29 Aug, 2007

On a rowing boat in north-west London 

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there's really something magical about all my visits to england. i can't explain it differently.... probably it's the mixture of wonderful friends, great music, gorgeous chilean red wine and, well.... good weather!

i'd never dreamed of sitting in a rowing boat on a canal in north-west london under a starry sky and an almost full moon, with katy bringing us to the other side. even if the ride was only 10 meters across the canal in a rowing boat which was severely scarred by time, and the water looked like a green/brown leek soup.

once in a while we heard the tingling bells from a passing bike outside the garden, and several times we saw a man looking like he was taken from a fairytale, being half man and half kayak, paddling up and down the canal with high speed.

later we had a very nice very late dinner outside the wonderful dutch barge, which is actually their home. we were sitting in the little private garden by the canal where the barge lies..... after some bottles of wine and making a big fire out of the barbecue to keep us all warm, i played a couple of songs with simon before someone in the distance actually filled the sky with fireworks!!!!

the night before we'd been playing down in portsmouth by the south coast, and our way home was surreal enough to let the police stop us in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the mist, and the following night we had another wonderful evening at home with more chilean wine, food and cheese, log fire, spontaneous live music, conversations, starry skies, an even fuller moon and the best cuban cigar i've ever had.

just hours earlier i'd been enjoying my first PUNCH AND JUDY SHOW. it's the traditional, politically very incorrect english puppet show about the angry, violent man called Punch who's beating up all the other characters with a big stick (apart from the baby which he dropped down the stairs to make it stop screaming).

every day had something magical and mysterious about it - the pasta was under an incredibly tasty spell, and there was even something memorable about the local pub where an amateuer big band was playing jazz standards in heavy-footed versions, even if the only magic was the beer =)

and whatabout the 100 sports cars that passed us on our way back home 2 in the morning? where did they all come from???

i don't know what the magic is.... i wish i knew so i could recreate it myself a bit more frequently. but i guess, then there wouldn't be anything magical about it anymore...... i don't think i'll ever understand this life, but it doesn't really matter.


21 Aug, 2007

How to fill up a suitcase 

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during the last 5 hours i've been trying to fill up a suitcase, and for the first time in my life i've realised it's very difficult!! three quarters of the suitcase is still only air, and the rest is like.... some clothes.... toothbrush.... and shaving foam........

i have to pay for every checked-in bag (stupid ryan air) and now i can't fill that @$%& bag!!!! i thought about putting 3 extra pairs of shoes in there, just for the sake of filling.

i had to take a break and went to a local bar for a couple of beers to make me relax a bit, and geeeee that really helped!!! now i'm afraid i'll arrive in england with frying pans and 7 kilos of piano strings curling up beneath my underwear.

i don't really like flying anymore. i guess that's what it's all about.............

oh, i know the stars aren't visible everywhere, but i saw them again tonight, and i'll keep an eye on them for you, t bom? it's a promise....


21 Aug, 2007

Blissa Nova -- released September 24th!!!! 

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phew....finally sent the master to the cd factory in germany, so now it's on it's way!!!!!!!!

BLISSA NOVA will be released in Europe at September 24th. release in Japan will be during the week before. i'm beginning to see the light of this seemingly endless tunnel............ i still haven't completely understood what it actually means to be finished with something you've longed for, for 2 years... please gimme a minute.


20 Aug, 2007

Return -- demo recording -- enjoy!!!!!! 

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here's a quick english demo recording i just made of "Volta", the song that i translated for another singer, but this is my own quiet, acoustic version. i really love this song, hope you will too!!

(the rest of my approved translations are on my BLISSA NOVA cd, so check it out if you're interested ;)


Play Stop

I've longed to see your face
And melt in your embrace
Your kiss is such a grace
That all the pain must die
And leave without a trace


19 Aug, 2007

Paintings of Rio de Janeiro 

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"Flores na janela" / Flowers in the window (Paula Rindborg)

yesterday i was at the opening of an exhibition at the Artes Brasil gallery, with one of my favourite artists, PAULA RINDBORG, who is also a friend. her paintings are wildly colourful and full of movement, always very full of expression. unfortunately this exhibition is only ONE week!!!!

have a look at her website if you can't make it:

lots of the paintings in the exhibition were new ones, and therefore they're still not on her website. The picture above was one of the few that actually are there.

