29 Jul, 2011

Nihonga exhibition in Kyoto 

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My Osaka friend Masako Kurokawa, who will do the artwork for my Musical CD next year, is now in July participating in a Nihonga exhibition in The Museum of Kyoto (京都府京都文化博物館).

Masako's work is on display only until the end of this month, and from next month, the work of other nihonga painters will be displayed.

Website of the museum:

Masako's blog:

Because my Peacebird album has been so much delayed, it has also delayed the production and arrangement of the music for the musical. I will begin studio recordings later this year, in Tokyo with Japanese musicians, and in Sweden with Swedish musicians, and the release of a finished CD may be possible for the autumn of 2012.

The musical project is very very big (almost 2 hours of music that need to be arranged for a small orchestra, solo musicians and singers, and we are looking for producers to help us finance the production.

If your're interested, please email to
peacebirdmusic # gmail (.) com

# is "@".

It's rare for me to Hate something, but i Hate spam robots. The people who create them need to find a job and get a haircut.


26 Jul, 2011

Peacebird setlists  

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Did the first Peacebird gigs in the weekend, and as usual I forgot to ask someone to take photos; I'm in an ever-growing need of an agent.....

However, got this photo taken just before I left:

Saturday 23/7 at Cafe TORi:

1. You've Got A Friend (C. King)
2. Balans
3. Hold On Now
4. Slow Down
5. After The Rain
6. Let The Sunlight In
7. Difficult
8. A Little Bit More Real
9. I Love You
10. Pickin' Up The Pieces
11. Baby Just Relax
12. Don't Bring It Up

1. Passion
2. I Guess It's OK

Sunday 24/7 at Koenji Otomeshi:

1. Balans
2. Hold On Now
3. Slow Down
4. Don't bring it up
5. After the rain
6. Baby Just Relax
7. A Little Bit More Real
8. I love you
9. Let the Sunlight In
10. Passion

Actually I don't remember!

As I was playing, I changed some songs in the setlist to suit the atmosphere, so I don't remember these spontaneous decisions (_ _)
I will have to post the setlist sooner next time, before I forget it!

Next gig is on August 5, at Strobe Cafe! That will be a special night for 3 different reasons:

I will play the piano and sing in 1-2 songs!

2 and 3:
I have invited special guests Tetsuro Yafune (piano/vocals) and Chihiro (vocals, from Piece of Peace/NOANOA).

We'll do some songs together all 3 of us, and I will play the guitar with Chihiro, and she will sing some backing vocals with me, so it will really be a special one-time-only performance.

Kita Sando, Tokyo
Open 19:00
Start 19:30

3000 yen (+ 1 drink order)

The ticket includes 2 special Peacebird novelties!

And the CD will be for sale, of course (^^)

If you can't make it to my gigs, you can buy the CD from my website:

Event page @ Facebook:


20 Jul, 2011

Peacebird pre-release tour begins 

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My PEACEBIRD album pre-release tour begins this weekend, with exclusive pre-sale of the album!

Peacebird starts flying from Cafe TORi (Nakameguro) on Saturday, and lands in Otomeshi (Koenji) to sing on Sunday.

Peacebird acoustic live pre-release tour

CD for sale, 2,500 yen for 9 new groovy songs!
The CD also includes download code to an unreleased bonus track.

July 23

Cafe TORi
Peacebird Japan Debut @ TORi!

Open 19:00 / Start 19:30
adv 2,000 yen (w 1 drink)
door 2,500 yen (w 1 drink)

Tel. 03-6452-3583
Unplugged - no microfone!

July 24

Koenji Otomeshi
'Move little closer'
with Takabo
Open 19:00 / Start 19:10
2,000 yen (with 1 drink)

Tel. 03-6304-9392
東京都杉並区高円寺南3-57-7 高島店舗 2F
Unplugged - no microfone!

Make your ticket reservation early, limited seats.

Dates are being added constantly, check back for updated info:


17 Jul, 2011

Updated website 

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I've updated my website design with the cover photo from the coming Peacebird album and some new information.

