31 Mar, 2010


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i've just re-read a wonderful book - "MOMO" by the german writer MICHAEL ENDE. maybe he's better known for writing "the neverending story", which i will read next, but i remember that they made a famous movie in the 80's after that story. i'll return to it here after i've read it.

MOMO is a fascinating book. it's actually some kind of children's or teenager's book, but it's definitely talking to all of us, maybe especially us adults, if we can allow ourselves to see how well it reflects our modern world.

TIME is something very precious, and in our "modern world" we waste it, and that's what MOMO is about.

MOMO is the name of a small girl who lives alone in an old amphitheatre somehwere in italy. she has all the time in the world, and her mere presence is a blessing for everyone. suddenly all her friends get less and less time to come and visit her, and it's revealed that people's TIME is stolen by the men in grey - grey-dressed banker-looking men with grey skin who smoke grey cigars. the men in grey feed on the TIME people SAVE, and because Momo has so much free time, she is a threat to the men in grey and their plans to take over the world. she has to be strong enough to resist them, all by herself...

the book presents a strong critique against our modern way of life, where we work and sleep and don't "waste" a moment with joys and friends. living like this we forget our imagination, inspiration and the actual meaning with life. it also criticises modern toys, which leave nothing to the child's imagination. with toys like this, and a lifestyle like this, we get bored very quickly. and maybe that's why we need 2000 changes of clothes to our 58 barbie dolls...

i first read this book about four years ago, and i loved it. after i had read it, i asked EVERYONE that i talked to if they had read it, because i felt that it's a book that EVERYONE should read already in school, because it feels very important.

strangely enough, noone had even heard about it! however, i won't make any speculations about that being the case of successful consumerism lobbying or not ;)

but ONE YEAR AGO i met someone who loved this book as much as i do, but it took three years and a trip to the other side of the world. just because this book spoke straight to my heart, i found it quite miraculous that someone in japan loved it just as much. and that's why i decided to name one of the main characters in my musical to MOMO, because MOMO is also a japanese girl's name meaning PEACH. it was a simple choice!

in all i do, i try to have a genuine reason. life is not always easy. we have to stand up for our choices and decisions, even when the dangers are overwhelming. i hope that this is a lesson that MOMO can teach all of us. my peaceful, pacifist mind has never liked conflicts, and i still struggle every time i face one. but every time i decide to face it, i come out a little bit stronger and happier than before. every conflict has a purpose. and as we face them, we erase similar conflicts from our lives in the future. because that is the purpose of the troubles we encounter on earth - if we avoid facing them, they return. and return. and return.

until one day, when we stand up and say no. when we do that, we have learnt our lesson, and we can continue in peace. next time won't be so scary, and we can use our time for more important things than worrying.

when will we learn what is important? after all, time is all we have.


28 Mar, 2010


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snow melting, birds singing, roads turning into mud, lawns appearing, clocks moved forward one hour, turning dark one hour later, happy feeling, spring coming.

in south japan the cherry trees have already begun to bloom. i'm writing songs to pass the last days of winter. getting ready for new adventures with my piano and a constant hot cup of coffee.

these days, bird song is the soundtrack of my life.


24 Mar, 2010

Barefoot Gen 

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i ordered this book after a japanese friend told me to read it. i'm very thankful that i listened!

BAREFOOT GEN (hadashi no gen) is a japanese manga autobiographical book written by KEIJI NAKAZAWA, about a six-year-old boy who lives with his family in the city of hiroshima. the year is 1945.

we follow the boy and his family during the summer before and during the dropping of the ATOMIC BOMB. his father is against the war, and this causes the whole community around them to treat the family very bad. the father is seen as a "traitor" because of his outspoken PACIFISM.

this is just the first part of (i think) TEN, and i look forward to reading the rest. i read part one in just a few hours.

please read it! you will never forget it. we must always remind ourselves about these scars in human history.

and check out the 5-star user reviews at Amazon:


22 Mar, 2010

World Water Day 

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today is WORLD WATER DAY. water must be one of the most fascinating things on EARTH! soft and smooth, and at the same time it can drill its way through stone and rocks. a true natural power! and when you're thirsty, the taste of fresh water is unbeatable!

but billions of people have no fresh water.

at the same time, we in the "rich part of the world" are over-consumers. as usual.

to produce the sugar for ONE CAN of soda/coke etc, you need 200 litres of water. and that's just for one can. as i'm convinved that the sweeteners used in diet soda are poisonous and very unhealthy, because they're chemicals that stay in the body (forever???), i'd like to take this possibility to recommend everyone to exchange their soda for WATER.

today and every day.

