26 Jun, 2010

Japan time 

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i wish i could have more time to write about my experiences here, but the days are just not long enough... this week i've experienced wonderful things in himeji, kobe, kyoto and osaka, and i really want to write about everything, so i'll try to make some proper posts when i get back to sweden next week.

japan time goes very fast.

tonight (after midnight!) i perform live at the MUSIQUE DESSINEE party at the club DER KITEN in kobe, and tomorrow morning i go back to tokyo, because tomorrow night i have a gig at shibuya BAR MUSIC with Taisuke Tsugimatsu.

the distance between kobe and tokyo is about 600 kilometers, so i'm looking forward to three (resting) hours on the shinkansen.

* Music is my passion *
Taisuke Tsugimatsu
J.C. Schtz

6/27 at Shibuya Bar Music.


22 Jun, 2010


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yesterday i came to KOBE, and i stay in a very very very very very small hotel room near sannomiya station. the room has a bed and.... not so much more. i can barely open my suitcase on the floor, because there's no space.

today i visited the HYOGO PREFECTURAL MUSEUM OF ART in kobe, watching two exhibitions:

Five Rooms for Contemporary Paintings


REIKO and 100 years of Japanese Modern Art

Kishida Ryusei - "Young Girl (Reiko Standing)" (1923)



18 Jun, 2010

Shigeru Umebayashi 

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this week i met film music composer SHIGERU UMEBAYASHI for the first time. i was very glad to realize that Ume-san and i have a similar way of thinking and similar opinions about many things.

i like Ume's music very much, and he has written music for some really great movies, such as HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE and last year's A SINGLE MAN.

as i am composing songs for a musical now - and i want to use japanese instruments such as shakuhachi, koto and taiko drums, and the chinese erhu - Ume pointed out a very important thing:

many musicians of these traditional instruments have a strictly traditional way of playing (intonation, feeling, etc) and may therefore not be suited to play on recordings where a "western" type of melody and feeling is required - such as in my musical.

we joked about finding a "punk koto player" who is not bound to tradition. Ume knows some of the best shakuhachi players in the world, and promised to introduce me to them at a later point, for the future recording of my musical (next year?).

Ume-san, i am really happy to make your aquaintance, and look forward to seeing you again.

yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

some of UME's music works:



17 Jun, 2010

Day of art 

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yesterday i went to THE NATIONAL ART CENTER in roppongi, central tokyo, for the big exhibition Post Impressionism: 115 Masterpieces from the Musee d'Orsay.

many lovely paintings by Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Seurat, Toulose Lautrec etc etc, made a big impression on me.

but suddenly a quiet painting by Picasso surprised me unexpectedly. it kind of spoke to my heart:

it's a highly recommendable exhibition, but it leaves your senses quite tired, at least if you're open to the expression of these brilliant european artists.

this lovely little flying bird with a message has nothing to do with post-impressionism but i include it because i like it. it gives me good vibrations.

yesterday's theme music was:





16 Jun, 2010

Mobile photos 

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i have been very busy lately and not written so much here, sorry!

here are some mobile photos which i realize are most of food and meals of different kinds... maybe that's what Tokyo is about at the moment, between the music and the meetings - gorgeous food with wonderful people.

the picture on the right was taken early in the morning, maybe during the weekend. electric cables and blue sky. humid air and sticky skin. the rainy season has begun now, but actually today the weather is fine (so far).....

i'll be in Tokyo until monday, when i take a trip to the west - Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. maybe i can squeeze in another visit to Himeji where my friends run a cafe - Nakamura's HUMMOCK CAFE where i have performed live two times. actually i met Mr and Mrs Nakamura last week in Tokyo on a private party. i was the "surprise guest" and after the lovely dinner (cooked by Eri) i performed a couple of request songs - Passion, I'm Here and I guess it's ok. Yoshiko posted them on youtube, so please watch them when you have a moment:

after grinding the coffee beans, Mr Nakamura slowly adds the hot water. a real coffee master!

another night of delicious cooking by Eri (TOTOSK CAFE)

a special pasta and dessert collaboration by Hiro and Eri.

glico CAFE AU LAIT icecream for the dessert, presented by Mr Yoshimoto.

last week's live performance at BAR CACOI.

BAR CACOI has lovely food and drinks! 1: shrimp/tofu sallad. 2: carefully boiled organic vegetables.

