04 Mar, 2014

Rave reviews for RENT 

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We are getting rave reviews for RENT!!!

Note the beautiful set we have built after demolishing the stage of Skandiateatern. Me and the other four guys in the orchestra are sitting inside the building to the right.

Photos by our lighting designer Hampus Fredriksson
(facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hampusljusnorden.fredriksson)

Here are two more reviews (in Swedish):

http://www.folkbladet.se/kultur/default ... id=6780981


Book your tickets NOW. You can't miss this!

03 Mar, 2014

4 out of 5 in NT 

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NT, Norrköpings Tidningar, published a review today of our opening performance last night, and gave it 4 out of 5 trams (the tram is the symbol of Norrköping where we are staging it).

From the Swedish review (translated into English):

"Director Johan Pettersson, backed by Musical director Johan Christher Schütz, are the creatives behind this brilliant production where duets develop into crackling ensemble numbers."

The reviewer Ann-Charlotte Sandelin was happy and moved.

Thank you NT!

Original Swedish review:

Auto-translated into English:
http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... InMbtSSbDw

15 Feb, 2014


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I admit it. I have been Bollywood smitten. There is something extraordinary about these kind of movies, where suddenly the actors burst out in song, staged and filmed like a music video. And there is something very appealing in the colors and the choreography of these movies.

Here is the song Titli from the movie Chennai Express (2013), sung in the Tamil language, with actors Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan.

They used a shorter mix in the movie, so this video is not how it appears in the movie. I like this longer version though, so decided to put it here.


I have even added a new Category here on the blog: BOLLYWOOD!!!

17 Jan, 2014

RENT progress 

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Our production of RENT is doing progress, yesterday we did the whole Act 2 again, and I tell you it's difficult not to cry. The ever-growing emotion of the singers is touching to witness, especially in Act 2 with everything that goes on.

Here is "Goodbye Love" from Act 2, from the 2005 movie:

We plan to start giving preview shows at Skandiateatern in mid-February. I am proud and happy to be the music director of this show.

31 Dec, 2013

Happy New Year!!! 

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Today, NT (Norrköpings Tidningar) posted an article about our work with RENT:

Click to enlarge.
Cast features Linnéa Källström, Felicia Utter, Olle Petersson, Daniel Ivarson, Emil Sandung, Wictor Utter, Johan Ivarson, Lisa Forsman (and Elin Gårdfalk and Otto Pleisner, both missing during the photo shoot).

My hope for 2014 is that it will be as creative and full of action as 2013. I released a new album and did a small Japan release tour, at the same time as we were rehearsing my first musical TIVOLISAGA in Norrköping, Sweden, at Arbisteatern. Following the success of Tivolisaga, we initiated a new Swedish production of RENT, the successful American musical from 1996, and for which we are currently in the middle of rehearsals at Skandiateatern, also in Norrköping.

Being able to work with musicals this past year is one of the most wonderful things I have ever done in music. I have always loved theatre, and I have always loved music, and the chance to put the two together is just really amazing. Working with actors and live music is to me a way of bringing art to life, getting a possibility to touch and move the audience. I am myself sometimes moved to tears while working with RENT, just as I was when we were working with Tivolisaga.

I am truly thankful for every thing and every person who has entered my life in 2013.

May 2014 be a beautiful year for you and your family and loved ones, with health and happiness.

Happy new year!!!

01 Dec, 2013

Counting down for Christmas 

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December 1, 2013.

Christmas Time (We can change the world)


16 Nov, 2013

RENT in Norrköping 

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We have just started rehearsing the American rock musical RENT which will premiere in Norrköping at Skandiateatern in January 2014. The production is directed by Johan Pettersson, produced by Robin Karlsson (Arbis nytta och nöje), choreographed by Elin Hultberg, and I am the music director.

Written by Jonathan Larson and based on Puccini's opera La Boheme, the story takes place in New York in 1989-90 and tells about a group of impoverished young artists and musicians struggling to survive under the shadow of HIV/AIDS.

Here is a song from the Broadway production which closed in 2008 after 12 years, with Will Chase and Renee Elise Goldsberry (and ensemble) -"Another Day":

Follow our work on facebook:


05 Nov, 2013

Beautiful Place music video 

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Here it is!

The new music video for my song BEAUTIFUL PLACE:

Wayang-kulit shadow puppetry/animation by:
JT Wong and Yh Khoh

Awarded first prize at the 2013 Borneo Eco Film Festival.



23 Sep, 2013

"Swedish saudade" in Japanese radio 

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Thursday, 9/26, I will be the guest navigator of "World Navigation", a corner of RENDEZ-VOUS in Tokyo radio J-WAVE 81.3!

I will talk (in English) about Swedish saudade (melancholy) and play some songs of my favorite songwriters and one song from my latest album Beautiful Place.

Thank you as always to navigator Rachel Chan and producer Iwasaki-san, who invited me to try to explain Swedish mentality, and why Swedish music has such a specific sound.

It starts after 16:00PM, but RENDEZ-VOUS is broadcast live every day (Monday-Thursday) from 14:00, so make sure you listen if you're in Japan!

RENDEZ-VOUS website:

Time: September 26 (thursday) 16:00
Where: J-WAVE 81.3
What: World Navigation - Swedish Saudade

Below is a photo of me and Rachel from 2010, I think it was the first time they invited me to the program!

21 Sep, 2013

R.I.P. grandma 

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My grandma Sigrid passed away recently at the age of 84, and the funeral service is on Monday. My heart is full of vivid memories even though we only met once or twice a year because of the distance.

I dedicate the following Swedish song to her, called Just one day, one moment, at a time, one of my favorite psalms, performed by Freddie Wadling.

See you later among the stars.

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