31 May, 2011


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Visited Tokyo Recording Co. Ltd. yesterday for the mastering of my album. As it was my first time in the mastering studio, it was a great experience.

It's difficult to explain what "mastering" really is. It's like a mix after the mix, where you put all songs together, decide the length of silence between the songs, and add some compression and final EQ to make the songs sit well together on an album.

I think we all know the difference of sound between two CDs, and the same difference apply to different songs during a recording. It's impossible to make all songs get the same sound and volume, bass depth, etc. So the mastering is the final step to fix these differences.

I think the result was really amazing!

I'm creating new samples for my website, I'll post an update when it's finished.

The view from the studio was great, you can see Rainbow Bridge over the rooftops. Gives a great feeling as you work!


28 May, 2011


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Finally, the design of my blog, website, and the fan club website - the VIP Club, has been updated - and in my opinion hugely improved!

Here are recent screenshots of the website:


and the VIP Club:


I'd love to hear what you think, so please tweet me @jcschutz

I'm just finishing the mixing of the MAMERICO album. The songs are really beautiful so I hope it can reach a wide audience. You can hear the first single here, released as charity to raise money for the Japanese tsunami relief:

I've arranged and produced all songs, and I play all instruments, so I feel very much a part of the music. Here is their website:


And finally, we will enter a mastering studio in Tokyo on Monday to master my PEACEBIRD album!

Release date is set to August 3rd.

Listen here:
http://www.johanchristherschutz.net/dis ... amp;page=1


21 May, 2011

Live in June - Pre-release gigs in Japan 

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My 2004 album PASSION has just been re-released in Japan with the original blue swedish cover design in a new format, including the 2 bonus tracks.


And...in the beginning of June I will do three Live Gigs in the Kansai area. If you're around be sure to come! It seems that the Tokushima gig is sold-out, but please call for confirmation.

Other gigs still have tickets:

Hokuo Life Festival
Bakery & Cafe Yukinko
Reservation phone: 088-622-4465
Sold out?

Mother Moon Cafe

Hummock Cafe
Hummock Cafe's 9th anniversary!

Following this, I have three more live gigs in june, in Tokyo:

Open 18:00
Shibuya Edge End
Live time still to be confirmed

Boy Meets Girl vol. 085
Club Roots, Koenji
All night event!

And this recent booking at the Mitsubishi car show room in Tokyo (!!!) -

Live @ Earth - 'Smile for tomorrow'
Mitsubishi Motors Show Room

Hope to see you!

This will be warming-up gigs for my Peacebird Release Tour, which starts in Tokyo in July!

Because the album has been delayed, the recording of my Musical is also delayed, and is postponed until the autumn. I'll write more about that when I have time.


21 May, 2011

Vanessa Pinheiro video 

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just received an email from my Brazilian friend VANESSA PINHEIRO with the link to her new music video for the song "Era Saudade".

amazing image quality, suits the song very well.

please watch and spread the video:

vanessa's website:


14 May, 2011

Peacebird cover design 

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we're finishing the CD cover design for the Peacebird album.

VIP members, please vote!

"guests" can tweet me their opinion at @jcschutz

check bigger images here:

thanks and peace!

14 May, 2011

Coming update 

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japanese genius bass player OKII REIJI is recording new bass in some of the songs on the Peacebird album, and we're finishing this week. A studio for final mix is booked for friday.

some people know Okii from his time as songwriter & bass player from the band CYMBALS, which also included TOKI ASAKO. now, he has a new band called FROG - we did 2 live performances together last year in Tokyo.

and now he's playing on my album. i am very happy!


you may see that there's a new Top image on the blog, and it's a hint of the coming design update of my website, blog and the VIP club. i'll try to start putting things "online" later today.


13 May, 2011

Birthday t-shirt 

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received a lovely birthday present from Tae:

a t-shirt with a drawing she'd made of my face and the Peacebird bird!

it made me incredibly happy. i think i will wear it during Monday's live performance.

this is her drawing:


16/5 (monday)

charity live night

lots of different acts performing, so I'll sing about 3 songs.

open 18:00
start 18:30
前 2,000 当 2,500 +1D 500



08 May, 2011

New songs with Tsugimatsu 

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this weekend i've spent co-writing some songs with Taisuke Tsugimatsu. it's the first time we try to write something together, after a year of friendship and two live gigs together. but it's not that easy when you live on opposite sides of the earth.

it seems as if we have the same sense of melody and song structure, so i think this is gonna be something really special. we haven't talked about the outcome, what to do with the songs, but that's no hurry. i think if we have some great songs, the rest will follow by itself.

we're working on two songs, but none of them is really finished. i spent the late morning today writing some lyrics for yesterday's song, and today we started a new one with waltz feeling.

Taisuke's website "nakunachatta", suddenly happened to disappear, but you can get his music here:

and his blog is here (japanese):

i'm so happy to realize that i can communicate in japanese now !!!

it seems so unreal.

i'm on the other side of the world.

and i have learnt the language!


05 May, 2011

Ola Magnell in Japanese radio 

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for today's radio interview in J-Wave i was asked to introduce some Swedish music, so i chose OLA MAGNELL, a genius singer/songwriter.

ola is the best Swedish lyricist without comparison, and today, maybe for the first time (?) japanese people could hear Ola Magnell in the radio. i was very happy to share his music with the japanese audience.

here are ola's best 2 albums on iTUNES:

Frlovat Land:
http://itunes.apple.com/se/album/forlov ... d356067366


Bruten Vinge (live video):

Ola Magnell's website:


04 May, 2011

Peacebird new samples! 

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i've caught a terrible cold and have been resting, sneezing and blowing my nose since yesterday. i'm so tiiiiired!

i probably can't sing tomorrow in J-Wave, it really is a shame. we'll see what i feel like when i wake up, but i guess there will only be an interview. the time will be sometime around 12:00 Japanese time, but i don't know exactly:


good news:
i just updated the previews of the Peacebird album after Monday's mixing. we'll finalize the mixing and mastering next week, i'm really looking forward to that!!

listen here in the music player on the top:

pre-order the CD here for 15,90 euro or 1990 yen, including shipping:

or pre-order the CD and get a 1-year-membership in my fan club, the VIP club:

The J.C. Schutz/Peacebird VIP Club is located here:

i just updated the forum today with the song of the month - this month an old demo song from 2001, three years before I released PASSION.

please note that only members can download the song of the month and read these posts.


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