31 Mar, 2011

I'm on Tokio Hot 100 chart! 

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my song PEACE (GIVE THE PEOPLE THE POWER BACK), released in February, entered J-Wave's TOKIO HOT 100 CHART last weekend on 60th place!

http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm

if you live or currently stay in japan you can vote, by clicking the green VOTE button after my name, and then entering your name and address and a special message. for example: "i love this song, please play it more often!" (^_^)

yesterday, J-Wave played my new single HOLD ON NOW for the first time. all sales from this song are donated to Red Cross Japan.

buy the download here:

J-Wave is Tokyo's biggest FM radio station, and can be heard online anywhere in japan at

please vote here:
http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm


29 Mar, 2011

Hold On Now - new single 

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the new Peacebird download single HOLD ON NOW was released yesterday!

listen here:

the song was written for the japanese people after the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami. all revenues from the sales will be donated to the japanese Red Cross to help their work in the tsunami-stricken areas.

there's still a lot to do.....

the song is sold from MY BANDCAMP PAGE. the payment is safe and made through Paypal using your bank card. if you have a paypal account, you can pay through that.

the minimum price is 250 Yen (about 2 Euro), but you can set a higher price if you want to make a donation to Red Cross Japan.

i tried to make the cover image look a little like japan's flag, the red circle on a white background...

Hold on now, hold on
The world is at your side, hold on
Hold on now and be strong
Push your fears aside
Hold on, hold on

* * * * * * *

in japanese:

“Hold On Now” は3月11日に発生した恐ろしい天災の直後、東京にて製作されました。 優しく暖かなメロディーに、日本の人々への希望のメッセージを込めた曲です。 不必要な行程を省き少しでも早く人々に届けるため、ダウンロードシングルという形でのみリリースを致しました。 本シングルは、250円から、ご購入者はご自身でそのお支払い金額を設定する事が出来ます。全ての収益は日本赤十字社を通して東北関東大震災の義援金として寄付をさせていただきます。


26 Mar, 2011


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there's a lot of things going on right now in my mind and my emotional life, and i admit it's been a bit difficult to focus lately. worries have become unproportionally big, but i guess that's normal when people you really care about are under some kind of threat.

seeing and understanding how japanese people really struggle to overcome the difficulties is a huge inspiration and lesson for me.

i'm getting ready to finish the songs for the PEACEBIRD album, and for the japanese earthquake and tsunami relief special download single - the song HOLD ON NOW is my way to pay back this inspiration.

we understand this life, one day at the time, one moment at the time. i'm thankful to be alive.

anything more is a pure gift. we must never forget that.

20 Mar, 2011

Live and charity 

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as i'm personally affected (through family and friends) by the tsunami striking japan, and i'm currently in tokyo, i was invited to radio station J-WAVE to perform a couple of songs live tomorrow afternoon, in Rachel Chan's program RENDEZ-VOUS.

it's sometime after 14:00 japanese time, and if you're anywhere in japan you can listen online at:

the program website is here:

* * * * *

i will also perform at a charity event in aoyama, tokyo, on thursday evening. the place is called Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou, opens 18:30 and starts at 19:00. my performance time is not decided.

check the website for details:

* * * * *

finally, i'm working to finish a new song which i have written for the japanese people, called HOLD ON NOW.

i caught a cold last week, but will finish the song as soon as my voice allows. i will sell it as a download on my BANDCAMP page and money from all sales will go to the Red Cross in Japan to support the victims. stay tuned for news.


20 Mar, 2011

'mamerico' release 

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one of the songs i'm producing for japanese duo MAMERICO was released today as a digital download, and sales will go to help the japanese tsunami and earthquake victims.

A BORDER is written by Maya and Kazuma Yano, and i have arranged and produced.

the price is 100 yen, that's about 1 us dollar.

listen and buy it here:

website (in japanese only):


16 Mar, 2011

Prayer for Japan 

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about 500,000 people are homeless in japan at the moment. many shelters in the northeast are packed and people are living on hope.

the food and help have started to arrive, but the weather is freezing, especially at night.

still, people don't seem to complain or argue about the little food there is. they are resilient, patient and respectful to eachother.

in tokyo, the situation seems to be different. people are not directly threatened, there is food and people still have their homes. but some are witnessing about depserate scenes in food-markets, who will get the last pan of bread, who will get the last 10 kilo bag of rise.

of course, what's happening in FUKUSHIMA is threatening, and the power-cuts in tokyo and surrounding cities can make everything seem very dark. tokyo is HUGE and if all trains stop and the food runs out in the shops, there's nowhere to go.

but how come that the people who suffer the most, in Miyagi, Fukushima, etc, in the northeast don't show the same desperation? because they already lost everything?

friends and family in Miyagi tell us to look forward, to focus on the future, and not on the things lost in the tsunami.

family members, friends, houses, possessions.

the tsunami took it all away. erased cities and changed the map.

i fear a massive release of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and i don't trust the japanese government. i had friends who deeply suffered the Kobe earthquake in 1995, and now i have very close friends who suffered this earthquake and tsunami.

i always check the BBC website because it feels more reliable, but i still feel afraid every time the news page load.

what's new? a nuclear explosion that will kill 50 million people over time?

experts say that's impossible.

the japanese had enough of radiation after World War II, the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki left life-long scars in the country. i just hope this incident will mean ONE thing: that all countries abandon nuclear energy NOW.

the nuclear waste takes 100,000 years to become harmless. Yes, 100,000 years.
and we dump in inside the earth.

this is a reminder for every person on the planet. we need to act together to stop the madness of nuclear power.


not in 50 years from now.


dear god, make this nightmare stop now.

15 Mar, 2011

Help Japan 

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please donate money now to help the people of japan.

google has a donation page connected to the RED CROSS for immediate relief in northeastern japan:

http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/ja ... e2011.html


14 Mar, 2011

BBC 6 music 

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in the midst of emotional turmoil from the uncertain situation in japan, and not knowing if friends in the Sendai area are alive, i received the news that british radio channel BBC played my song last night, in a program called BBC Introducing With Tom Robinson.

their interest was sparked with the release of my free download single with PEACEBIRD a few weeks ago.

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6music



13 Mar, 2011

Japan tsunami 

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Red Cross UK has started a special Japan Tsunami campaign.

thousands are isolated because of the tsunami without food, drinking water and electricity, and tens of thousands of people are still missing.

the earthquake magnitude was just updated to 9.0.

please donate money to help now:
http://www.redcross.org.uk/Donate-Now/M ... ami-Appeal

the japanese red cross website is here:

links for finding family members:
http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/ja ... e2011.html

on the google page, there are also other resources.

thank you!

12 Mar, 2011


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the terrible earthquake and tsunami in japan has left many people without electricity and phones that can't be used.

my friends in Japan - if possible, please tweet or email a "hello" so i know you're allright.

i think the whole world is praying!

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