12 Sep, 2009

Thinking of You - Simon Stewart 

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here's a marvellous song with my friend SIMON STEWART, a british singer/songwriter, in a great live recording from july.

it's one of my favourite songs of his, so don't miss this, you're gonna love it!


» www.myspace.com/simonastewart


10 Sep, 2009

Environment speech in the UN 

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please watch this speech, held by 12-year-old severn suziki at a UN meeting, in 1992.

please watch it and send it to your friends.

we have to do something about the environment.


"if you don't know how to fix it - stop breaking it."


06 Sep, 2009


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recently, i visited south U.K.
10 years ago i lived in london, and i've always had some kind of emotional link to the U.K. this time i celebrated the 10-year-old friendship with my friends.

i also went to london to watch my first musical ever, LES MISERABLES, and i was amazed! it was such an experience! 2 hours and 30 minutes of music and songs and a great story (after victor hugo's book) with a complicated plot.... i loved it!!!

it's at QUEEN'S THEATRE in the west end. next time you go to london - please get a ticket!

this is partly because i've never seen a musical, and partly because i'm currently writing a musical myself.

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here are two of the songs from LES MISERABLES, first "A LITTLE FALL OF RAIN" from the 10th anniversary concert (1995?) CD/DVD, but the actors are different now:

and maybe my favourite song, in the musical there was an OUTSTANDING performance (david shannon).
this is also from the 10th anniversary concert, "BRING HIM HOME":

simply amazing, desune!!!!

and "AT THE END OF THE DAY", an incredibly powerful song:


10 Aug, 2009

Balans "bossa remix" out now !! 

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the new compilation album TERRINHA SUMMER 2009 includes an unreleased bossanova remix of my song BALANS!!!

it's released for download-only.

personally i prefer this new version of the song, i guess it's closer to my original idea...





30 Jul, 2009

I've never been in love before 

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another lovely recording with LEA SALONGA -


this is wine
that's all too strange and strong
i'm full of foolish song
and out my song must pour

so please forgive
this helpless haze i'm in
i've never really been
in love before


30 Jul, 2009

As if we never said goodbye 

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the amazing singer LEA SALONGA, performing a concert version of a gorgeous song originally from the musical Sunset Boulevard:


"... i've come home at last ..."


10 Jul, 2009

New download single !!! 

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today i release a new download-only single, with 2 songs.

get it here:




01 Jul, 2009

Secret gig in Kobe, Japan 

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on sunday 12th of july, i will do a special secret in-store live performance in disques dessinee in kobe.
dessinee is the label that releases my albums in japan, and this is my only performance in japan this time, gomennasai! ;)


for address and details, please visit:

sunday, 12th of june
starts at 19:00
@ disques dessinee

free entry!!!


29 Jun, 2009

Photos from the Release !!! 

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here are some photos from the successful release party that i had together with HELENA SOLUNA, at LE ROUGE in Stockholm's Gamla Stan.

2 CDs were released:

my album 'C'est La Vie'
HELENA SOLUNA 'Birth And Harvest'

thank you EVERYONE who was there, you made it an unforgettable evening!!!!

photographer: Felix Lancelot

did you miss the occasion ???

don't be sad, you can buy the songs here in MP3 format:

HELENA SOLUNA 'Birth and Harvest'
Helena Soluna @ Amazon
Helena Soluna @ iTunes

LISTEN: myspace.com/helenasoluna

J.C. SCHTZ 'C'est la Vie'
J.C. Schtz @ Amazon
J.C. Schtz @ iTunes

LISTEN: myspace.com/jcschutz


18 Jun, 2009

John Lennon 

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here's a lovely animation made to the sound of a john lennon interview from 1969.

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon's hotel room in Toronto and convinced him to do an interview.
38 years later, Levitan, director Josh Raskin and illustrator James Braithwaite have collaborated to create an animated short film using the original interview recording as the soundtrack.

it's so lovely !!!!!


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