28 Mar, 2009

C'est La Vie released april 27th 

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worldwide release

C'EST LA VIE - 11 snger p svenska
scandinavian release

released worldwide April 27th!!!


28 Mar, 2009

hotmail works again 

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i read in the newspaper that hotmail had stopped ALL customers from an entire Swedish "internet delivery company" from sending emails to hotmail addresses.

spam on you, hotmail.


27 Mar, 2009


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wonderful.......... i have no words =)

please listen, it's YU HONGMEI playing an "erhu" which is commonly referred to as "chinese violin". this is stunningly beautiful music.

suki desu
in springtime
it's maybe
tsuki desu


25 Mar, 2009

irritating hotmail 

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some very nice person(s) - yes i am ironic - with a hotmail email address has reported my messages as JUNK/SPAM.

so, the consequence for me is - surprise - my computer (IP) is BLOCKED from sending emails to ANY hotmail address in the whole world.


is it my punishment because i don't want to use hotmail myself, because i think it s***s ???

so, if you're on my mailing list, and you have a hotmail address, maybe you can't receive any more of my emails.
i'm sorry.
please complain at the hotmail/msn website.

just another reason not to use it.


19 Mar, 2009


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BANK BAND: ito (thread)


11 Mar, 2009


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i hate spam.
lately, i've spent more time deleting spam messages, than i've spent actually writing posts of my own.

so, from today i shut down the forum, and hope i can restart it in the future.

and it's snowing in stockholm.

when the last snow had just thawed, and the spring birds had started to sing, it starts to snow again. that's cruel. there should be spring by now.

because, spring is already in my heart.


15 Feb, 2009


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yesterday i watched a wonderful movie, the japanese drama SU-KI-DA from 2005, by director hiroshi ishikawa.

this quiet, super-minimalistic masterpiece is maybe the slowest and most meditative movie i've ever seen! amazing acting, superb camera work, and a frustrating story of love.

if you get restless after 4 minutes of silence, without neither dialogue or background music, this movie is not for you. the silence, the inner tension of the characters, is part of the story's frustration.

the story tells of 17-year-old Yu who has a crush on her classmate Yosuke, who's just stopped playing baseball to learn how to play the guitar.

divided in two parts, the movie's first half is seen from Yu's perspective, and the second is seen from Yosuke's, 17 years later when they coincidentally meet again.

it's a highly rewarding movie , which might be a test your patience.... it reminded me of how easily distracted we get when there are no fast edits, no needless conversation, no background music to manipulate our feelings. only the sounds from the wind and the little river.

as viewers we're just left with ourselves and our reflections.
thank you, hiroshi ishikawa.
i think the world needs you.


04 Feb, 2009

Tokyo Story 

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TOKYO STORY (tokyo monogatari) is a japanese classic movie from 1953. black/white of course, a beautiful and very slow story directed by yasujiro ozu, often listed as one of the best movies ever made.

it tells the story of an elderly couple from the countryside in post-war japan, going to tokyo to visit their two grown-up children, who are selfishly very absorbed by their own hectic lives.

it's a quiet, heart-warming movie, with subtle humour and great music (even if very sparse).

i was very moved by the acting of SETSUKO HARA, who plays the big-hearted and loving daughter-in-law, noriko. she has sometimes been called the "greta garbo of japan", but i like setsuko more ;)

here's the original 4-minute trailer, subtitled in english:

read more here:

please watch the movie if you get the chance. at least, it makes you feel a bit closer to japan....


02 Feb, 2009

Internet radio special - wednesday!!! 

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During my last visit to Tokyo, I gave an interview for an internet radio special about me and my new album. It's about 45 minutes with talking and music, the name is "CAFE DE YOSHI".

Wednesday 4th February

20:00 - Japan time
12:00 - Stockholm time (noon)
11:00 - London time
09:00 - Brasil time
06:00 - New York time

We did the interview in my hotel room in Komaba, Meguro area.
Please don't ask me to name the exact address, but it was a
very very nice hotel and very central!

The radio show is hosted by Yoshinari Nakamatsu, a friend of
mine who is also a singer and songwriter. On his CD-single from
2008 I played a cavaquinho solo!!!

To hear me talk about my new album, how I was influenced by my
first Japan tour, and other things, visit:

Click PLAY NOW, and a new window opens, where you just click
the Play button. You don't have to download anything!

If you can't listen on Wednesday, you'll be able to listen later, as all the programs are uploaded to the website after a few weeks. I'll remind you when it's up ;)

Yoshinari Nakamatsu website:


28 Jan, 2009


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sometimes words are not enough.

here's a woooooonderful live recording of Swedish trio ESBJRN SVENSSON TRIO. I feel sad when I think about the tragic death of the pianist Esbjrn in 2008. but his legacy to this world is eternal - his music.

because music is also a language.


when words are no longer valid, music can enter and express the inexpressible. because it's not limited by the same kind of definition, music is larger than words. and sometimes the feelings in our hearts, are larger than life.

i'm so happy to have found my red thread.


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