United Nations' World Water Day website:


21 Mar, 2010

Ain't no sunshine 

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all the snow we've had is raining away, right now it's pouring! i have a fever and sore throat, so i can't do anything but listen to music, drink tea and rest. still quite a nice sunday!

song of the day:

yesterday i discovered the singer MATSI from the u.k. and her wonderful song FREE, i think it's just released on a compilation called Brownswood Bubblers Two, but nonetheless a modern classic!

song of yesterday:

» myspace.com/matshidiso


09 Mar, 2010

Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese 

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finally i received the diploma for my BACHELOR degree in portuguese, which i finished last summer. it's a nice feeling, having finished a degree, and being able to continue with life.

i'm currently writing new songs, and i have a very very good feeling about them! my piano continues to give me wonderful melodies, and i try to make the best of the inspiration. as i finish the songs, i slowly begin to make a little pre-production, and i'll be able to post some songs here during next month.

i also make progress with my MUSICAL, and my goal of 25 songs (with lyrics) seem very approachable! i never thought that i would even think of writing songs for a musical, but as i started last year, i realized that it suits my style of composition very well - my dramatic influences from the chanson and swedish acoustic visa, mixed with my romantic sense of melody and my way to write song lyrics. i look forward to starting to arrange some of the songs with japanese instruments, but i can already now see the potential in this creation.

a musical is the biggest thing i have ever tried to compose, after all i aim for between 90-100 minutes of music, with lyrics, but it's actually easier than i had thought. of course, it's far from finished, and i still need the flow of inspiration to continue for quite a while. my new japan visit will help me forward this project quite a bit. i still have not decided when to go...

in the meantime, i'll try to make a new album with the other new songs, so i'd better get back to work.


03 Mar, 2010

On the roof 

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i'm not very fond of heights, and even if i wouldn't get hurt if i fell down, my legs were very shaky when i went up on a roof today to take down some of the enormous amount of snow up there. if you don't do it, the roofs may get destroyed (wet snow is very very heavy) and start to leak.

here's me. it looks normal, until you notice the ladder and the chimney to the right. there was probably 1 meter of snow up there.

back on the ground, showing about 65 centimeters of snow, and it was after last weekends' warm days which compressed the snow mass visibly...

spring would be nice now.


01 Mar, 2010

Eleven medals and one hero 

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sweden left the 2010 olympic winter games in vancouver with 11 medals in total, 5 of them gold. however, it's the bronze medalist ANJA PRSON who is my hero, after her 60-meter downhill fall which could have killed her.

amazingly enough, she was not injured seriously, and the day after she started in the combined event and won the bronze medal.

many swedes did fantastic jobs in vancouver and the future looks very bright. i'm not the most fanatic sports fan, but anja is one of the most successful swedish sports women ever. after these olympic games she is my hero.



23 Feb, 2010


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a hungry roe deer just came to look for something to eat among the bird seeds. i don't think he could get very full, though...

the world famous BAMBI, written by Felix Salten in 1923, was originally a roe deer, until disney changed him into a white-tailed deer. the story was one of my favourites when i was a child!



23 Feb, 2010

Weekend documentation 

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taking a break... here's the piano on which i've written all my songs for the last year. or maybe the piano wrote the songs, and i was just writing them down.

don't look back.

the sun breaks through.

about 100-150 years ago a family probably lived here. it must have been cold in the winters!

there's about 70 centimeters of snow. you can't see the road, but the orange sticks show where it is....

it's close to the forest with curious roe deers that sometimes come to look for food.

it's peaceful here. the snow is isolating sounds in a strange way, so everything becomes silent. the only sound is your own footsteps in the snow, quietly creaking under your feet.

i just looked out the window. it's snowing again....


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