23 Feb, 2010


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a hungry roe deer just came to look for something to eat among the bird seeds. i don't think he could get very full, though...

the world famous BAMBI, written by Felix Salten in 1923, was originally a roe deer, until disney changed him into a white-tailed deer. the story was one of my favourites when i was a child!



23 Feb, 2010

Weekend documentation 

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taking a break... here's the piano on which i've written all my songs for the last year. or maybe the piano wrote the songs, and i was just writing them down.

don't look back.

the sun breaks through.

about 100-150 years ago a family probably lived here. it must have been cold in the winters!

there's about 70 centimeters of snow. you can't see the road, but the orange sticks show where it is....

it's close to the forest with curious roe deers that sometimes come to look for food.

it's peaceful here. the snow is isolating sounds in a strange way, so everything becomes silent. the only sound is your own footsteps in the snow, quietly creaking under your feet.

i just looked out the window. it's snowing again....


19 Feb, 2010

New Japan visit this year 

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last week i received a scholarship to visit JAPAN again!!! i'm so happy! ureshii desuyo!

it was granted by The Scholarship Foundation for Studies of Japanese Society, a swedish foundation, and i will use the money to meet composers, musicians, artists and to find additional inspiration for the MUSICAL which i am currently composing. because a big part of the story takes place in japan, this visit is vital for me to continue the writing of the songs, and for the coming arrangements of the songs, which will include a lot of japanese music instruments as a cultural spice.

life has different chapters. sometimes they end before we want. sometimes they seem endless. sometimes a new chapter comes before the old completely has finished. sometimes we must finish an old chapter before we had planned to be able to enter the new.

i've finished my Bachelor's Degree in Portuguese, started to learn Japanese (including reading and writing), improved my piano skills, written four new songs in a week, become tired of the winter, given away 50% of my clothes to a charity organisation because there are other people who may need them more than me, read books about the Dalai Lama, staying up late in the candlelight listening to KOKIN GUMI contemplating understanding of cultural differences, wished for spring, for summer, for life. it's time to end this chapter, and continue.

thank you, Japanstiftelsen, from the bottom of my heart. i will not disappoint you!

KOKIN GUMI, music from the "Zen Garden" album:


09 Feb, 2010

New songs 

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the last days i've worked on a bunch of "new" songs and lyrics. i've written some songs together with brazilian singer and composer VANESSA PINHEIRO, and for a couple of the songs i've written lyrics in portuguese, and that's what i've been re-writing and re-writing lately... vanessa is one of the best upcoming singers from brazil, and have released two CDs already.


i'm also working with original songs and translations for stockholm based singer NINA RIPE, who is preparing her first CD recording, also with a lot inspiration from brazil. she will record my song "5 A.M." (which i have not released myself). and nina will probably record one of Vanessa's songs that i have translated into swedish =)



05 Feb, 2010

Fascination: sun and blue sky 

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we swedes have a strange fascination with the Sun and Blue Sky. maybe it's difficult to understand for a person from another part of the world, how special it feels when the sky suddenly is blue and we can see the sun for the first time in 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks.

there has been a little sunshine lately, but the typical winter weather here is grey cloudy skies, cold winds, sometimes rain and sometimes snow. the blue sky and the sun show up only once every month. so, sometimes i FORGET how the blue sky looks. i FORGET how it feels when the sun shines straight into my face.

and then, on a day like today, i am reminded.

heavenly feeling!!

so it's not strange at all that we stop for a moment on a sunny winter day to let the warm sunlight heat our frozen faces. it's especially obvious in the spring, you see someone in shorts and a t-shirt when the temperature rises above 10 degrees, because it SEEMS to be so warm. and our summer is very short, so we need to take the opportunity to use the sunlight the best we can.

today the snow was melting from the roofs, dripping down as water to the streets below, promising a spring to come.

just not really yet.


01 Feb, 2010

Japanese schoolbooks 

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today i received a wonderful present from my japanese friends (thank you Nao-san and Shi-san!) - schoolbooks for children to practice writing japanese! ureshii desu yo!!!

i had to take some pictures to show you!

...a look in the HIRAGANA book, for 5-6 year-old children...

...and in the first of three KANJI books!

thank you so much!!! they are so nice so i don't want to ruin them with my handwriting.....


31 Jan, 2010

Stockholm winter 

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this is the coldest winter for a long time. i don't remember when we last had snow and cold weather for such an extensive period as this last month. there's around 30 cm of snow here, locally more, locally less, and the temperature recently dropped to -20.

here are some photos i took today:

wanna sit down for a coffee?

the sun goes down, around a quarter to four.

people walking on the frozen water (so was i).

the snow is not really taken care of properly.

i want spring now =)

30 Jan, 2010

On Hiroshima and peace 

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i've been a convinced pacifist since i was a child, and after having watched the british drama documentary "HIROSHIMA" i am even more so.

this narrated and dramatized documentary shows old b/w footage, new dramatized scenes (with japanese and american actors) as well as deeply touching interviews with japanese survivors and american pilots, who all had first-hand experience of the two disgusting ATOMIC BOMBS over HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI in august 1945.

already in 1995, on the 50-year memorial day of Hiroshima, i arranged a nuclear-weapon-protest-concert in my home-town Mjölby, where some local bands and singers joined me for the cause of promoting PEACE. however, seeing this drama documentary now brings up a lot of feelings inside me. a lot of questions. a lot of sadness. it's almost impossible to understand the experience of these persons whose lives were suddenly completely devastated for the sake of... peace?

people that were close to the actual explosion were vaporised - they DISAPPEARED. some left only a shadow burnt into a bench or against a wall, where they had been standing or sitting at the time. the local heat was 4000 degrees celcius, yes four thousand! clocks stopped at 8:15 AM. the radio-activity from the bomb gave people horrible diseases and deformations. the list can go on forever.

