30 Sep, 2007

Help the people in Burma 

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the people in BURMA need our help. lives depend on our action, please do like me and 246,000 others, sign the online petition here to end the military dictatorship and support the protesters. today. right now.

» www.avaaz.org/en/stand_with_burma/t.php

Read more here:
» www.amnesty.org


28 Sep, 2007

So I skipped the blues 

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this week i've had several gorgeous conversations with some of my best friends, all about life and issues about existing and co-existing.

during the last months i've been in a new phase in my life. suddenly i started to see everything in new perspectives. clearer and sharper than ever, the world seemed to have decided to reveal more of itself to me. of course i've always been curious about these issues, but now i don't have to look for any answers, because they are being offered to me from everywhere.

last night i had a lovely conversation with a wonderful friend who i've known for about a year. i'd planned to have a beer at a blues place afterwards, but suddenly she said something that changed the course of the conversation towards spiritual evolution. i realised that she is one of the very few people here on earth with whom i really am connected on a deeper level. suddenly it felt so obvious. wonderful, but also scaring.

there is no such thing as coincidence. of this i'm more sure for every day that passes. we are in almost total control of our lives, we're just not aware of it. this awareness is now taking me over, maybe that's what scares me. i'm suddenly in control! here's the wheel, hey where's the break? don't worry, you won't need it.

i thought about the beer and the blues bar and decided to skip it. suddenly, the decadence didn't attract me any more, and it took quite a while to get used to it.


25 Sep, 2007

Beautiful autumn 

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now i'll do something reeeeeeeeeeeally swedish and talk about the weather!!!! it won't become a habit, so please forgive me ;)

we've had lovely autumn weather a couple of days. the sky is blue and clear, or maybe with just a thin white veil of clouds stretched across it from time to time. it is definitely autumn here, but yesterday felt like spring. together with a friend i took a long walk from where i live and in to medborgarplatsen. clear sky, warming sun, yellowing leaves on the trees and in small drying orange piles along the pavements.

this gave me some kind of inner peace.

to me, autumn has always been a period of death. because of the darkness that climbs upon us so suddenly, with grey rainy weeks without any proper daylight, awful cold, etc..... autumn has always made me melancholy, everything dies, everything passes, even people turn colder.

and i know. nothing remains the same forever. that would be an existential impossibility!!!

but the fact is that i find comfort in this death.

now, this has absolutely NOTHING do to with a wish to die!!! my comfort lies in the fact that everything comes to life, lives, and dies. and here is the interesting part - death is not THE END. i don't believe in ends. there doesn't exist any ends in universe. everything is circular and goes on forever. an atom is constructed in the same way as the solar system. is that a coincidence? of course not.

the trees "die" in autumn, slumber during the winter and are "reborn" in spring with fresh green leaves on its branches. it doesn't come a new tree every spring, it's still the same, and it can stand there for 1000's of years. this is my comfort.

maybe these thoughts and inner peace also hail from the fact that i visited some friends' house the other day, and met their 3-week-old gorgeous baby!!!

so... yes, it is autumn, it is getting colder, the leaves fall from the trees, the bus timetable has changed too. everything changes. and i'm here waiting, with a childlike curiosity, for what will follow and what spring will reanimate.

i'm really not talking about the weather, am i?!?


24 Sep, 2007

Sleepless at 2:43 

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i just can't sleep. it starts to become quite an annoying little habit after a couple of months. it's not that i'm not tired. i am. very much and all the time.

maybe i don't need sleep..... i've had troubles getting good sleep for as long as i can remember or maybe i just don't need it. i don't dream either, or i mean, i never remember my dreams. probably it's just a result of my bad sleeping habits. or maybe i don't dream. maybe my mind doesn't know how to create dreams. or maybe i don't need dreaming because i'm sorting all my thoughts out during the days.

or nights. maybe that's why i can't sleep!!!

i did dream for about a year, and then the dreams suddenly stopped just as abruptly as they had begun, and now i'm back to never-dreaming-land. and barely-sleeping-land. during this dream year my sleep was better than ever, so it's pretty clear that the dreams were connected to my good sleep. and my good sleep was connected to the rest of my life. and the rest of my life was blablabla.....

maybe it's just the result of stress, worries and all the work to finish my album. it doesn't really matter, does it? i can't sleep. i wish i was writing this in my sleep, that i was talking in my sleep, walking in my sleep, whatever, as long as i was sleeping i don't care what i would be doing!!!!

but now i'm not. now i'm awake and something tells me to make a coffee instead, big enough to keep my eyes wide open for 3 days. last week i had a horrible night, don't remember which day, but i was awake ALL night. it was just completely impossible to sleep and at 7 in the morning i went up to have breakfast instead. but now it's only twenty to 3 and i'm sitting here with a glass of cold juice of passion-fruit & mango and a half-finished song, waiting for the sun to rise, for the first morning train to rattle its way towards slussen....

maybe i just think too much.


22 Sep, 2007

To live 

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(Oscar Wilde)

19 Sep, 2007

Blissa Nova released in Japan today 

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today my new cd BLISSA NOVA is released in japan!!!! the japanese edition is released by PRODUCTION DESSINEE and distributed by VIVID. at the same time they release a new edition of my fist cd PASSION, with 2 bonus tracks which i recorded especially for this release.

