18 Oct, 2012

Remix and new album samples! 

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I've finished the Nujabes tribute remix of "Changes Changes" from my coming 5th album. Thinking about making another remix as well and release them as a single, but no decisions made.

I'm really pleased with this remix, and hope that you can feel my respect for Nujabes, one of Japan's and the world's best jazz/hip hop producers and DJs.

1. Changes Changes (Nujabes tribute remix)

Compare with the album version here below:

Johan Christher Schtz: Love This World (2012):

1. Changes Changes
2. A Smile Will Take You Far
3. Peace Is The Way
4. Don't Fight The Flow
5. Love This World
6. From Here
7. Piece Of Myself
8. I Learned To Be Me

This is my most philosophical album so far. Most songs are inspired by Hermann Hesse's novel Siddhartha (1922), a book I first read about 20 years ago and which I re-read again last autumn just before finishing the songs.

My own favorites are "Love This World" with it's Himalayan atmosphere, "From Here" a musical-type of piano ballad (the first time on an album I play piano and sing without other instruments), "Peace Is The Way" with it's 70's pop approach, and the already mentioned "Changes Changes" (with a guitar breathing in and out like the waves on a shore, intended to symbolize both time and timelessness).

Let me know what you think!

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