21 Feb, 2013

John Pilger 

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JOHN PILGER is an amazing Australian journalist, and his documentaries are wonderful proof of his passion to show a truth that we many times are not supposed to know about, a truth which our governments don't want us to know.

With the internet, people all over the world have more access to information than ever before in history, and the fact that many of John's documentaries are available on youtube is wonderful news for all of us who long to hear the truth.

Read more about him here:

or on his website;

Here are two of his documentaries (in English, no subtitles).

Please watch them. The awakened awareness may change your life. At the very least, it will open your eyes.

The New Rulers of the World -
Showing the secrets behind globalization, and the growing gap between rich and poor.

War by other means -
Showing how the lifestyle of us in the rich countries is actually paid for by the poor countries.

17 Feb, 2013

Spring blossom 

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Today I found pink and white blossoms on trees in a park in central Tokyo, and it surprised me that seeing them made me so happy! Must be because of the cold winter...

It's too early to be cherry, so I thought they were both plum trees, just in different colors. However, the flowers are also totally different:

Is this Peach?

This must be Plum.

Then, I HAVE TO include this photo too, of an old house that's falling apart. When I first passed, I thought it was deserted like many old houses are in the middle of Tokyo, but when I went back in the evening, there was actually a light in one of the windows.


02 Feb, 2013


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Just finished the soundcheck at Shibuya Tokyu Hands Cafe HINT 7.
The sound will be GREAT tomorrow!

Start: 17:00, free entry.

Information (in Japanese):

Map, etc:
http://www.tokyu-hands.co.jp/handscafe/ ... index.html

30 Jan, 2013

Tower Records book 

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My album Passion was recently included in a new book from TOWER RECORDS JAPAN, introducing albums suitable for picnics and weekend trips, on the theme Jazz for Women:



Here's the picnic page with Passion on the right:

The album cover was also included on the index page, so I'm really happy and thankful!

And here is a photo I took earlier at Tower Records Shibuya here in Tokyo, with my friend ROMAN ANDRN's albums just next to mine. It's taken after they rebuilt the whole shop, so I'm happy they still chose to keep all my albums on the shelves, as they aren't keeping most albums in the store any more.

Tower Records, Arigatou Gozaimasu!

25 Jan, 2013

Live at Tokyu Hands Cafe Shibuya! 

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My next live performance will be at Tokyu Hands in Shibuya, Tokyo, at Hands Cafe, HINT 7!

This is part of the Tokyo Northern Lights Festival, presenting movies, music, art and culture from Scandinavia and the countries around the Baltic Sea.

Date: 3 February (sunday)
Time: 17:00
Free entry

Place: Hands Cafe HINT 7
Tokyu Hands Shibuya, 7F

Tokyo Northern Lights Festival:

Shibuya Hands Cafe:
http://www.tokyu-hands.co.jp/handscafe/ ... index.html


22 Jan, 2013

Think Of Me music video 

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Just found the music video for my song Think Of Me, from 2003!

I wrote the song especially for the short-film Marcus & Medelhavet by my friend Johan Pettersson, and the song & music video were also made in 2003. Maybe, it was the first song I wrote for my debut album Passion, released in 2004.

I say maybe, because it's 10 years ago, and I don't remember...

Filmed on location in Norrkping, Sweden.



20 Jan, 2013

Nina Ripe nominated for Best Jazz Album 2012! 

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I was just informed that NINA RIPE's first album Apaixonada - Brazilian Stories, for which I was giving artistic direction, is nominated for Best Jazz Album 2012 by OJ, Sweden's biggest jazz magazine!

If you live in Sweden, you can vote online:
http://www.orkesterjournalen.com/index. ... ;formId=18

I also wrote 3 of the song lyrics:

Picture in Black and White (Retrato em Branco e Preto)
A.C. Jobim/Chico Buarque de Holanda. English lyrics: J.C. Schtz.

Mten och Avsked (Encontros e Despedidas)
M. Nascimento/F. Brant. Swedish lyrics: J.C. Schtz.

Return (A Volta)
R. Menescal/R. Boscoli. English lyrics: J.C. Schtz.

Here's the album on iTunes;
http://itunes.apple.com/album/apaixonad ... d542465903

And Nina's website:

11 Jan, 2013

Fukuoka LOVE FM 

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My first album "Passion" from 2004 will be introduced in Fukuoka LOVE FM tomorrow, January 12! I think it's some kind of follow-up to my recent Christmas single. Every week they introduce an album by playing several songs and talking about the artist.

Date: 1/12
Time: 11-15
Fukuoka LOVE FM 76.1


A great start to the new year!

07 Jan, 2013


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Christmas Time (We can change the world) reached #82 on J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 chart, and was my 4th song (as far as I know) to enter in only 2 years!

Thanks again to all of you in Japan who have voted!

Apart from my new, 5th, album Love This World, I have some other new projects and releases coming up this year.

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When you join, you get a free download mp3, which now is a song I've written and recorded in Portuguese. This recording will not be sold or available anywhere else!


Japanese -- メールマガジン (日本語)

01 Jan, 2013

First sunrise of 2013 

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The first sunrise of 2013:

as viewed from eastern Japan as the sun slowly climbed in over the mountain-filled island in the Pacific Ocean.

I feel that this will be a good year!

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