3: croquet with a tasty little salad at the side.

here's a photo i took of Taisuke Tsugimatsu in may, the first time i heard him live. the picture is really expressing the cosmic touch i could feel through his music.

friday (18th) i perform live at ROMAN RECORDS CAFE. they also have delicious food, here's a tasty pizza i tried last weekend.

"everyone can do it better than me" was the cute excuse with which i received this white origami crane, quickly folded between lunch and a caffe latte. i can't even fold an aeroplane, so i was very happy for this gift!

dinner at a small cosy restaurant in Naka-Meguro. this is the kitchen wall, seen from the counter where we were sitting.

one of the shared courses, gorgeous thin slices of fish.

a modern, cosy "izakaya" with great food, drinks and jazzy music.

finally, i just have to include the STOP button which you see in all the buses.



15 Jun, 2010

Special Tokyo gig 

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on JUNE 27th, i'll do a very special live performance together with TAISUKE TSUGIMATSU (vocals/piano).

i am really looking forward to this night!

Music is my passion
Shibuya, Tokyo
Toru Hashimoto, Yuzuru and Tomoaki Nakamura!!!

For ticket reservation, please call Bar Music at the number at the bottom of the page.

facebook event page


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

6/27 (日)

Music Is My Passion

Johan Christher Schütz (ヨハン・クリスター・シュッツ)


ユズル (Lots Of Lovin')

[at] 渋谷 Bar Music
[info] 03-6416-3307
※19:00 open
20:00 start
25:00 終演予定
料金 ¥2500/1D

6月14日(月)17:00より先着40名様「Bar Music」(03-6416-3307)

Taisuke Tsugimatsu:

J.C. Schütz:


06 Jun, 2010

Good morning, Tokyo 

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i often have breakfast or lunch at LE CAFE MAMIE, just one minute from my apartment. it's the cafe where i heard my song "PASSION" the second day i was here! i was really surprised, and the staff and owner as well. Tae-chan who creates the cafe's music playlists have a really good taste in music (always great music!), and the food and coffee she makes is also cho- oishii!

they posted a link about me recently:

if you pass Meguro, please visit LE CAFE MAMIE.

good morning, Tokyo! blue sky and a warm heart.



05 Jun, 2010

Last gig with FROG members 

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last night i played live at SHIBUYA ECHO together with the members from FROG again. i was very happy to do these two gigs with you guys. Honto ni arigatou!!!

photos by Aono Rie. arigatou!

AONO RIE also performed with her new band, and i was very glad to be invited to sing two songs together with them.

photo by Koide Yukimi. arigatou!

and MASA did fantastic DJ:ing, so did KINK and many more! here's a pic i took of masa:

thank you all for a great night!


03 Jun, 2010

Yoyogi Park 

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yesterday i had a MIRACLE day in sunny tokyo with lovely company.

starting with a long lunch at Apres Midi in Shibuya, and then taking the short walk to the beautiful YOYOGI PARK which i had never seen before. it's such a lovely park!!! the sun was slowly setting over tokyo as we sat on a bench by the fountain, talking and laughing in the middle of two broken languages.

a metal-blue bird passing above, an angry black crow came asking for food, people practicing musical instruments under the trees, people walking dogs.

a peaceful oasis. life never stops surprising me. and every day i see how everything is connected. 7 years old discovering a passion, and now the same passion takes me across the world and lets me deeply understand the beauty of walking this planet with an open heart.

nothing is strange. everything is possible. la vie est un miracle.


01 Jun, 2010

Long lovely weekend 

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after a really lovely, long weekend, i visited another live performance of TAISUKE TSUGIMATSU yesterday in asakusa, and i met up with taisuke and hiroko in the late afternoon.

after some quick sightseeing and a lazy yakisoba at a small cafe we went to the live house in central asakusa to listen to taisuke's piano and vocal performance.

why are the noodles so L-O-N-G when you have to eat them with chopsticks? wouldn't it be easier to make them short!?

view from the bar.

later, we went to BAR MUSIC in shibuya, Tomoaki Nakamura's new place. DJ - the great Toru Hashimoto. i was surprised to be able to dance and sing together with everyone in my own song "Passion" =)

after closing time, we went to have dinner (as we hadn't eaten for all evening), but the meal turned out to be more of a breakfast....

thank you Toru for bringing me together with one of the world's best songwriters. and Taisuke - i am looking forward to seeing you again and do some collaboration.


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