HMV japan

you can also buy my cds here:

BLISSA NOVA will soon be available at iTunes too.
Well..... have a lovely weekend! i will!


10 Sep, 2007

Life from a balcony  

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the other day i met CAMILA DE OLIVEIRA for the first time. she's an amazing singer, guitar player, improviser, songwriter, arranger, you name it!!!! we spent a part of an evening sitting on a cold balcony on kungsholmen in central stockholm singing and playing together, as i think we both felt a bit odd at the party going on inside the balcony door.

the air was cold and fresh, the street below was dark and quiet, the food was like a plate of delicious world music and i was laughing of joy over this moment in life which hit me with a burst of total amazement and happiness.


here's a short clip of camila performing in nepal, her wonderful voice is just knocking me off my feet:

05 Sep, 2007

The moon says I'm a butterfly 

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i really don't have time to sit here and think..... and my horoscope said my restlessness is because the moon says i'm a butterfly.

thanks a lot!! that really helped.

some things in life seem to be un-understandable, de-logicified, disorientating, without reason and rhyme (really without BOTH reason AND rhyme, like a bad rap-song) and are in my eyes therefore very annoying. because i want to understand everything, every person, every incident, every action and every single wisdom murmured by a drunk spanish stranger in the corner of my favourite worn-down tapas bar in soho. i really need to!!!!

now that's impossible. the moon says i'm a butterfly, so maybe i'll have to accept that the colourful flower has been emptied, there's no longer any nectar to drink here.... it was only a gorgeous dream adorned by passion-fruits and the last strawberries of the season.

but the moon is in gemini and says i'm a butterfly.

i really don't want to be a butterfly, i don't want to flutter between flowers for something new, something better, something tastier, something less this, something more that. i'm enjoying myself as it is. life as it is.

i don't want to be a butterfly, a flutter-by!!!! i want to stay on this flower, even though it's already september and the dark, brooding daylight of autumn is being forced into my tired eyes, against my will, against my wish, against my principles!

the moon says i'm a butterfly. but i don't listen.


03 Sep, 2007

Brazilian music 

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in case you didn't notice before, i am madly in love with the music from brazil. during the last 4 years i have listened to nothing else! well, that was an overstatement, but still..... my brazilian friends here in stockholm say i'm more brazilian than they are! =)

last saturday i was to a release party for a new book in swedish written by SA DA SILVA VEGHED. the title of the book is "Brasiliansk musik" (Brazilian music) and it's a very comprehensive work, almost 250 pages crammed with music and culture, including interviews with the biggest artists from brazil such as Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Hermeto Pascoal, Bebel Gilberto, Tom Z, Adriana Calcanhotto, etc etc, but there are also interviews with Toots Thielemans and some swedish artists who have been inspired by brazilian music, Lisa Nilsson, Hkan Hellstrm, Lill Lindfors, Lina Nyberg etc.

"i've mentioned you in the book" sa said when i bought a copy at the party which took place at Sdra Bar vid Mosebacke. in the middle of my surprise i sipped my beer and tried to think of something to say.


"Brasiliansk musik" is published on VMB Frlag.


29 Aug, 2007

On a rowing boat in north-west London 

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there's really something magical about all my visits to england. i can't explain it differently.... probably it's the mixture of wonderful friends, great music, gorgeous chilean red wine and, well.... good weather!

i'd never dreamed of sitting in a rowing boat on a canal in north-west london under a starry sky and an almost full moon, with katy bringing us to the other side. even if the ride was only 10 meters across the canal in a rowing boat which was severely scarred by time, and the water looked like a green/brown leek soup.

once in a while we heard the tingling bells from a passing bike outside the garden, and several times we saw a man looking like he was taken from a fairytale, being half man and half kayak, paddling up and down the canal with high speed.

later we had a very nice very late dinner outside the wonderful dutch barge, which is actually their home. we were sitting in the little private garden by the canal where the barge lies..... after some bottles of wine and making a big fire out of the barbecue to keep us all warm, i played a couple of songs with simon before someone in the distance actually filled the sky with fireworks!!!!

the night before we'd been playing down in portsmouth by the south coast, and our way home was surreal enough to let the police stop us in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the mist, and the following night we had another wonderful evening at home with more chilean wine, food and cheese, log fire, spontaneous live music, conversations, starry skies, an even fuller moon and the best cuban cigar i've ever had.

just hours earlier i'd been enjoying my first PUNCH AND JUDY SHOW. it's the traditional, politically very incorrect english puppet show about the angry, violent man called Punch who's beating up all the other characters with a big stick (apart from the baby which he dropped down the stairs to make it stop screaming).

every day had something magical and mysterious about it - the pasta was under an incredibly tasty spell, and there was even something memorable about the local pub where an amateuer big band was playing jazz standards in heavy-footed versions, even if the only magic was the beer =)

and whatabout the 100 sports cars that passed us on our way back home 2 in the morning? where did they all come from???

i don't know what the magic is.... i wish i knew so i could recreate it myself a bit more frequently. but i guess, then there wouldn't be anything magical about it anymore...... i don't think i'll ever understand this life, but it doesn't really matter.


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