08 Aug, 2007

Welcome to the corner of my smile  

Posted at 13:08 under THOUGHTS

after having a blog on my website for years which were more of a one-way diary, finally i got myself together to do this. the whole point is to allow you to comment and interact more, which is exactly what i want!!

so feel free, make yourself feel comfy and tell me what's on your heart, in english, ou em portugus eller p svenska. i'll read it all and comment back to you when i get the time.

i will use this blog to post news and updates about my music; cds, gigs, recordings, songwriting, projects etc. but it will also have a philosophical twist, which leads us to the title! someone recently told me that i sometimes smile with just one corner of my mouth, and so i happened to like the words: "corner of a smile". and smiles are very personal and tell a lot about us.... so, i give you a quirky corner of mine, and let you imagine the rest!

- and of course, a smile is always the ultimate way to handle a problem of any kind! there will always be obstacles, but they are there to teach us something.

J.C. =)

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