Peacebird release date:

iTunes - 21 September
Shops - 5 October (Japan)

URL is:

I've scored 900 tweets on twitter. From now on I will write upside down.


10 Jul, 2011

Yesterday's setlist 

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Last night at Erichan's Totosk Cafe was really wonderful, as always. Great people, great location, lovely food and some unplugged live music. It's as life should be more often!

Yesterday's setlist:

SAK (featuring me playing guitar):

1. For The Love Of You (Isley Brothers)
2. Primal (Original Love/Tajima Takao)
3. Soul Mate (SAK)
4. Shelter (SAK)
5. Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben)
6. DUET: Feel Like Makin' Love (Eugene McDaniels)


1. Balans
2. Yesterday (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
3. Passion
4. Let The Sunlight In
5. Hold On Now
6. DUET: Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen - E.Y. Harburg)
7. DUET: You've Got A Friend (Carole King)

ENCORE (unrehearsed!):
8. DUET: I'm Here

I think everyone was surprised by my version of YESTERDAY! It was the first time I played it live.

Here's a photo I borrowed from Totosk's twitter (@harapekoerizon)

Photo URL: http://lockerz.com/s/118726010



Thank you everyone for a wonderful night!


08 Jul, 2011

Yesterday's setlist 

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I've seen many singers posting setlists on their blogs, so I'll start doing the same from now, as it may be interesting for some of you - to see what you missed ;-)

Yesterday at Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou I performed:

1. So Happy
2. Passion
3. Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen - E.Y. Harburg)
4. Balans
5. You Can Discover (John Martyn)
6. Let The Sunlight In
7. Hold On Now

It was the first time for me to perform both Over The Rainbow and You Can Discover.
The songs without a composer's name are my own songs.


07 Jul, 2011

Under the Moon tonight 

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Really looking forward to the gig tonight at Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou.

It will be very special, because I will bring my laptop on stage, and use loops and some programmed backgrounds I've created for the songs. For my audience it will be a new experience, as I usually perform solo with the guitar only.

Some songs more jazzy, some more funky and groovy, I think the backgrounds and loops will help create a very nice mood, together with my guitar. You will hear Passion, Balans, So Happy and more songs, in versions you have never heard before, created especially for tonight, and 2 cover songs in new arrangements.

The moon will rise behind me on stage at 19:00.

Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou:


05 Jul, 2011

Be a Peacebird! 

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The Peacebird badges have arrived from the factory! 3 different designs, the size is 31 mm. I'm really pleased with them!

To start with, we'll sell them at my live gigs in Japan and the upcoming Peacebird pre-release tour. After that, it will be available also from my website.

We have still not decided on the Peacebird t-shirt design. I'll keep you informed about it!

You can also be a Peacebird!
Spread Peace! Wear a badge!

24 Jun, 2011

Hold On Now CD-R 

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The CD-R of my charity song HOLD ON NOW is available in Japan only, and I've just prepared a bunch of copies to bring to my live performance tonight in Tamachi at Mitsubishi.

All proceedings are donated to Japanese Red Cross, so buy one for yourself and one for your best friend or uncle or niece.

Price is 800 yen.

If you can't come tonight, you can still order it from my Mobile Site, from this page:
http://www.johanchristherschutz.net/m/h ... ioncd.html

Tonight's gig is here:
http://maps.google.com/maps/place?q=%E3 ... 1041082188


21 Jun, 2011

Mitsubishi Show Room 

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On friday I perform at the Mitsubishi Motors Show Room in Tamachi, Tokyo. It's free entry, so be sure to be in time.

You will be able to buy my three CDs, PLUS the special charity CD "Hold On Now".

Live @ Earth - 'Smile for tomorrow'
Start 18:30

I will sing songs from my three previous CDs, and a couple of covers including Carole King's YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND and Charlie Chaplin's SMILE, and some new songs. Total performance time is 45 minutes.

http://ameblo.jp/mitsubishimotorsshowro ... 54680.html


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