19 Dec, 2012

Blog update - new photos! 

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I am hopelessly late with updating this blog, and I'm really sorry. The release of the Christmas song took a good few weeks of my time, and now I'm just finishing a new song for a Children's film festival in Kansai, Japan. It's a theme song for the festival in January,

I have written the music and produce the song, which has lyrics in Japanese by Kazuma Yano (from mamerico which I have produced 10 songs for earlier). It's my "first song" in Japanese, but please note, I do NOT sing in this song, I just play the instruments and stuff (guitar, piano, bass, arrangement).

Vocalist is Lica, a fantastic singer, previously in the band Bophana.

* * *

I have received some more great photos from my live gig at Bar Music last month. Sakami-kun, I'm sorry that I couldn't upload them before!

Bar Music, Shibuya, Tokyo. The logo and sign is already a classic!

Great photo evidence of the warm atmosphere.

Perhaps checking the tuning of the guitar.

Sakami-kun and me.

I borrowed Sakami-kun's hat for a special photo.

All photos by Kentaro Sakami (twitter) (facebook)

Thank you again for the great photos!

The previous post with more photos and the setlist is here:
http://blog.johanchristherschutz.net/in ... 129-090007


29 Nov, 2012

Photos from Bar Music 

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My gig with rhodes piano player Kazuya Saka at BAR MUSIC on the 18th went down really well, and we got in the mood for recording a live album there in the future. Only rhodes piano, guitar and vocals. That would be something!

I received some great photos from Masafumi Koimai, who was in the audience, and he kindly sent me his photos to use here on my blog:

I hope the wonderful atmosphere of these photos reflects our performance!

One of the moments when Saka was not hidden behind the audience.

Koimai-kun and me. Arigatou!

Photos by Masafumi Koimai (twitter) (facebook)


1. After the rain
2. Changes Changes
3. Peace is the way
4. Love this world
5. Don't fight the flow
6. Pickin' up the pieces


7. A smile will take you far
8. Piece of myself
9. Let the sunlight in
10. Slow Down
11. What a Wonderful World

12. Passion

Thank you everyone who came!

Bar Music website:

DJ Tomoaki Nakamura:

22 Oct, 2012

Setlist and photos from Boy Meets Girl 

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On Saturday's gig in Koenji at Boy Meets Girl @ Club Roots, I played some songs from the new album, and the audience really seemed to like them. Especially the title song Love This World seemed to bring tears to many eyes, so I guess I did a good job with delivering the feeling...

I think I surprised by opening the night with What A Wonderful World - the first time ever I have performed it live (as far as I can remember!

Sekine and Toyopee did great DJ sets, and Sekine's way of mixing the tempo of the songs to make them go seamlessly into eachother really amazes me!

Thanks to Yukimi Koide for the photos!

And the setlist:

1. What A Wonderful World
2. Balans
3. I Love You
4. Piece of Myself
5. Don't Fight The Flow

6. Difficult
7. Let The Sunlight In
8. Changes Changes
9. Love This World
10. This Is Forever
11. Passion

1. So Happy
2. I Guess It's OK

My previous 4 albums, Peacebird badges, and the new 3-song CD-R only for sale at my gigs.

21 Sep, 2012



I'm late again with the 3 latest setlists, and have no good excuse, so I'll just skip excusing =)

Setlist - Seed Ship (7/9):

I was guest at Chihiro's gig, and I focused on my Swedish songs this night.

1. Balans
2. Se solen g upp
3. Du det r OK
4. Changes Changes
5. Passion duet with Chihiro
6. Baby Just Relax duet with Chihiro
7. Fly Me to the Moon duet with Chihiro, featuring Tetsuro Yafune (piano) and Hiroshi Yamazaki (tenor sax)

Setlist - Seed Ship (8/9):

The second night I was invited by Cellen, we played 40 minutes each. I performed all my songs as a duo, with Kazuya Saka (grand piano), who also plays on my new album. We'll play in Shibuya Bar Music on 11/18 to promote the release, Saka on a vintage Fender Rhodes and me on Guitar/Vocals. More information later...

1. A Smile Will Take You Far
2. Don't Fight the Flow
3. Let the Sunlight In
4. After the Rain
5. Slow Down
6. Passion
7. Pickin' Up The Pieces
8. Love This World

Setlist - Cafe TORi (9/9):

1. So Happy
2. Passion
3. Difficult
4. Balans
5. I Guess it's OK
6. Slow Down
7. After the Rain
8. Changes Changes
9. All You Need is Love livingroom duet with Hitoshi Abe (racoustik)

Three gigs, three days in a row, exhausting but wonderful. I love meeting an audience.

