31 May, 2010

Remaining Japan schedule 

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here is my updated live schedule for June, with links and all times. FROG singer RIE AONO made a great blog post about the live performance at HARAJUKU ASTRO HALL last friday, where i played together with three of FROG's members at KAJI HIDEKI's event. a lovely post:

we will play together again on FRIDAY at Shibuya Echo. Don't miss it!



6/04 (Friday)
Shibuya, Tokyo
Open: 23:00 / Live start: 25:00
Together with musicians from FROG (Okii Reiji from Cymbals)
Also live on stage: RIE AONO's new band

6/11 (Friday)
Shibuya, Tokyo
Open: 18:00 / Live start: 20:00
Acoustic live

6/13 (Sunday)
Daikanyama, Tokyo
Open 15:30 / Live start: 16:00
with YOSHINARI NAKAMATSU (guitar/vocals)
and band (drums, bass, keyb)

6/18 (Friday)
Takaban, Meguro, Tokyo
Open 19:00 / Live start: 20:00
Acoustic live

6/19 (Saturday)
Aoyama, Tokyo
Open: 19:00 / Live start: 20:00
with YOICHI OKABE (percussion)
and special guest: TOYONO (vocals)
Acoustic live

6/19 (Saturday)
Boy meets girl vol.079
Koenji, Tokyo
Open 23:00 / Live start: 25:00
Acoustic live
Also live on stage: murmur

6/20 (Sunday)
Shibuya, Tokyo
Open: 18:00 / Live start: 19:00 / End: 21:00
Short guest performance only, as support act for HITOSHI ARAI
Acoustic live (20 minutes only, at 19:00)

6/24 (Thursday)
with TOYONO (vocals)
Open: 18:30 / Live start: 19:30
Acoustic live

6/25 (Friday)
Open: 18:30 / Live start: 19:00
Acoustic live

6/26 (Saturday)
Acoustic live

See you!!!


29 May, 2010

Weekend of wonders 

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tonight i went to a live performance of TOKI ASAKO in harajuku together with Rie and Reiji. it was a very good concert with great musicians and many lovely songs. thank you, Asako! i hope we can write something together in the future!

i came home very early this morning after a long night out, finishing at a karaoke bar in shibuya around 7 AM. tanoshikatta!

earlier last night i had one of the biggest concert experiences of my life. the intimate, acoustic concert of singer/songwriter TAISUKE TSUGIMATSU moved my heart in a way that has never happened before. thank you Toru Hashimoto for the invitation, and thank you Yoshiko for going with me!

Taisuke's vocals and piano is out of this world. pure, naked emotion beamed from the stage in an amazingly beautiful concert. time stopped. i forgot to breathe. the universe expanded through Taisuke's sensitive voice and incredible songs.

it was a moment of godlike beauty. it has never happened in my whole life that i have been moved to tears by EVERY SONG. but last night, it happened.

the vocals and piano and chime playing of Taisuke Tsugimatsu is something everyone should experience. it opens a gate to another world, to a higher dimension, to a universally deep sense of belonging and meaning of life. i am very glad to have met you! your music is a beam of light.

after all it was a coincidence that we met... thursday night i went to the new bar BAR MUSIC in shibuya where my friend Hiroshi Yoshimoto was the DJ. Taisuke came and we talked a little and he gave me his CD "Animation for oink, oink!" and i was invited to the concert.

BAR MUSIC is a great bar. please go there everyone! Tomoaki Nakamura (musicaänossa) is one of tokyo's best DJs and the bar has lots of ..... great bottles and records!!!


links of the weekend:
Taisuke Tsugimatsu on iTunes


25 May, 2010


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yesterday i had a wonderful dinner with good friends. and not just any dinner. it was a gourmet, homemade, unforgettable multiple-course dinner!

cooked with PASSION by organic ingredients, i was quickly convinced that eri-chan must be one of the best jazz-chefs in TOKYO. i must visit your cafe so i can taste your cooking more times!!!

i forgot to take pictures of all courses, because it was so delicious!

thank you yoshiko-chan for inviting me to your swedish-style home =)

chou gochisousama deshita!

next stop should be
for TOKYO's best food.


23 May, 2010

Jet lag 

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the jetlag is still possessing my body. now it's 5.30 in the morning and i haven't slept anything. tokyo has rained all day. around lunch i returned to the cafe where i heard my song play when i first arrived here.

when i talked to the staff i found out that one girl has my CD "passion". so i gave them a swedish version of the CD as a present, and gladly put my autograph on the cover. after all the world is very small. OR - my music is big here.

the walls and windows are very thin here. when my neighbours talk, i can hear every word through the wall. and now when it rains, it sounds as if the rain is inside the apartment, as if the window would be OPEN.

and it's cold too.

sorry, i'm just complaining. probably too tired.



22 May, 2010

Astro Hall 

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my guest performance yesterday with FROG at Harajuku Astro Hall was amazing! even though i had just slept 2,5 hours the night before i was in a great mood and think that i did a good job on stage! the sold out venue had a warm atmosphere, and i was very pleased by all the smiling faces from the dancing audience!

i feel a great connection with the members, and hope to do some collaboration in the future with the genius songwriter and bass player Okii Reiji.

after the performance i was very glad to be able to meet Toki Asako backstage, for whom i wrote the song "Let the sunlight in" in 2008. i will record that song myself on my next album!

thank you FROG, i had a lovely time on stage with you! and thank you Hideki Kaji! tack!

