25 Feb, 2015

Composing music 

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I'm currently composing the music for my friends' documentary movie about a Bulgarian young man who came to Sweden to work but ended up begging in the streets.

Here's the trailer, with me playing the piano:

Support their crowdfunding campaign to travel with him to Bulgaria to understand why people leave their homes:


And let me know what you think of the music ^^

31 Dec, 2014

Most streamed songs 2014 - #1 

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Title track from my 2013 album. The shadow puppetry music video is taken from the awarded short film "Malaysian Wildlife" by JT Wong.

This was the most streamed track in 2014.
Thank you everyone for listening to my music!

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30 Dec, 2014

Most streamed songs 2014 - #2 

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Duet with Brazilian singer Vanessa Pinheiro, who sings in Portuguese.
The music video is made with footage from the 1914 movie Cinderella.


29 Dec, 2014

Most streamed songs 2014 - #3 

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During October 2011, the most played foreign song on Japanese FM radio.

With special guests:
Glenn Fransson - bass
Jocke Sandén - drums
Yoshinari Nakamatsu - electric guitar
Andreas Andersson - saxophone
Karin Hammar - trombone


29 Dec, 2014

Most streamed songs 2014 - #4 

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Samba-reggae in Swedish. The title means 'It could just as well have been us'.


28 Dec, 2014

Most streamed songs 2014 - #5 

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My English samba version of Allan Edwall's Swedish classic 'Den lilla bäcken'.

With special guests:

Peter Asplund - trumpet (Bo Kaspers Orkester)
Sebastian Notini - percussion (Lisa Nilsson)
Glenn Fransson - bass
Micke Sehlstedt - drums
Peter Bruun - percussion

Samba chorus (recorded in my living-room):
Heléne Blad, Ann-Sofie Lund, Katarina Gottfridsson, Johan Pettersson, Rickard Beurling

From the 2007 album Blissa Nova.


28 Dec, 2014

5 most popular tracks 

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Starting today on my facebook page, I will post the 5 most popular tracks of mine.

This means the 5 tracks with the most streams on Spotify during 2014.

I could have included youtube hits as well as other streaming services, but I think it wouldn't differ that much. At least the top 3 would still be the same.

You might be surprised by one or two. I was!

Follow the countdown on my facebook page:

11 Dec, 2014

New single - Möten och avsked 

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My new single Möten och avsked was released last Monday, December 8.

It's my Swedish translation of Milton Nascimento's classic Encontros e Despedidas, a fantastic song. Singer Nina Ripe has previously released this translation in an acoustic version, on her debut album "Apaixonada".

The song was recorded on the day one year after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, on March 11, in a small recording studio in Shonan, a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean. The music video above shows Tokyo in the rain.


Kazuya Saka - grand piano
Show Kudo - bass
Kaoru Suzuki - drums
Me - vocals & cavaquinho

Here's the link for iTunes:

I hope you like it!

29 Nov, 2014

Art exhibition setlist 

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Today I did a live performance at the opening of a Christmas exhibition at the newly opened GALLERI MOT STRÖMMEN in Norrköping.

I focused on the Swedish songs from my C'est La Vie album, and threw in a Jobim song (Luiza) for good measure.

I did the gig completely unplugged, without microphone or speakers, and the acoustics in the gallery were awesome (as was the audience!).


1. Balans
2. Skuggor
3. Jabuticaba
4. Luiza (T. Jobim)
5. Changes Changes
6. Det gör ingenting
7. Beautiful Place
8. Passion

The exhibition is open until January 15, so be sure you don't miss it. There are some fantastic paintings and sculptures there!


18 Nov, 2014

Planet Earth 

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Watch this beautiful short documentary about Astronauts who all say the same thing. Seeing Earth in the empty space reminded of why we must take care of this planet.

Video is here [19 minutes long]:

It's absolutely awesome!


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