Next Tokyo gig is 10/20, in Koenji at Club Roots:
http://www.songkick.com/concerts/140687 ... ource=1471


30 Aug, 2012



I have 3 setlists to upload, sorry for not keeping up to date! Last sunday I played at DROLE Daikanyama together with racoustik (Hitoshi Abe) (myspace) and ナイアガラ交響楽団 (myspace), a duo with sisters Eiko and Yuko Otaki.

Photos: Eiko Otaki (twitter @p_i_n_c_o). As you see from these great photos, Eiko (pinco) is also a professional photographer. Hope to work together in the future!

Yuko Otaki made the "paper bags" and dolls you can see hanging all around me, as she is also a designer and "paper bag maker"!

Check out their website:

Setlist - Drole Daikanyama (8/26):

1. So Happy
2. Passion
3. Balans
4. I Guess It's OK
5. Changes Changes
6. Slow Down
7. I'm Here

Here's racoustik live:

I'll play with him again on September 9 at Cafe TORi (Nakameguro). My live schedule is always here (日本語).

Here's a photo I took of Eiko and Yuko backstage:

Two weeks ago I played 2 gigs in one day. The first was was an unplugged live gig at Toru Hashimoto's release party for SEASIDE FM 80.4 compilation album, in the house where Nujabes lived. It was a very special occasion for me, and I felt some kind of strong connection with Nujabes being in his house with about 50 music lovers.

The eatables:

And the listenables:

I performed in front of a big window, that's why the back-light is so strong, the sky was actually pretty blue!

Setlist - Seaside FM 80.4 release party, Kamakura (8/12):

1. Triste
2. Mten och avsked (Encontros e despedidas)
3. Changes Changes
4. Don't Fight The Flow
5. There's Only You
6. I'm Here
7. I Guess It's OK

8. Passion

At the day of this event the weather report had promised rain, but for some reason (you know what I mean) the skies cleared up miraculously. This afternoon inspired me to make a remix of my new song "Changes Changes". It's almost finished, but you can pre-listen on this page:
http://soundcloud.com/peacebirdmusic/jo ... nges-remix
(just click the red PLAY button)

And let me know what you think (^^)

For those of you who might have missed him, Nujabes was a Japanese DJ and music producer who died in an accident in 2010.
R.I.P. Nujabes!

One more, the same day as the release party I performed at Roman Records Cafe in Tokyo! This gig had a great lively atmosphere, it was the 3rd anniversary for Roman Records, and the owner Aimie even sang a song together with me (I played the guitar).

It was especially nice because many in the audience knew my songs, and especially "Slow Down" and "Passion" were wonderful! Everyone singing my songs loudly together! It was almost like the Brazilian music parties in Stockholm...

Setlist - Roman Records Cafe, Tokyo (8/12):

1. Triste
2. What Good Are Tears
3. There's Only You
4. Balans
5. Changes Changes
6. Luiza
7. I'm Here

8. Passion
9. Difficult
10. Slow Down
11. Let The Sunlight In
12. After The Rain
13. Moon River (with Aimie Tatsuya - vocals & whistling solo)

14. So Happy

This setlist is not 100% accurate! The audience knew my songs so well so I made some changes to my plans, to give something extra!

Here's Aimie singing during our rehearsal a few days earlier:

That was quite a long post! I'll try to write more often.....


17 Jul, 2012


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Last Saturday's bossa nova gig on the beach in Kugenuma, Fujisawa, is available at youtube on Kugenuma Channel. The live streaming at ustream was distorted by the strong winds, winds that also interfered with my performance, as the sound from the monitor speakers literally "blew away" - I feel like I sing out of tune most of the time...

In the video, you can see it on the papers in front of me, but the sound has been fixed before uploading.

July 14
Beachhouse Kugenuma

1. Triste
2. There's Only You
3. Tristeza
4. Luiza
5. Photograph
6. I'm Here
7. I Guess It's OK / Vai Ficar Tudo Bem

8. Wave
9. Difficult
10. Falando De Amor
11. Balans
12. Let The Sunlight In
13. Changes Changes
14. What Good Are Tears
15. Passion

Unrehearsed encore:
16. Prague This Spring
17. After The Rain
18. This Is Forever

July 16

At yesterday's performance in the TOKYO FM program BLUE OCEAN, I sang these two songs:

1. I'm Here
2. Let The Sunlight In

It was my first time at TOKYO FM, and Miki Sumiyoshi and the other staff was really kind. I wonder if the listeners could understand my Japanese though! (^_^)

With Miki Sumiyoshi;

Blue Ocean:

July 12

Last week in the scene from 8 Hotel in Fujisawa in TV TOKYO's travel program, I sang:

1. Passion
2. Changes Changes

(Link to program page, but I'm not there:)
http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/yururitabi/ba ... /20120712/

Tokyo is HOT now!!!

