26 Jun, 2018

76 + 76 

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Yesterday I realised something very odd, the kind of 'coincidence' that is just too good to be true.

So far I have released 76 songs (check iTunes or Spotify if you want to verify), over 5 albums and 13 singles.

During the last 4-5 years I have also worked on 5 new album productions as you will know if you follow me on facebook or instagram. When I looked at the total number of tracks on these 5 productions, I realised that it's... 76.

76 released and 76 unreleased (all mixed and ready to be released) at the same time!

These five new albums are:

Passion Revisited (16 tracks)
Sambista (14 tracks)
Aurora - The Songs of J.C. Schütz (V/A) (14 tracks)
Tivolisaga (Swedish Cast Recording (19 tracks)
Bull Rider Boy (Instrumental Soundtrack) (13 tracks)

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Exciting times ahead!

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