28 Jan, 2009


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sometimes words are not enough.

here's a woooooonderful live recording of Swedish trio ESBJRN SVENSSON TRIO. I feel sad when I think about the tragic death of the pianist Esbjrn in 2008. but his legacy to this world is eternal - his music.

because music is also a language.


when words are no longer valid, music can enter and express the inexpressible. because it's not limited by the same kind of definition, music is larger than words. and sometimes the feelings in our hearts, are larger than life.

i'm so happy to have found my red thread.


26 Jan, 2009

Cinema Paradiso 

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i watched a wonderful movie this weekend - CINEMA PARADISO, an italian movie from 1989, in the director's cut.

somehow, i'd succeeded to miss it completely, didn't even know about it, but i guess i was in the wrong age when it was released (i was one of those sweet teenagers at the time).....

i'm very glad that i "stumbled across it". it's a marvellous movie, wonderful story, amazing music. it has a very profound message, at least to me..... even if things seem to go terribly wrong, it's always for the sake of something beautiful.

please watch it!!! here's the trailer, but please remember that the movie is 10 TIMES better than the trailer.

the movie has a wonderful end. maybe not happy, or maybe it is.... depending on your point of view ;)

it's one of those films that i love - where i feel that i'm a better person after watching it, than i was before.

it's a masterpiece.

life is a masterpiece! ne!?


22 Jan, 2009


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i've been more philosophic again, lately.... maybe there's some cosmic energy that's helped me rediscover the philosophy in the classic books about WINNIE-THE-POOH, written by A.A. MILNE:

if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over,
to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you,
you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.


i love that quote!! it seems very simple, and it is! i think we tend to miss the details when we try to get the whole picture.

in the pure beauty of this vision, i also came to think of another classic book for children, THE LITTLE PRINCE by ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPRY and the qoute:

it's only with the heart that one can see clearly.
what's essential is invisible to the eye.

please watch this wonderful scene from the movie:

why doesn't anyone write children's books like that any more?


21 Jan, 2009

Let the Sunlight in 

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japanese singer TOKI ASAKO has recorded my song LET THE SUNLIGHT IN for her latest cd TOUCH which was released last week in japan. i'm very glad and honoured!!!

the photo above was taken today in a japanese CD shop, and if you look really well, you'll be able to see my C'EST LA VIE cd in the middle of the top shelf....

her album also includes a cover of Bill Evans' WALTZ FOR DEBBY. click below to listen (my song is nr 9).

scroll down to the track-listing and click any link after the song names to open the player.

in the album description, i think they call me a "genius".... =|

shashin arigatou gozaimashita! ureshii!


15 Jan, 2009

A Day on the Planet 

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last week i watched this japanese movie, A DAY ON THE PLANET (ky no dekigoto), from 2004, directed by Isao Yukisada. with a minimalist approach it shows one day in the life, focusing on the house-warming party of a student, while the tv news in the background shows a criminal being caught in a gap between two buildings, and later a stranded whale on a nearby beach.

watch this movie if you get the chance, even if you're not so aquainted with japanese culture. it's funny and very human.

sorry the trailer has no subtitles...


the movie is said to take place in kyoto, even though nothing of the "traditional" kyoto is shown. i was on my way to kyoto last year but didn't have time. now i'm very glad for that, because it means that next time i can experience it calmly and thoroughly, maybe in the red-leaf autumn with a genuine guide?


10 Jan, 2009


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here's a song i really like with the japanese band LAMP, from their latest album.

please enjoy!

LAMP website:


09 Jan, 2009


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i'm currently producing 2 songs for the new "project" MAMERICO from japan.

it's soft, acoustic jazzy music... i really like the songs, so it's a big pleasure to produce this recording! i don't know when the release will be, but i'll keep you informed ;)

MAMERICO and me, when we met in december.


07 Jan, 2009

January snow 

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and again, some snow fell over stockholm.... yesterday, or if it was the day before, we had -13 degrees. i don't like winter.... or, actually, i like snow, but i don't like the cold.

this is my favourite cap! it makes it a little bit easier to go outside....

these days, i'm glad i don't have a car. i guess it's the most horrible thing in the world, first having to clean the car from snow, then get inside it in the -13 temperature, and wait 10 minutes for it to heat up. and then you've almost arrived at your destination....

prefer to stay here, drinking my japanese green tea.
right now, i'm not in the mood for action.


05 Jan, 2009

Happy 2009 

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2009 will be a year of happiness! i am sure!



31 Dec, 2008

Happy new year! 

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i wish you a happy new year, filled with everything you dream of!


here's a new year's greeting from me to you in english and japanese, feel free to download it and send it to your friends!

take care!!


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