26 Mar, 2012

Setlist from Saravah 


Here's my setlist from the gig at Saravah:

1. This Sadness
2. Difficult
3. You Can Discover (John Martyn)
4. This Is Forever
5. Changes Changes (new song)
6. Slow Down
7. Mten Och Avsked (my Swedish translation of Encontros e Despedidas by Milton Nascimento/Fernando Brant)
8. Over The Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg) with special guest Chihiro Fujita
9. Balans

I took the opportunity to play some of the songs I don't play so regularly, to give some variation for those of you who heard me live towards the end of last year.

Here's a photo I borrowed from Chihiro's twitter, which she took of me during the soundcheck:

And here's a photo I took of Piece of Peace during their soundcheck, from backstage. From left to right: Chihiro, Ben, and special guest at the grand piano Tetsuro Yafune:

And a photo of me, taken between cups of coffee while waiting for the clock to turn 19, so I could go out and listen to the DJ:s.

After my performance, I met the owner for the first time, Atsuko Barouh, and could talk with her a little about music.

Thank you Toru Hashimoto, as always from the bottom of my heart, for inviting me to play at your event at great Saravah.


21 Mar, 2012



Here are the setlists from my two recent gigs in Tokyo. Sunday's gig at Setagaya Volunteer Center was lovely, the audience was very warm and receptive. I also did an improvised session with Keico Yoshida (vocals) Hitomi Yamakami (tenor saxophone) and Yuichiro Hiraoka (guitar), which was great fun!

Keico Yoshida, me, Hitomi Yamakami and Yuichiro Hiraoka (hidden behind us) performing Jobim's "Wave".

Otagaisama Festa

1. What good are tears
2. Smile
3. I'm here
4. Balans
5. After the rain
6. Slow down
7. Let the sunlight in
8. Passion

9. C'est la vie

Session at the end of Keico Yoshida's set:
1. Wave

AOYAMA Francfranc
'Rendez-Vous Voyage" release event

1. I love you*
2. Slow down
3. Pickin' up the pieces
4. Balans

*performed with cavaquinho

There are photos from this event on my facebook page:

I have another gig on Saturday, March 24, at
Saravah Tokyo



If you're free, come down to Shibuya. It will be a great night!


14 Dec, 2011

Tokyo and Miyagi 

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Here's an update from last weekend's gigs in Cafe Apres-midi (Tokyo) and Sendai Koffee (Sendai).

Friday was the 12-year anniversary party for Toru Hashimoto's Cafe Apres-midi!
Happy Anniversary!!!

Unfortunately, I have lost the setlist, but it was something like this:
1. A Little Bit More Real
2. Be For Real
3. Slow Down
4. Jabuticaba
5. Skuggor
6. C'est La Vie *
7. I Love You *
8. Let The Sunlight In
9. Passion

* cavaquinho songs

Saturday I saw Mount Fuji from Tokyo, the weather was great, and I travelled to Sendai for Sunday's performance at Sendai Koffee. I met with Taisuke Tsugimatsu and we had a rehearsal and later went out to wine and dine.

The following photos are taken by Hiroko Ooyama:

Me and Croquet.

At Sendai Koffee, with Taisuke Tsugimatsu during rehearsal.

Having a coffee before my performance.

Taisuke started with his set, singing and playing the Kawai upright piano, and he seemed to be greatly inspired this night. Then I joined for a small session before performing my own solo set.

Setlist, session with Taisuke Tsugimatsu:
1. Natsu no Numa
2. Passion
3. Smile
4. Over the Rainbow

1. So Happy
2. Difficult
3. Balans
4. C'est La Vie *
5. Slow Down
6. Pickin' up the Pieces
7. Jabuticaba
8. Let The Sunlight In

9. After The Rain *
10. I Love You *

* cavaquinho songs

The next day, before returning to Tokyo, I went shortly to Watari (south Miyagi), again being able to see the area hit by the tsunami. Some parts are ghostly empty. Where there used to be houses and tidy ricefields, there is now nothing - just flat, empty land, with houses only here and there, many still being fixed or rebuilt.

