live in that house next to a pond and a forestlike park.

Going back to Tokyo again, there was a change of landscape.

Thank you, misters Akatsu and Kida for arranging the I&I event, and for taking great care of me. I really really hope to come back to Iwaki to perform again. The last 6 months have been very difficult for Fukushima, and I really really appreciate your initiative to create some positive energy in the area.




13 Sep, 2011

mamerico 'minuscule' released today! 

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Finally released!

In the winter 2008/2009 I was asked to produce 2 songs for a new Japanese project called mamerico. I took on the project with much inspiration, as I really liked Maya's and Kazuma's songs.

mamerico and me in December 2008.

Then, last winter I was asked to produce another 6 songs, and today, mamerico's first album is released by Japanese label Schole (http://www.scholecultures.net/special/12.html).

The first song released was 'A Border', which was decided to be released as a charity download single after the tsunami and earthquake.

Today the album is released in Japan. Otsukaresama deshita!

I love these songs, and producing them was very natural for me. Some songs sound Japanese, some sound latin, some even remind me of Swedish traditional acoustic music. It's not just because I produced it, but mamerico has all these world music influences too.

Good luck with this release, Maya and Kazuma, and I hope to work together again in the future!

Listen and buy the album here:

SCHOLE shop:


HMV Japan:

Tower Japan:

Amazon Japan:
http://www.amazon.co.jp/minuscule-mamer ... amp;sr=8-1

It's Beautiful Music!!!

mamerico's website:


08 Sep, 2011


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I just received the train ticket for Iwaki on Saturday!

It will be my first time to perform in Fukushima, and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm just a bit afraid I can't understand the Fukushima accent, so please have patience with me if I seem confused (_ _)

The event is called AYANAI and takes place at Bar Queen, which seems to be a 50-year-something-old jazz bar!

Other names are Toshimi Watanabe from Tokyo No.1 Soul Set and RF, which seems to be a guitar based jazz/groove combo.

Open/DJ time from 19:00, probably with DJs until morning. My acoustic performance starts at 21:00, and I'll be on stage for one hour. Hope to see you there!

September 10

AYANAI (I&I) @ Bar Queen

渡辺俊美 (from 東京ナンバーワンソウルセット)


* * * * * * *

I also just updated my Japan Release Live Schedule, including some new dates for Nagoya and Chigasaki for example:


05 Sep, 2011

Musical drums 

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Yesterday, I found this lovely guitar coaster (small mat to put under a coffee cup) in a great interior shop called SUSU (http://www.susu.co.jp) where I have been offered to have a live performance in November. It will be great to come back to Japan after relaxing a bit in the Swedish autumn. I just wish I could live both in Sweden and Japan. It's both expensive and exhausting to go travel between.

After leaving SUSU, I accidentally ended up in the middle of a 'Matsuri' (festival) in Jiyugaoka!

There were people dressed in Yukata (summer kimonos) and traditional clothes everywhere, I really felt like a tourist looking deep into the Japanese history, until I saw several westerners in the trail of people following the portable shrine (Mikoshi) that was being carried by something like 50 yelling people. Yelling in rhyhtm of course. And it was a car that drove the persons playing drums, so it was a strange mix of old and new. Well, it's Japan after all!

It was a great coincidence, as the percussion and flute music really inspired me for my musical, as I'm in the middle of arranging and preparing the songs for the recording which will begin this winter.

Anyway, I filmed a little with my mobile phone just to get the rhythms and feeling of the music to bring it home, but... now when I listen I can't feel the first beat of the rhythm. Can't understand where it went! Everyone was yelling "Hai!" together with the drums, and intuitively I'd like to put the yell on the 4th beat in the bar. But then the drums feel a bit off.

I won't use their music, I just need to decipher what they're doing to make my own rhythms, but that was easier said than done.

But man, do I love drums!!!

Photo of a Mikoshi from wikipedia.


30 Aug, 2011

Photos from Saravah! 

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I'm so happy! I just received some really really great photos from Saturday's performance at Saravah Tokyo. Let me share them with you.

Photographed by the highly talented miss Hiroko Ooyama (twitter).

OVER THE RAINBOW... Taisuke playing glockenspiel and piano at the same time.

I think we were quite relaxed and talked about all kinds of things.

Me solo...


...whistling a solo...

...and talking broken Japanese!

Taisuke solo at the grand piano.

And from a different angle.

This night was truly amazing! I hope to be able to perform at Saravah again soon!

Thank you, Hiroko-chan for sending the photos! Will you take the cover photos for my next album!?!?

Finally, Taisuke and me with Toru Hashimoto-san, who arranged the event:


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