"HIROSHIMA" is directed by Paul Wilmshurst. here's the first 5 minutes:

HIROSHIMA (first 5 minutes)

also, here's a link to a website with photos taken after the bombings. WARNING: these photos are not for sensitive people. but try to watch them - the act of watching changes something inside of us. it's very painful to see, but it can give us a strong conviction to work AGAINST war and ALL kinds of conflicts. after seeing these, and any photos from a war-zone, i doubt that anyone can go unmoved.


WORLD PEACE can only come from INDIVIDUAL PEACE OF MIND. the wars and conflicts we see and experience every day are the results of individuals who are not in peace with themselves. the wars and conflicts are accordingly a representation of people's feelings. this is a deep philosophical issue that needs our total dedication.

one individual cannot change the entire world, but many individuals will start a chain reaction - in the atomic bombs called the critical mass - once a certain percentage of a matter (or persons!) turns into the same state, all the others will turn into the same state automatically, it's a universal law.

please watch this drama documentary and take a stand in your own life. everything begins inside our own minds.

HIROSHIMA (first 5 minutes)


a profoundly human, animated movie about the effects of war on civilians, and especially children, is the beautiful japanese movie "GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES" by Isao Takahata. following the bombing of Japan during World War II, it shows how individuals are affected, and it's not a movie about good or bad, right or wrong. it shows life as it is, in the shadow of war. it takes place in kobe, japan.

28 Jan, 2010

The World of Ego 

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we're living in a world where ego is still the word of the day, the word of the month, but most important: the word of the PAST.

after the COPENHAGEN climate meeting, where millions of euros were spent for nothing, on our behalf, and on our planet's behalf, people seem to realize more and more that we really need a change. and we need that change now.

in the World of Ego, companies have made sure they profit as much as possible, in such a short time as possible. and with the possibilities to make a lot of money, moral is often kicked out the back door.

the idea to base a modern society on the ups and downs of stock markets (which depend on people and companies who really just buy and sell pieces of paper, to make as much profit as possible) is very distant to me. and the fragility of this system has been painfully obvious during the last years. a global economic crisis, running very deep, has followed, and we realize that the persons who have the power over OUR lives, are the ones who buy and sell pieces of paper to satisfy their own thirst for money. our whole society has been based on greed.

the sad thing is, that this greed is also destroying the environment of our planet, and is threatening our EXISTENCE, because these big companies, which cut down the forests and ruin the air we breathe, also have a (so-called) DEMOCRATIC power - they can make governments decide in their favour, because the enormous amount of money and pressure they give when they are threatened.

so, our OLD FORM of capitalism is almost killing this planet, and still we don't want to question it?

we need a change, and we need it soon. DEMOCRACY is no longer in the hands of the people, it's in the hands of CAPITALISM.

but capitalism, on the other hand, has never cared about democracy. it's like inviting a stranger to your table to share your dinner, and suddenly the stranger kicks you out of your own house.

right now, the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM takes place in DAVOS, switzerland. because the results of the global financial crisis (which has also been an immense personal crisis for millions of people that has been affected by it) are still seen all over the world, it's the most important davos meeting for years.

US president BARACK OBAMA has proposed curbing (limiting) the size of banks, and french president NICOLAS SARKOZY said yesterday in his key speech, that we need a deep, profound change. "By placing free trade above all else, what we have is a weakening of democracy".

watch a part of sarkozy's speech at the BBC here:

finally a leader who dares to speak the truth! the ancient, greek, idea of democracy once resulted in the french revolution (late 1700's) which followed an economic crisis. since then, democracy has been lost, and now the new generation seem to realize that we need to take it back once again.

however, i don't believe that this is a question about replacing capitalism with communism.

this is a question of democracy.


in a poll published by the BBC in november, 29 000 persons from 27 countries were asked of their opinion of free market capitalism. only 11% thinks that capitalism works well. if the people don't want this kind of capitalism, then WHY DO WE HAVE IT?

democracy, anyone?

read the article here:

21 Jan, 2010

Salvador Dali 

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last weekend i visited the SALVADOR DALI exhibition at moderna museet (the stockholm museum of modern art). it was the final week of this exhibition which had a record number of visitors, over 200 000.

SALVADOR DALI 'couple with their heads full of clouds' (1937)

i've always been very fascinated by DALI's art, and this exhibition displayed a great number of works, which also included jewelry, bizarre clothes, a telephone, a chess game, etc, everything designed by dali. there were also art by the young artist FRANCESCO VEZZOLI, whose work is very inspired by that of dali.

it took 2 hours to see it all, and i'm glad i went!


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