25 Jan, 2013

Live at Tokyu Hands Cafe Shibuya! 

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My next live performance will be at Tokyu Hands in Shibuya, Tokyo, at Hands Cafe, HINT 7!

This is part of the Tokyo Northern Lights Festival, presenting movies, music, art and culture from Scandinavia and the countries around the Baltic Sea.

Date: 3 February (sunday)
Time: 17:00
Free entry

Place: Hands Cafe HINT 7
Tokyu Hands Shibuya, 7F

Tokyo Northern Lights Festival:

Shibuya Hands Cafe:
http://www.tokyu-hands.co.jp/handscafe/ ... index.html


22 Jan, 2013

Think Of Me music video 

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Just found the music video for my song Think Of Me, from 2003!

I wrote the song especially for the short-film Marcus & Medelhavet by my friend Johan Pettersson, and the song & music video were also made in 2003. Maybe, it was the first song I wrote for my debut album Passion, released in 2004.

I say maybe, because it's 10 years ago, and I don't remember...

Filmed on location in Norrkping, Sweden.



20 Jan, 2013

Nina Ripe nominated for Best Jazz Album 2012! 

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I was just informed that NINA RIPE's first album Apaixonada - Brazilian Stories, for which I was giving artistic direction, is nominated for Best Jazz Album 2012 by OJ, Sweden's biggest jazz magazine!

If you live in Sweden, you can vote online:
http://www.orkesterjournalen.com/index. ... ;formId=18

I also wrote 3 of the song lyrics:

Picture in Black and White (Retrato em Branco e Preto)
A.C. Jobim/Chico Buarque de Holanda. English lyrics: J.C. Schtz.

Mten och Avsked (Encontros e Despedidas)
M. Nascimento/F. Brant. Swedish lyrics: J.C. Schtz.

Return (A Volta)
R. Menescal/R. Boscoli. English lyrics: J.C. Schtz.

Here's the album on iTunes;
http://itunes.apple.com/album/apaixonad ... d542465903

And Nina's website:

11 Jan, 2013

Fukuoka LOVE FM 

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My first album "Passion" from 2004 will be introduced in Fukuoka LOVE FM tomorrow, January 12! I think it's some kind of follow-up to my recent Christmas single. Every week they introduce an album by playing several songs and talking about the artist.

Date: 1/12
Time: 11-15
Fukuoka LOVE FM 76.1


A great start to the new year!

07 Jan, 2013


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Christmas Time (We can change the world) reached #82 on J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 chart, and was my 4th song (as far as I know) to enter in only 2 years!

Thanks again to all of you in Japan who have voted!

Apart from my new, 5th, album Love This World, I have some other new projects and releases coming up this year.

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When you join, you get a free download mp3, which now is a song I've written and recorded in Portuguese. This recording will not be sold or available anywhere else!


Japanese -- メールマガジン (日本語)

28 Dec, 2012

Guitar & Master Class Lessons 

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Starting from January 2013, I'm offering Guitar Lessons and Songwriting Master Classes.

If you live in Japan, there's also the choice of taking a Music Producing Master Class and Group Guitar lessons.

Please check this link for English:
and send me a message to get prices in other currencies.



作詞作曲 ・ ソングライティング



85% of the songs I have released are being played in radio. I was REALLY surprised myself to find that out!

24 Dec, 2012

85% of my songs 



This is a simple Christmas card from me to you. First, let me thank you, my fans & listeners, for the love and support!

* * *

My Christmas song entered the J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 chart yesterday as #100! Big thanks to ALL of you in Japan who voted for the song to enter!

http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokioh ... t/main.htm

This is my 4th time on the chart (as far as I know), all 4 songs have been during 2011 and 2012.

* * *

Inspired by the radio airplay, I decided to check how many of my songs that have been played in radio or TV since I released "Passion" in 2004.

The result was VERY surprising. I knew that radio stations in lots of different countries have been playing my songs, but I didn't know it was so many of the songs. I have released 4 albums and 5 singles until now. It's totally 48 original songs.

The amount of songs played in radio or TV is:

85 %

! ! !

That's a pretty amazing result, remembering that they're all indie releases, but the music seems to find its own way out into the world and I feel really blessed and thankful for that!

The song most played is still "Passion" (in different versions):

One of my own favorite songs is "After the Rain" (2011):

* * *

I'll end with one of my newly re-discovered favorites, "The Rainbow Connection" by genius singer/songwriter Paul Williams together with Kenneth Ascher.

This is Sarah McLachlan's beautiful version:

Here's the original from The Muppet Movie (1979):

Have a beautiful and peaceful Christmas, and see you around. On one or the other side of the rainbow.

19 Dec, 2012

Blog update - new photos! 

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I am hopelessly late with updating this blog, and I'm really sorry. The release of the Christmas song took a good few weeks of my time, and now I'm just finishing a new song for a Children's film festival in Kansai, Japan. It's a theme song for the festival in January,

I have written the music and produce the song, which has lyrics in Japanese by Kazuma Yano (from mamerico which I have produced 10 songs for earlier). It's my "first song" in Japanese, but please note, I do NOT sing in this song, I just play the instruments and stuff (guitar, piano, bass, arrangement).

Vocalist is Lica, a fantastic singer, previously in the band Bophana.

* * *

I have received some more great photos from my live gig at Bar Music last month. Sakami-kun, I'm sorry that I couldn't upload them before!

Bar Music, Shibuya, Tokyo. The logo and sign is already a classic!

Great photo evidence of the warm atmosphere.

Perhaps checking the tuning of the guitar.

Sakami-kun and me.

I borrowed Sakami-kun's hat for a special photo.

All photos by Kentaro Sakami (twitter) (facebook)

Thank you again for the great photos!

The previous post with more photos and the setlist is here:
http://blog.johanchristherschutz.net/in ... 129-090007


17 Dec, 2012

Japan radio 

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J-WAVE, TOKYO FM, KAMAKURA FM and radio in FUKUOKA have all been playing my Christmas song, and this week Japan FM Network, JFN, will play it every morning in OH!HAPPY MORNING, broadcast all over Japan!

And last week, Swedish newspaper Corren linked to the video from their facebook page, and wrote:

"Champion singer/songwriter Johan Christher Schtz has created one of those Christmas songs that feels like an evergreen already when hearing it for the first time"
(Corren Kultur, Sweden)


J-WAVE、TOKYO FM、KAMAKURA FMなど各FMでもオンエアされ、JFNの「OH! HAPPY MORNING」では12月17日から21日まで、週間の推薦曲としてプレイされます。

Thank you!!!

We can change the world!

14 Dec, 2012

Open letter to my friends in Japan 


http://nation.time.com/2012/12/13/elect ... -honestly/

To my friends in Japan:

Sunday's election is very important. This election can change the constitution of Japan (Peaceful since the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and even wars with China or North Korea if people really vote for ABE.

* Prime minister NODA will lose his job, because opposite of the people's wish, he wants Nuclear Power.

* Expected new Prime minister ABE will boost the army and spend more public money on the army, weapons & aggresive foreign policies ("war"). Shouldn't public money go to rebuilding the country after the tsunami or improving schools? ABE also wants to put Japanese citizens to live/work on the disputed "Senkaku" islands, and you can only guess China's response. Several western countries have expressed worries about him from an international peace point of view.

* And nationalist canditate ISHIHARA, 80-years-old, wants Japan to test Nuclear weapons. Doesn't he remember the bombs?

* There are many small candidates as well. PLEASE check what they want, even though there's an accepted policy in Japan for politicians to lie about everything and suddenly change opinion.

Follow your heart. This election is Very Important.

Johan Christher Schtz

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