30 Aug, 2011

Photos from Saravah! 

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I'm so happy! I just received some really really great photos from Saturday's performance at Saravah Tokyo. Let me share them with you.

Photographed by the highly talented miss Hiroko Ooyama (twitter).

OVER THE RAINBOW... Taisuke playing glockenspiel and piano at the same time.

I think we were quite relaxed and talked about all kinds of things.

Me solo...


...whistling a solo...

...and talking broken Japanese!

Taisuke solo at the grand piano.

And from a different angle.

This night was truly amazing! I hope to be able to perform at Saravah again soon!

Thank you, Hiroko-chan for sending the photos! Will you take the cover photos for my next album!?!?

Finally, Taisuke and me with Toru Hashimoto-san, who arranged the event:


29 Aug, 2011

Saravah setlist 

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I wish I had some photos or video to upload here from my gig last Saturday at Saravah Tokyo.

First, I would like to mention that Saravah must have Tokyo's BEST sound system. The sound was amazing, both on stage and off. It was a delight to perform there.

Saravah was originally a French record label, started by Pierre Barouh (who wrote the song "Un homme et une femme" for the 1966 movie with the same name, A man and a woman). I think that the Tokyo live-house is run by his Japanese wife.

People were moved especially by the 3-song live session I did with Taisuke Tsugimatsu, and we both also really really enjoyed it. Great atmosphere, great people, great sound.

Couldn't get much better!

Here's my setlist:

1. I'm Here
2. Don't Bring It Up
3. Slow Down
4. After The Rain
5. Baby Just Relax
6. Kan Vi Hjlpa Att Vi lskar Att Dansa
7. Peace! (Give the people the power back)
8. Let The Sunlight In
9. Pickin' Up The Pieces
10. A Little Bit More Real
11. I Love You
12. Anything For You

With Taisuke Tsugimatsu:
13. Passion
14. Karaboke No Hana (T. Tsugimatsu)
15. Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen - E.Y. Harburg)

ENCORE (solo):
16. Balans

Our version of "Over The Rainbow" brought some people in the audience to tears, and with just guitar, piano and Taisuke's glockenspiel, I think everyone who was there went with us on the journey.

The dreams that you dare to dream
really do come true

Here's Taisuke during soundcheck, at the beautiful grand piano:

Hope we can do a full concert together at some point, I think it can be magic.

Thank you Toru Hashimoto for arranging this night and for great DJ:ing, and thank you to Hirochikano for a pure and intensely beautiful bossa nova performance. Also thank you to the other great DJs: Hiroshi Yoshimoto, Takashi Kobayashi and Yuzure, all for creating a great night!


25 Aug, 2011

Saturday at Saravah Tokyo 

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This saturday I will make a new Peacebird live performance at SARAVAH TOKYO, my performance will also include a short session with Taisuke Tsugimatsu. The event is organized by Toru Hashimoto, and will go on until 4 in the morning.

Here's Taisuke live:

Watching this video makes me proud to be his friend. He's a genius. I'm aware that I write that every time!

August 27

Saravah Tokyo

'Rainbow Town'
Peacebird (me)
Taisuke Tsugimatsu (piano/vocals) (from Miceteeth/MaNHATTAN)
ヒロチカーノ(La Bossa)
吉本 宏(bar buenos aires)
小林 恭(ima)
ユズル(Lots Of Lovin')

Open / start 19:00 〜 midnight
Charge:¥2,500(23:00 〜 ¥2,000)

TEL/FAX: 03-6427-8886
東京都渋谷区松濤1丁目29-1 渋谷クロスロードビル B1

Here's from one of our semi-improvised gigs from last year, a 7-minute version of 'Passion':


24 Aug, 2011

World is changing 

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Libya seems to be next country to lose their dictatorship.

And I do believe it's time for change.

Not only in politics, even if much starts there. Unfortunately much of politics is based on money and corruption, and is a very bad place to begin a change.

The people is getting ready for a new world.

But we need to change our living standards. We have to LOWER our living standards.

This is for reasons of pure equality and solidarity. How can I have the right to own 3 cars and a 2000 square-meter garden, when I can't give the same right to others?

