26 Jun, 2013

5th album release 

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After a year of waiting, plan-changing and song-adding, my 5th album Beautiful Place will finally be released on July 28th by Japanese record label IDEE Records!

Initially there were only 8 songs, but 30 minutes playing-time was too short, so I needed to produce 4 more songs. The total playing-time is now about 49 minutes, and the material is now in the mastering studio to be mastered by engineer Hiroshi Shiota at Tokyo Recording Co., who also mastered my Peacebird album from 2011.

I will also visit Japan for a bunch of gigs, but the release is in the middle of our Musical production in Norrköping, Sweden, and I guess this is my busiest year ever!

But the musical is progressing well. We have found actors/singers/dancers for most of the main characters, and now just need a few more ensemble singers and dancers.

You can Like our musical on facebook:

And here is our Swedish blog, where we are writing along the way ("We" are me, Johan Pettersson (whom I wrote the musical with), and our production team):

21 Jun, 2013

New blog 

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This week me and Johan Pettersson have started the production of our musical TIVOLISAGA (Carnival Tale), together with the seven members of the production team.

Bookmark our production blog:

We'll be blogging in Swedish, but auto-translators work pretty well.
You will be able to follow our work from now until the premiere in August.

14 Jun, 2013

Musical premiere 

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In 1997-98 I was the member of an experimental pop/rock band called Punch & Judy Show. I started the band with Johan Pettersson, a friend from high school.

We looked like this on our first demo cassette tape:

In the photo:
Me (guitar/piano/vocals)*
Johan Pettersson (bass/vocals)
Jimmy Welleby (violin/guitar/vocals)
Andreas Sjökvist (drums)

*My eye is the one with a John Lennon frame.

Johan and I, who had written most of the songs together, decided a few years later to make a musical of the songs, and we did write a libretto inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, and inserted the songs in the dialogue, but for different reasons we never quite finished it.

Until now!

We have now rewritten parts of the script and updated the song lyrics. Johan will be the director of this production, and I will be the musical supervisor, so probably none of us will be on the stage. At least not as singers.

(Carnival Tale)

a new musical inspired by Romeo and Juliet

by Johan Pettersson and J.C. Schütz

Premiere performances: AUGUST 24 and 25
at the Arbis Theatre, Norrköping (Sweden)

Total performance time: appr. 1 hour 30 minutes (plus interval)
Details and ticket information coming soon.

The stage (obviously without our stage design so far). The theatre opened in 1865.

We will try to start a production blog, where we'll post photos and daily news from our work. I'll keep you informed.

The original Romeo & Juliet play had its Swedish (and Scandinavian) premiere in Norrköping too, in 1776!

05 Jun, 2013

Happy anniversary Bar Music! 

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My favorite Tokyo bar, BAR MUSIC, run by DJ Tomoaki Nakamura, celebrates their 3rd anniversary now in June.

I was asked to choose a song, and I wrote a short commemoration text which was put on the blog yesterday.

Click here to read:
http://barmusic-coffee.blogspot.jp/2013 ... johan.html

The song I chose was "From Gagarin's Point of View", with Swedish jazz trio E.S.T. (Esbjörn Svensson Trio). Here is a live version of the song, which I really love. This is one of my favorite bands, especially live.

Unfortunately, Esbjörn died a couple of years ago in an accident, but his memory and his music will live forever.

Enjoy this stellar music:

Bar Music website:

Don't forget to read the text:
http://barmusic-coffee.blogspot.jp/2013 ... johan.html

26 May, 2013


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Last week we took some promotion photos for my new album. This one was taken by Tadatomo Oshima at IDEE Records, the record label that will release the album.

What do you think?

Photo from Oshima-san's instagram page:



24 May, 2013

Love is not a crime 

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http://www.change.org/petitions/assista ... lationship

Please sign this petition.

Kaitlyn Hunt is prosecuted in Florida for having a 3-years-younger girlfriend. I'm not the only one who suspects that this would not happen if one of them were male.

Kaitlyn's girlfriend's parents are against their same-sex relationship, and thus went to the police. Now, she faces years in prison - or - two years in house arrest, if she chooses.

Please sign this petition to drop the charges now.
Stop this madness. Love is not a crime.

Here's the link again:

http://www.change.org/petitions/assista ... lationship

23 May, 2013

Setlist from 5/4 

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A bit late, but here it is, the setlist for my gig on May 4th at Shibuya Edge End.

1. Aurora
2. There's Only You
3. I Came from Bahia* (Gilberto Gil/"Eu vim da Bahia")
4. Changes Changes
5. Jabuticaba
6. Beautiful Place

7. Falando de Amor (Tom Jobim)
8. Reach the Top
9. Baby Just Relax
10. Out of Nowhere
11. I'm Here
12. Slow Down

13. Passion

At my gigs when I run out of performance time, I usually take away one song here and there, and therefore - as usual - the above setlist MAY contain an error or two.

* In the middle of the first verse of my translation of Gilberto Gil's EU VIM DA BAHIA (I came from Bahia), I messed up the chords and had to start all over. That is a very rare thing, so I was almost a bit happy to be able to show the audience this, and share the fact that we all make mistakes.

It's one of the most difficult songs I know, not because it's technically difficult, but because the chord pattern NEVER REPEATS through the song, except for the last two lines of the chorus. Until that point, the melody and chords just keep changing and developing all the time. So if you're lost, you're lost, and there's no way to get back right.

Here's my recording from 2007 if you want to listen:
http://jcschutz.bandcamp.com/track/i-ca ... m-da-bahia

18 May, 2013

Website up! 

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The new website is now On Air!


Let me know what you think of the new design. It's supposed to be responsive, so it looks almost the same both on big computer screens and small mobile phones. I used some big background photos from Sweden this time. Maybe they can be slow to load if you're on an old machine...

Please spread the link to your friends!


17 May, 2013

Preview my new website! 

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My new website is now available for PREVIEW!

The start page looks like this:

Two pages are still not available, the Musicals page and the Plays & Monologues page, but all other pages should be working fine.

I'm really pleased myself, but as always - let me know your opinion!

Here is the URL:



10 May, 2013

R.I.P. Grandpa Calle 

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Today my grandpa Calle passed away.

The news filled me with a great sadness. He was not my real grandfather, but he was part of our family as long as I can remember (my real grandfather died when I was 3, so I have no memories of him).

I always loved visiting Calle's and grandma's house. Unfortunately it was 4 hours by car to get there, so we just met once or twice a year.

When I was a kid, Calle introduced me to Swedish poetry - especially Dan Andersson and Nils Ferlin - but also to music and the actual playing of music, as he was playing the accordion. I also remember the electric keyboard he had, which I was allowed to play whenever we visited. Maybe I was 6 years old.

A bit later, when I had started playing the guitar, he went into the big, narrow closet you often find in Swedish houses, and fetched a vintage series of books on how to play the guitar, which he passionately lent me, happy to be able to support my interest in music. Maybe I was 9 years old.

We talked about death sometimes, and it never scared me. He seemed so sure it was nothing to fear.

He loved to read me his favorite poems, and he knew that I loved to listen. He was writing poems too, and I was inspired. We sat on opposite sides of the table and wrote poems, with the mosquitos from Dallven humming in the background - one day I got 100 bites. Maybe I was 12 years old.

Our connection was not by blood, but by heart. My music, and my heart, would not be same without you. I'm 37 years old, and life is humbling.

Thank you for everything.
May you rest in peace.

Here's a song I'd like to dedicate to you, to wish you a safe trip back to the stars.

Sarah McLachlan - "Rainbow Connection"

Du, grabben!
Tack fr allt.
Vila i frid.

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