07 Sep, 2017


Posted at 15:53 under MUSIC

I've started recording my favourite Brazilian samba songs, and who knows, it might become a new album. It's just me and my guitar, so I guess you could say I'm re-tracing my roots once and for all.

So what songs am I recording?

Um ser de luz, Manhã de um novo dia, Falsa consideração, O que é, o que é...

I started listing my favourite sambas and decided to also include some samba-çanções. A samba-canção is a slower more romantic genre, which later developed into the nossa nova. Some of these slower songs could be Não diga não (by Tito Madi, which I recorded and posted on my facebook page), Ligia (by Tom Jobim) and the more recent Assum Branco (by marvellous singer/songwriter José Miguel Wisnik), which works well in the context.

A lot of Brazilian listeners have said they would like me to record an album in Portuguese, so I guess it's about time. I admit that I feel madly passionate about these songs!


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