28 Apr, 2011


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just re-visited Miyagi and the Watari district, and though i already had seen photos of Tae's parents' house and the devastation in the area, it was very sad to see it with my own eyes. their house is still standing, but maybe it will have to be torn down. the tsunami ruined most things inside. their "garden" is still being cleared from rubble - sofas, toys, even half buildings and cars were swept with the tsunami and stopped by the bamboo trees behind the house. the bamboo trees all died, now standing yellowing in the spring sun.

here's the nearby area, about 6 weeks after the tsunami. the work to clean up seems to be endless:

we've all seen this kind of photos in the news, so i won't upload more of them here.

the station in the town where we stayed had a nice view with still blooming (cherry?) trees in the distance.

the next day we went to Sendai where we visited the cafe where a friend of a friend works, Patisserie Cafe Cadette. Maiko-san speaks a little swedish and i was glad to become aquainted with her. the cakes, cinnamon roll (kanelbulle) and sandwiches were all really great, and i really recommend the cafe to everyone. after the earthquake, though, many businesses in northern Japan seem not to be going very well, so i worry about this little 'oasis' in the central parts of town. it would really be a shame if it would have to close.

here's what it looks like on the inside:

two 'old' friends met up with us at Cadette, and Taisuke (Tsugimatsu) and i talked about doing another live collaboration. it would be great to record some songs together as well, so i hope we get the chance to do that soon.

we went to do some HANAMI, cherry blossom viewing, in a park on a hill, and it was really lovely!

they had the incredible kindness to let us stay in their apartment, and the next day they took us to a different park to see some 'weeping cherry trees'.

this picture of Tae trying a bike in the park is so good so i have to show it:

many shop windows had the text "Ganbarou Miyagi" or "Ganbarou Tohoku", and there were broken buildings everywhere, houses with cracks in the walls or broken roofs. "Ganbarou" is difficult to translate but i would say it's something between "let's do our best" and "together we'll manage (this situation)".

Sendai Station which was damaged in the earthquake and has the whole front covered, has such a text:

this really is a difficult time for many in northeastern japan. many people look painfully exhausted, which is understandable. there are small aftershocks and new earthquakes every day, and it's obviously wearing on the nerves, including mine.

the hotel where we stayed had no hot water, but we could take a shower in the building beside, a kind of public bath. things like that reminds you of how comfortable the life we live really is, and how we take everything for granted.

in Tokyo i've seen 60-year-old ladies arguing over the last package of milk in the supermarket and 75-year-olds buy 5 loafs of bread of pure selfishness. in Watari where people lost so much, in some cases everything, i don't hear anyone complain. they've been standing in line for hours waiting for their turn.

the road back to normal life is very long, but it's important not to give up.

Ganbarou ne!

25 Apr, 2011

Last night 

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i really had a great time last night at the One Plus One event in Kichijoji. thank you Toyoshima, Harako and Shimada for inviting me. and thank you everyone who stopped by to listen, drink and eat the great food.

Shimada and Mery performed an acoustic set before me.

Harako and Toyoshima in the DJ booth. wonderful people and great DJs!

Harako drew the picture of me for the flyer. yesterday i asked him if we can make an animated music video for one of my songs. we just need to find someone to do the actual animation in the computer. i think it could be a great video!

here's his website again:


yoroshiku desu!

22 Apr, 2011

Tack s mycket! 

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yesterday's live performance at lovely STROBE CAFE beside yoyogi park went very well, even if some spring allergy has been affecting the timbre of my voice. the name of the event was TACK S MYCKET, swedish for "thank you very much". i forgot to ask why!

i really enjoyed the genius playful songs from LITTLE LOUNGE LITTLE TWINKLE with Shunsuke Kida, a multiinstrumentalist and amazing songwriter and arranger, who i've met before. their surprising arrangements and beautiful melodies made a strong impression on me. even more surprising, they had some lyrics in finnish!

you can preview their first album here:

when the night was over and we all stood in the bar talking, there was a small earthquake, softly swaying the lamps over our heads. i'm amazed that people can get used to the ground shaking every now and then. maybe it's because i'm not trained since school as we never have earthquakes in sweden...

DJ TOYOPEE, Toyoshima-san, a friend from before, was one of the people in yesterday's warm audience and he handed me the flyer for SUNDAY's event in Kichijoji where i will perform about 40 minutes on the regular event ONE plus ONE at Ichibee dining.

one of the regular DJs of the event is Takashi Harako, a famous illustrator, and he hade made a drawing of me for the flyer!