Because the problem is, our planet Earth, our dear beloved Planet Earth, does not have enough SPACE for everyone to own a car or a big house. There is not enough oxygen or trees or even roads, to cover up for 7 billions of people with cars. We in the "rich countries" need to begin this transition to the new world. Where we use less electricity, less energy, which also includes cars, aeroplanes and traffic. I think we need to stop going across the world for a 2-week vacation, just for fun, because it's cheap and nice weather.

We will never have peace on this planet unless we have true equality. As so much else, it begins with you and me. Maybe we need to stop watching TV, maybe we need to rationalize electricity to begin this change, but maybe it's impossible to stop.

We need to change the way we think about energy, the way we use it. In a hot big city like Tokyo for example, why aren't there solar panels on every rooftop? You could get enormous amounts of energy from all the sunshine you get in Tokyo. Now it's just wasted, and stays inside the walls of the buildings so people must over-use their air conditioners to get rid of the heat. Re-build the floors of all big train stations and shopping-centers, and make the people who WALK generate electricity with their FEET, through built-in pads in the floor. They already have it in a couple of stations in Tokyo. They should be everywhere!

I've mentioned it before. Why can't these super-intelligent Japanese inventors invent useful ecological energy sources, and stop the silly self-flushing toilets playing music by Mozart when you sit down on the, even more energy-wasting, heated toilet seat.

Becuase it always flushes before you're finished and you have to flush 2 times by hand afterwards and spend two times as much water as necessary.

It can't be so hard, we have to stop our use of nuclear power now. Next time the accident will be worse than Fukushima or Tjernobyl. Then, it's too late to change.

And according to this article at the BBC website, air conditioning in Japan during summer peak hours (daytime) accounts for 50% of the TOTAL energy consumption!

I'm not surprised, regarding that shops have doors full open and full air conditioning inside. An incredible waste of electricity.


It surprised me that most people I've talked to in Japan didn't know that the waste from nuclear power plants is dangerous for 1000's of years and has to be buried deep under the mountains.

Is this the way to the future?

I think you know my answer.

The times they are a-changing, to quote Bob Dylan, and we'd better get ready. If we're not ready, we will not survive the transition to the future.

* * * * *

Long live the power of the people in Libya who seems to overthrow Ghadaffi any moment now. They are strong and have showed that they deserve their freedom. I hope Syria is next, their government has shown untolerable cruelty towards its own people.

Give the people the power back!


23 Aug, 2011

Peacebird in Mito 

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My Peacebird live performance the day before yesterday at toneriko in Mito was a success! Truly unplugged (no microphone), my songs were instead accompanied by the cicadas and occasionally passing trains, the audience was amazing, kind and warm and maybe they could even understand my Japanese sometimes.......

The ticket included 'fika' (Swedish tea, cinnamon roll and a Peacebird cookie) prepared by Tae-chan, and incredibly delicious!

I wrote the setlist just before the performance, and the view from the back door of the 2nd floor of the shop was painfully reminding of the current situation in Japan. There are weekly big earthquakes in this part of the country, and you see it on houses and buildings everywhere, with broken roofs and cracked facades. Here's one of the houses:

After my performance and 2 encore songs many of the people stayed to talk, buy the CD, take photographs and my autograph pen was being well used.

Someone asked after I autographed a CD, "Who is... J.C.?"


I'm sorry that my long name is pronounced different in different languages... From this year I autograph all CDs with "JC". People complained before that I write my name different each time.

Hope it's easier to write JC the same every time.

I borrowed a photo from Taguchi's twitter. Thank you for everything! =)

Here's the setlist;

1. You've Got A Friend (C. King)
2. Balans
3. Passion
4. After The Rain
5. Let The Sunlight In
6. Baby Just Relax
7. Svar
8. Det Gr Ingenting
9. Slow Down
10. Pickin' Up The Pieces
11. A Little Bit More Real
12. Don't Bring It Up

13. I'm Here
14. I Love You

I will return to Mito already next month, September 25 (sunday), that time I will perform at Minerva, a cafe and 'zakka' shop. Hope to see you again!


Here's some wasabi beans I received from a nice girl in the audience. I just tried some of them together with beer:

Oishikatta desu yo!

* * * * *

Yesterday we were invited to the live gig of LAMP, a band on the same record label as myself (MOTEL BLEU), which they did on the same night as 馬の骨 (ex-Kirinji) and some guy wearing a hat doing a solo performance so depressing I won't even write his name.