FROG and me. Please excuse the blurry picture!

we play together again in Echo Shibuya on June 4th!

FROG - "metamorphosis"

FROG website:


20 May, 2010

New gig on June 4th 

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i was told that the tickets for tomorrow's gig at ASTRO HALL are sold out! We will play in the first set of the two.

but we have arranged a new gig on JUNE 4TH at ECHO SHIBUYA in Shibuya. i will perform half of my setlist together with the members of FROG, and the other half acoustic.

don't miss this chance to hear my songs live with a tight band!

Start: 11 PM
1500 yen /with one drink


19 May, 2010

Rainy Tokyo  

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thursday morning in tokyo. it's raining. quite refreshing though, i just returned home to my apartment in Meguro after a dinner with the members of FROG and a late night beer and snack in shibuya with guitar-player Masa.

6:40 AM.

a bit sleepy.

my room smells of dust and "old wardrobe". last night i slept for over 12 hours. tomorrow i'll try to wake up before lunch.

oh.... the biggest surprise of today! i went to a cafe here in Meguro, just 2 minutes away, and before I had started to drink my cafe au lait, my song "Passion" was playing in the speakers!!!

coincidence? a way of Japan to welcome me?

it doesn't matter. i was surprised and very happy.


15 May, 2010

Japan gigs 

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i've been very busy lately, i really miss writing on the blog...
i promise to get better in a few weeks time. that is, when i am in japan =)

i have a couple of Japan gigs confirmed, so if you're in the "area", be sure to come by:

MAY 21
i will perform my songs live with the members from FROG (the new band of Okii Reiji from Cymbals)
DJ: Hideki Kaji

MAY 30 cancelled!

Echo Shibuya
i will perform my songs live with the members from FROG

Daikanyama Loop
together with Yoshinari Nakamatsu (vocals, guitar)

Praca Onze
together with Yoichi Okabe (percussion)
and special guest TOYONO (vocals)

* Yoichi Okabe has played with Baden Powell, who loved his playing!

* * * * * *

CLUB ROOTS / Boy meets girl vol.079
Start 23:00 / Live start: 01:00

Bar Cacoi

Namba Rock Rider

Musique Dessinee

there will be a few more, and i will post more info as soon as all times and dates are confirmed.


--- updated May 15th

09 May, 2010


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i had my hair cut today, and i'm really happy with the result (for the first time in my life hehehe)

thank you Josefin for doing a great job on my impossibly wild hair! i may hire you for the rest of my life.


31 Mar, 2010


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i've just re-read a wonderful book - "MOMO" by the german writer MICHAEL ENDE. maybe he's better known for writing "the neverending story", which i will read next, but i remember that they made a famous movie in the 80's after that story. i'll return to it here after i've read it.

MOMO is a fascinating book. it's actually some kind of children's or teenager's book, but it's definitely talking to all of us, maybe especially us adults, if we can allow ourselves to see how well it reflects our modern world.

TIME is something very precious, and in our "modern world" we waste it, and that's what MOMO is about.

MOMO is the name of a small girl who lives alone in an old amphitheatre somehwere in italy. she has all the time in the world, and her mere presence is a blessing for everyone. suddenly all her friends get less and less time to come and visit her, and it's revealed that people's TIME is stolen by the men in grey - grey-dressed banker-looking men with grey skin who smoke grey cigars. the men in grey feed on the TIME people SAVE, and because Momo has so much free time, she is a threat to the men in grey and their plans to take over the world. she has to be strong enough to resist them, all by herself...

the book presents a strong critique against our modern way of life, where we work and sleep and don't "waste" a moment with joys and friends. living like this we forget our imagination, inspiration and the actual meaning with life. it also criticises modern toys, which leave nothing to the child's imagination. with toys like this, and a lifestyle like this, we get bored very quickly. and maybe that's why we need 2000 changes of clothes to our 58 barbie dolls...

i first read this book about four years ago, and i loved it. after i had read it, i asked EVERYONE that i talked to if they had read it, because i felt that it's a book that EVERYONE should read already in school, because it feels very important.

strangely enough, noone had even heard about it! however, i won't make any speculations about that being the case of successful consumerism lobbying or not ;)

but ONE YEAR AGO i met someone who loved this book as much as i do, but it took three years and a trip to the other side of the world. just because this book spoke straight to my heart, i found it quite miraculous that someone in japan loved it just as much. and that's why i decided to name one of the main characters in my musical to MOMO, because MOMO is also a japanese girl's name meaning PEACH. it was a simple choice!

in all i do, i try to have a genuine reason. life is not always easy. we have to stand up for our choices and decisions, even when the dangers are overwhelming. i hope that this is a lesson that MOMO can teach all of us. my peaceful, pacifist mind has never liked conflicts, and i still struggle every time i face one. but every time i decide to face it, i come out a little bit stronger and happier than before. every conflict has a purpose. and as we face them, we erase similar conflicts from our lives in the future. because that is the purpose of the troubles we encounter on earth - if we avoid facing them, they return. and return. and return.

until one day, when we stand up and say no. when we do that, we have learnt our lesson, and we can continue in peace. next time won't be so scary, and we can use our time for more important things than worrying.

when will we learn what is important? after all, time is all we have.


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