29 Aug, 2008

Mix part 1 

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we've finished 5 songs of the album this week, and will finish the rest at the end of next week! when i'm listening to these songs i feel incredibly happy and thankful for being able to express myself through music and words.

...because this music is my passion...

here are the new samples. now, all that's left is mastering.... mastering is like polish; adding some depth and brilliance to the finished product, to make it even better!


(Everything has its time)

these two songs are connected through the bird sounds in JABUTICABA. to give you an impression of the sound on the album, i put both songs in the same file for today.
the instrument that i play in the beginning of ALLT HAR SIN TID is a nicaraguan marimba.


hope you enjoy the songs!


21 Aug, 2008


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a beautiful song with the brazilian singer and composer Jair Oliveira.

"sometimes the silence is filling the holes
and love continues intact"


hope you like it!

for the interested, we'll finish the mixing on tuesday or wednesday!!! i'm so excited about this new album. it will be mastered by Ricardo Garcia, just like BLISSA NOVA was.


13 Aug, 2008

I've got you under my skin 

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my love for the songs of COLE PORTER is nothing new. neither my love for brazilian music. but this recording with IVAN LINS singing "I've got you under my skin" is just too beautiful to be true. it made me look at the song itself with completely new eyes.... eyes that are not too far away from bursting into tears ;)

of happiness of course! for being alive, for being able to watch the stars, hear the birds, feel the rain on my skin, smile to a stranger, completely understand the essence of every word in a conversation in three languages, for being alive here and now, for being able to accept the gifts of life, the everyday miracle of having a beating heart and an inspired mind, a smile that incorporates the whole being and embraces the whole world across oceans devastatingly deep and skies breathtakingly high.

we're here, somewhere in between.


10 Aug, 2008


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i'm currently finalizing the vocal tracks and the mix of the new album, and will PROBABLY be able to post some of the samples this week.

i'm sorry about the delay, but there's been so many things to take care of. most of them concerning music, but still...

we will play live this autumn, but i'll return with more details later. for these gigs i've been working on totally new swedish translations of brazilian songs, and i've also written some english lyrics for a couple of brazilian classics for another singer.

i would love to release a LIVE CD of this new little project, pinning the unique moment to the wall of time.

i think my mind is overactive. anyone knows if there is a remedy?


01 Aug, 2008


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let me share this corner of heaven with you.

i just found this incredible live recording with MONICA SALMASO of one of the most beautiful songs ever composed (by CHICO BUARQUE and EDU LOBO).



31 Jul, 2008

New forum 

Posted at 12:22

i've just created a new Forum where you can start topics about anything (well, almost). i'll be writing a bit there now to get it started, but i still barely know how it works hehehe.....


it's mainly because i want to have the opportunity to have more direct contact with those of you who wish. if you write there, i will reply. it's as simple as that....

so far i've been writing about the coming cd C'EST LA VIE, but there will of course be more in the near future. i'm also trying to change the default layout, because it's very ugly right now.


anyone can comment, but to start new topics and stuff, you'll need to sign up for an account. of course it's free and it just takes a minute.

hope to see you there, and get to know a little more about you!



right now i added the background story to the CD cover of "Passion", with original images from the photo session, including the snow and ice in the background!

29 Jul, 2008

New website 

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i've just updated my website completely, with new images, new layout and everything.....

have a look, and let me know what you think:


26 Jul, 2008

And another 

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i prefer this one, it's darker, but the image is better and i look happier.... and i like the light from the door behind me.


here's DJAVAN singing a song that i love, "DOIDICE":


25 Jul, 2008

Another idea 

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here's another idea i've had for the album cover...... so far i'm sticking to the title "C'EST LA VIE", but it may still change. i'm kind of into black & white photos at the moment, so the cover may be completely in b/w.


17 Jul, 2008

Por favor 

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while we all wait for my new cd to be finished i just want to share this song, "Por Favor" (Please) performed in the studio by the brasilian singer SIMONE. the song is written by Ivan Lins and Aldir Blanc, at first appearing to be simple. it's very effective and beautiful, and right now it makes my heart beat a little faster.

i really hope you like it!


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