LAMP was great, as was 馬の骨, and after Duo Music Exchange in Shibuya closed we ended the night with some drinks at Tomoaki Nakamura's wonderful oasis Bar Music, always a bit too dark to take photos...

However a brilliant bar in the heart in Tokyo, and Tomoaki always in the mood to talk about great music!


20 Aug, 2011

'Peacebird' pre-release at disques dessinee 

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Today, the Peacebird CD is released in advance, at Japanese quality record shop disques dessinee.

It's 4 weeks before iTunes and 6 weeks before all other CD and online shops!

dessinee is the Kobe label who has released my 3 first albums in Japan, but this new album is released by Tokyo label Motel Bleu. My old 3 albums are of course also available from dessinee!

http://www.disquesdessinee.com/shop/sho ... 3003000083

If you can't read Japanese, use a translation software to read the review of the album. It's worth the effort! Try google:
http://translate.google.com/translate?j ... mp;act=url

Thank you Masao, Ikuko and Jun for making this possible.

Ima kara mo yoroshiku ongegaishimasu!

We're just finishing music videos ('PV' in Japanese) for two songs. Here's a preview of the first of them, will be uploaded to youtube as soon as possible!

Clicking will open the video in a new window.

Link to page:


19 Aug, 2011

Peacebird goes to Mito! 

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On Sunday, the PEACEBIRD lands in Mito, Ibaraki, to sing. It will be my first time to perform north of Tokyo! Next month I'll perform in Iwaki, Fukushima, so it's becoming a habit to fly out of town from time to time.

Peacebird acoustic live pre-release tour

CD for sale, 2,500 yen for 9 new groovy songs!
The CD also includes download code to an unreleased bonus track.


Start 16:00

Tel. 029-233-6063
茨城県 水戸市 常磐町1-1-14-101
Unplugged - no microfone!


11 Aug, 2011

New albums from friends! 

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A bunch of my Japanese friends recently released new albums, and I'd like to take the opportunity to mention them here. There's a link to a page where you can listen!

Taisuke Tsugimatsu's new band MaNHATTAN, instrumental progressive music:


Chihiro and BEN (both from NOANOA)'s new band PIECE OF PEACE, souly RNB pop (Chihiro sings on my Peacebird album and also joined the backing vocals in my single "Peace!"):


Tetsuro Yafune released his new album yesterday, singer/songwriter in a jazz pop style (I know, I'm not very good in labelling music! For me good music is good music!)

http://www.vividsound.co.jp/item_show.p ... 0399095349

I hope I haven't missed anyone. I've got some Swedish friends finishing albums too right now, but I'll write about that later.

And my musical.... I got GREAT feedback on the song I played at the piano on my gig last weekend, and it really gave me energy. Looking forward to start recording later this autumn.

I wish someone could give me free flight tickets between Stockholm and Tokyo. This autumn I would need quite a few of them! Recordings, gigs, family business. I'd need a ticket a month.

Do you have a friend at FINNAIR or JAL? Please tell them I need a sponsor (^_^)


10 Aug, 2011

Peacebird t-shirt 

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The sample Peacebird t-shirt arrived yesterday!

On this sample shirt the print is only 12 cm wide, which was too small...
We'll make it 25 percent bigger, so it will be 15 cm.

Me wearing S size.

For sale in Japan only.

Price: 2,500 yen

Color: natural white cotton
Print: blue Peacebird logo with bird and guitar
Available in S and XS, see measures below

Length: 66 cm
Shoulder: 48 cm
Arm: 19 cm

Length: 58 cm
Shoulder: 44 cm
Arm: 16 cm

I'm currently making a WEB SHOP for my website, where you will be able to buy the t-shirt. We will also sell it at my live performances. I'll post again when there are shirts in stock, I guess after another 7-10 days or so.


08 Aug, 2011

Peacebird at HMV Online (Japan) 

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This is a day of many surprises.

HMV Japan has posted my Peacebird album to their online shop. Release-date is October 5.

No picture or track listing yet, though... but you have that on my website:
http://www.johanchristherschutz.net/dis ... amp;page=1

'Peacebird' CD at HMV Online:


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