Sunset in eastern Japan. Fukushima or Ibaraki.

Back in Tokyo, looking down on a schoolyard (?) with people playing tennis in the darkness with skyscrapers in the background.

Oh, I can tell you that I recently tried Natto for the first time! Natto is fermented beans, a famous Japanese dish, which people say smell very bad. Actually I thought it didn't smell at all, but the sticky feeling was a bit ... interesting!

Yes, I only tried a little =)


06 Dec, 2011

Update from Kobe and Osaka 


I haven't had time to post photos and setlists from my gigs in Kobe and Osaka, but here they are!

(As usual - ) I've had a great time in Kansai, and could do some more research and planning for my Musical. The story of the musical takes place in Kobe, and now I think that the location-hunting is finished. I can't wait to stage it, I can see it all in my mind; the stage, the atmosphere, the actors, the songs being performed. Still a long way to go though. I will start searching for singers now, to sing on the double-CD (as it's more than 30 songs).

Unfortunately I have no photos from November 25, where I played guitar with mamerico's Maya, at their gig at Rough Rare in Kobe, together with the band Akai Kutsu, but here's some photos from Midori Cafe in Kobe (November 26) where I both played with mamerico and did my own Peacebird gig.

mamerico (Maya, with me on guest guitar):

And me singing something with great concentration:

My setlist:

1. Difficult
2. Passion
3. After The Rain
4. Slow Down
5. C'est La Vie *
6. Balans
7. A Little Bit More Real
8. Let The Sunlight In

A Border (with Maya from mamerico)
I Love You *

* songs I played on the cavaquinho.

The day after, November 27, my live performance at "digmeout Art&Diner" in Osaka for FM802's listeners went really well, and the audience seemed really happy! Miss Kazuyo Hayakawa from FM802's program BEAT EXPO was relaxed and kind as usual, and surprised me with some presents. We talked about music and my life and shared lots of laughter with the audience. I had some translation help by miss Ui, whose English is perfect and who's really a great live interpreter, behind such professionality must be years of experience!

I think all these photos were taken by miss Usami at Polystar.

After a 20-minute "talk-show", I performed 6 songs:

1. Passion
2. Difficult
3. Let The Sunlight In
4. Slow Down
5. Pickin' Up The Pieces
6. Balans

And then we talked for another 5 minutes, before I played an encore song using my cavaquinho:

I Love You

After the encore, I gave away 2 small Dala Horses which I had brought from Sweden (wikipedia page). To decide the winners of the two souvenirs, we played the handgame "Rock-paper-scissors". which was the first time for me!

I made a mistake - instead of raising my index and middle fingers, I raised my thumb and index finger! Everyone were laughing loudly, and it made me happy. The atmosphere was great!

Finally, a Peace Sign group photo:

And people lined up to buy my CD and get my autograph. Many people asked me to come back to Osaka soon again, so I hope I can!

Here's the delicious cookies that everyone received, a "Peacebird" and a "Hallongrotta", made by Tae. Everyone really loved them. I saw comments on twitter saying "I want moooore!" which made me very happy!

Me and Kazuyo Hayakawa, after everyone had left. Otsukaresama deshita. Thank you for a wonderful time!

Finally, some photos from Kobe:

View from my hotel room. I like the mountains. But the unstructured way to build in Japan makes it feel like a favela in Rio de Janeiro...

The Flower Clock on Flower Road is one of the locations in my Musical.

Narrow streets, maybe like this one, are a important part of creating the atmosphere in the Musical.

And the red gate to the Ikuta Shrine, also one of the locations.

This building close to Sannomiya station reminded me of the buddhist thought that everything is one. You can see the whole sky reflected in a drop of water. You can also see the whole sky reflected in the mirror wall of a building!

This german (?) style house was just too funny not to photograph. With the mountains in the background, it made me feel like I was in the alps. However, my Musical will not include any parts of Kobe's Kitano. It's too european for me =)

Back in Tokyo, visiting Cafe Apres-midi in Shibuya for a coffee, I found this funny sign painted on the street. I think the cigarette is a bit big, almost like a Clarinet!

I like the fact that smoking on the streets is not allowed here, it's great being able to walk around without having someone's cigarette smoke being blown in your face, but unfortunately most cafes and bars allow smoking instead. I would prefer if everyone just stopped smoking that poison. It really has no purpose, does it?


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