Sunday 24 April
ONE plus ONE vol 38
Ichibee dining
Kichijoji, Tokyo
DJ time: 18-23:30
My live performance starts after 21:00
No charge


19 Apr, 2011

5 copies left of original 'Passion' 

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my 2004 album 'PASSION' has been selling incredibly well - the original digipack edition, printed in Sweden in 2004, sold out the first 1000 copies in 3 months, which may not sound so much, but regarding there was NO advertising or promotion, only word of mouth, 1000 copies are a LOT!

we re-printed another 1000 copies, and now there are only 5 copies left. this original digipack edition will not be re-printed (even if there still are other swedish and japanese editions available, but with different covers).

these 5 copies are available from

good way to finish the first album release when i'm just about to release a new album.

still can't get it that i have 2 songs on the Tokio Hot 100 chart! actually, J-Wave is sometimes still playing songs from 'PASSION', so it must have left a strong impression.

you can see album credits and everything here:
http://www.johanchristherschutz.net/dis ... amp;page=1


18 Apr, 2011

2 songs on Tokio Hot 100! 

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maybe the biggest surprise of my life...

right now, i have 2 songs on J-Wave's TOKIO HOT 100 CHART!
http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm

'HOLD ON NOW' entered this week as #84, and "PEACE!" is still on the list, but as #95 i'm afraid it will soon go away. it reached #28 though, which is pretty well done. my guess is that it's the highest ever of a free download single!

anyone can buy HOLD ON NOW as a download, and - if you live in Japan - you can buy the special donation CD-R. of the CD-R price of 800 yen, 500 yen is donated, the rest is needed to cover for production and shipping costs.

Download song
Minimum price: 250 yen / about 2 euro
Buy it here:

1-song CD (Japan only!)
Price: 800 yen
http://johanchristherschutz.net/m/holdo ... ioncd.html

if you're in japan, please vote for my songs here:
http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm

thank you!


10 Apr, 2011

Can you help with this? 

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following the earthquake and tsunami last month in Japan, the shelters where many people still 'live' need refrigerators and freezers now when spring is coming, according to a friend in the Sendai area.

the food goes bad quickly when the heat comes.

if you or your company can help with this, please let me know

and i will pass on your contact details to the right person. you can also contact Japanese Red Cross and ask how you can help.

thank you!

09 Apr, 2011

Peacebird pre-mix 

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Pre-mixes of all 9 songs from my PEACEBIRD album is now up on my Peacebird website.

this is in some ways a more experimental album than my earlier three ones. these songs are more straightforward, but this gives headroom for trying different things out. i'm playing all pianos and organs and even some beatbox and sitar!

it includes some amazing performances of great musicians and singers. here's the list:

vocals, guitars, piano, organs, bass & drum programming, percussion, beatbox, cavaquinho & sitar ME (i may have forgotten something)




electric rhythm guitar YOSHINARI NAKAMATSU

electric fretless bass GLENN FRANSSON


thank you everyone for a great job!

listen here:

the sound will change slightly in the final mix, but all recordings are finished. it's just one last touch missing now. really looking forward to this album!


09 Apr, 2011

New Live gigs in Tokyo this month! 

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i have three Japan gigs coming up in the end of april, all in Tokyo.
i would love to see you at one of these dates and places:

* April 21
Kita Sando

渋谷区千駄ヶ谷4-3-10 ニューベリー千駄ヶ谷 B1
TEL: 03-3405-2005(月・火は定休日 14:00‐23:00営業)
FAX: 03-3405-2006

* April 24

伊千兵衛 dining
TEL: 0422-20-0737
武蔵野市 吉祥寺本町1-29-6 2

* April 30

Please note the time!
Lunch performace!

TEL: 03-5456-8880
FAX: 03-5456-8881

you can make reservation directly to me using twitter or sending a message here:
please state your full name, email address and how many you come (1,2,3 people etc).

i may also make a visit to the Miyagi area during this time. a friend there said the shelters need refridgerators now when spring is coming.

if you or your company can help with this, please let me know on twitter or contact Japanese Red Cross.

thank you!


03 Apr, 2011

'Peace' is number 28! 

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today, my song PEACE had climbed from 60th to 28th place on the TOKIO HOT 100 CHART on japanese radio channel J-Wave.

to those who voted for me i want to say Arigatou Gozaimasu!

please vote again for next week, and tell your friends to vote as well - i don't want Lady Gaga to be number 1 another week! click the 'Vote' button after my name.


http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm

my song is the only one that you can't buy -

because it's free!


31 Mar, 2011

I'm on Tokio Hot 100 chart! 

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my song PEACE (GIVE THE PEOPLE THE POWER BACK), released in February, entered J-Wave's TOKIO HOT 100 CHART last weekend on 60th place!

http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm

if you live or currently stay in japan you can vote, by clicking the green VOTE button after my name, and then entering your name and address and a special message. for example: "i love this song, please play it more often!" (^_^)

yesterday, J-Wave played my new single HOLD ON NOW for the first time. all sales from this song are donated to Red Cross Japan.

buy the download here:

J-Wave is Tokyo's biggest FM radio station, and can be heard online anywhere in japan at

please vote here:
http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm


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