09 Aug, 2007

Release of Blissa Nova 

Posted at 13:46 under MUSIC

i have despaired and was ready to tear my hair off in frustration.

BLISSA NOVA was delayed for over a year, and only now when it's ready for release i realise why i had to wait and for what. some important things have occured that would never have happened otherwise. i had tried to rush things, but the only result was that things refused to be rushed and decided to slow me down even more instead..... another little lesson in patience, i guess!

as soon as everything turns out fine with the cd master, i will confirm the official release date. it will be in the middle of september, simultaneously as the japanese release of both my cds.

i'm happy i didn't tear my hair off, but let it grow. perhaps now i can have it braided for the release!!!!


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