30 Apr, 2009

On the radio in Brazil 

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RADIO SENADO 91,7 MHz in BRAZIL will start to play 1 or possibly 2 of my songs from "BLISSA NOVA" from today!

you can listen on the web all over the world, but daytime there is only debates and political discussions, and the music is played at other hours.

normally, this radio station is playing ONLY brazilian music, so i am glad to be an exception to their rule. probably because i have recorded translations of brazilian songs ;) because it's my translations they will air. i think it's a public, noncommercial radio channel.

the web address is
in the menu in the left, click "radio ao vivo" and choose your player. Simple as that!

in central brazil, Radio Senado is aired on 91,7 MHz.

i think the songs are my english versions of gilbero gil's EU VIM DA BAHIA (i went from bahia) and my duet with ALINE DE LIMA in luiz bonfas TRISTEZA (this sadness).


22 Apr, 2009

C'est La Vie 

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finally C'EST LA VIE will be released worldwide, through my record label TERRINHA RECORDS' cooperation with german distributor MCONNEXION.

here's the album front cover:

and the back cover:

i'll let you know when it's up for purchase and download.....


the scandinavian version, with ALL songs in swedish, will look almost the same...

(11 songs in Swedish)

front cover:

.....and the back cover, also with songs 1,2,4,11 and 13 in Swedish:


22 Apr, 2009

Passion - new edition 

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i'm releasing a new edition of PASSION, with 2 bonus tracks, and a completely new cover with all lyrics. the bonus tracks have previously only been available in japan, but now they are released worldwide, inlcuding for digital sales, such as iTunes.

here's the new PASSION front cover:

...and the back cover:

Now, the snow in the background isn't hidden anymore, even if the "church window"-kindof images makes it hard to see.....

I'll let you know when it's out and available!


19 Apr, 2009

Raccoon Princess 

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yesterday i watched a wonderfully colourful japanese movie from 2005 - PRINCESS RACCOON (operetta tanuki goten) by 82-year-old (at the time) japanese director Seijun Suzuki. it's a very experimental kind of movie, almost like filmed theatre with painted backgrounds, inspired by japanese folklore and theatre traditions mixed with western fairytales. i love it!!!!!

here is the wonderful theme song, sung by Zhang Ziyi and Joe Odagiri:

and here is the whole scene with english subtitles, the same song comes towards the middle of the clip:


02 Apr, 2009


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i'm working to finish a new single, to be released in JUNE !!!!

it's two new songs, featuring the amazing Juan Patricio Mendoza on bass.

it'll be finished during the weekend, so i'll post some samples next week. i'm so happy with the result....... and the cherry trees bloom in japan. so every thing blossoms at the sime time.

i'm so happy (and thankful) that i can rejoice at sakura. my eyes are peacefully brimming with white blossom.


28 Mar, 2009

C'est La Vie released april 27th 

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worldwide release

C'EST LA VIE - 11 snger p svenska
scandinavian release

released worldwide April 27th!!!


28 Mar, 2009

hotmail works again 

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i read in the newspaper that hotmail had stopped ALL customers from an entire Swedish "internet delivery company" from sending emails to hotmail addresses.

spam on you, hotmail.


27 Mar, 2009


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wonderful.......... i have no words =)

please listen, it's YU HONGMEI playing an "erhu" which is commonly referred to as "chinese violin". this is stunningly beautiful music.

suki desu
in springtime
it's maybe
tsuki desu


25 Mar, 2009

irritating hotmail 

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some very nice person(s) - yes i am ironic - with a hotmail email address has reported my messages as JUNK/SPAM.

so, the consequence for me is - surprise - my computer (IP) is BLOCKED from sending emails to ANY hotmail address in the whole world.


is it my punishment because i don't want to use hotmail myself, because i think it s***s ???

so, if you're on my mailing list, and you have a hotmail address, maybe you can't receive any more of my emails.
i'm sorry.
please complain at the hotmail/msn website.

just another reason not to use it.


19 Mar, 2009


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