Galleri Artes Brasil
Hkens gata 10
T-bana Slussen

15 Aug, 2007

Translation royalty 

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royalties are rarely given for translations of songs anymore, and i was surprised at the fact that i will receive a royalty of 16,66% for my english translation of the brazilian song "Volta". this wonderful jazz ballad was written by Roberto Menescal and Ronaldo Bscoli, and I love the recording by Elis Regina and Toots Thielemans, made in Sweden actually, in 1969.

now, this 16,66% royalty will be paid to me every time someone records or performs my translation. so now i'll just have to remind the whole world about the greatness of this song!!! maybe you could help me spread the word hehehe?

for instance, my english translation of "Eu vim da Bahia", written by Gilberto Gil, will not result in any royalties at all..... the contract had a line saying "you will receive an amount of 10 us$ for your work, but no royalties will be paid." on the other hand, none of my other translations have given me anything more than the honour! but that's fine, i'm not a capitalist. the heart is more important than the money.

but still, i can't help but wonder: will the american publisher ever send me those 10 dollars!?


my approved english translations so far:

from portuguese:
* EU VIM DA BAHIA -- (I went from Bahia) -- G.Gil
* PRA QUE CHORAR -- (What good are tears) -- B.Powell/V.de Moraes
* TRISTEZA -- (This sadness) -- L.Bonf/M.Toledo
* VOLTA -- (Return) -- R.Menescal/R.Bscoli

from swedish:
* DEN LILLA BCKEN -- (Little stream) -- A.Edwall
* UNDERBART R KORT -- (Wonderful is brief) -- P.Ramel

i'll make a demo recording of "Return" (Volta) this week and post here for you to hear, so please come back to check it out!


12 Aug, 2007

About the meaning of things 

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i believe that some things are meant to be. or - when I think about it - actually all things! we learn something from everyone we meet and all the experiences we have. every person leaves a mark in you, may it be tiny or infinitively large. the size of the mark is simply a blueprint of the person's importance to your heart.

but letting other people affect us also means we have to open our hearts for the experience, and for the possibility to change. many people are afraid of that because opening your heart and letting someone in also means a risk to get hurt. but life is full of people we must meet and part from, some leave us unaffected and others..... change us forever..... a while ago i had to say goodbye to someone which i hold very close to my heart, and who have been incredibly important to me. this caused in me the biggest pain i have ever experienced.

Brazilian poet and writer Vincius de Moraes wrote many song lyrics on the subjects of the heart, one is called "Como Dizia O Poeta" (As the poet said):

Quem j passou por esta vida e no viveu
Pode ser mais, mas sabe menos do que eu
Porque a vida s se d pr quem se deu
Pr quem amou, pr quem chorou, pr quem sofreu

He who has gone through this life and not lived
be more than me, but knows less than I do
Because life only gives of itself to the one who gave himself
To the one who loved, to the one who cried, to the one who suffered

so.... what's the meaning with all this? why do we meet people if they're going anyway? maybe because it's all part of the teaching plan. there's something in it for us to learn. sometimes it takes 10 years before we understand what, then suddenly one day you see it in a different perspective, and ask yourself how you could have missed to see it earlier!

i'm incredibly happy for having had the opportunity to experience all this - the laughing, the openheartedness, the parting, the crying. the love. and the pain...... we will never experience true love if our hearts are closed. and if our hearts are closed the pain of parting will be encapsulated inside us and never pass. i don't know....... i hope and think my heart is not completely shut down after all this, and that it will continue to guide me through this enchanting journey called life.


09 Aug, 2007

Release of Blissa Nova 

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i have despaired and was ready to tear my hair off in frustration.

BLISSA NOVA was delayed for over a year, and only now when it's ready for release i realise why i had to wait and for what. some important things have occured that would never have happened otherwise. i had tried to rush things, but the only result was that things refused to be rushed and decided to slow me down even more instead..... another little lesson in patience, i guess!

as soon as everything turns out fine with the cd master, i will confirm the official release date. it will be in the middle of september, simultaneously as the japanese release of both my cds.

i'm happy i didn't tear my hair off, but let it grow. perhaps now i can have it braided for the release!!!!


08 Aug, 2007

Welcome to the corner of my smile  

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after having a blog on my website for years which were more of a one-way diary, finally i got myself together to do this. the whole point is to allow you to comment and interact more, which is exactly what i want!!

so feel free, make yourself feel comfy and tell me what's on your heart, in english, ou em portugus eller p svenska. i'll read it all and comment back to you when i get the time.

i will use this blog to post news and updates about my music; cds, gigs, recordings, songwriting, projects etc. but it will also have a philosophical twist, which leads us to the title! someone recently told me that i sometimes smile with just one corner of my mouth, and so i happened to like the words: "corner of a smile". and smiles are very personal and tell a lot about us.... so, i give you a quirky corner of mine, and let you imagine the rest!

- and of course, a smile is always the ultimate way to handle a problem of any kind! there will always be obstacles, but they are there to teach us something.

J.C. =)

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