08 Apr, 2015

3rd teaser from the documentary 

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This is the 3rd teaser from the coming documentary about Mariyan, for which I am making the music.

Premiere screening:

May 31, 2015

Link to video:

Let me know what you think!

18 Nov, 2014

Planet Earth 

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Watch this beautiful short documentary about Astronauts who all say the same thing. Seeing Earth in the empty space reminded of why we must take care of this planet.

Video is here [19 minutes long]:

It's absolutely awesome!


20 May, 2014

New single Out Today! 

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My new single is released today!

I GUESS IT'S OK (VAI FICAR TUDO BEM) is a duet with Vanessa Pinheiro (Brazil), performed in English and Portuguese!

If you are subscribing to my newsletter, you may already have heard this duet before, although in a completely different version...

The music video features footage from the 1914 movie Cinderella, with the stunning Mary Pickford doing a touching performance in the lead role. And now, 100 years later, she ended up in my music video... Her acting brings tears to my eyes.

And here's the link for iTunes:

Hope you like it!

12 Apr, 2014


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Parineeta is originally a novella from 1914 written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, a writer said to have been meant to be nominated to the Nobel Literature Prize in 1938, but inconveniently died before it happened.

Just like the more famous novel Devdas, Parineeta has been filmed several times, most recently in 2005, and that movie is what this post is about. Parineeta (meaning 'The married woman') is a story of a love separated by class, caste and religion.

This movie is fantastic!

Poor orphan Lalita (beautifully played by Vidya Balan) grows up with her uncle's family and develops a fascination (forbidden love) for the rich neighbor's son Shekhar (Saif Ali Khan in one of his best roles ever). Starting with the wedding celebrations for Shekhar and another woman, the movie is then told in a flashback, which at times gets a bit confusing, so I will make sure to read the novel, as the movie apparently differs in several ways.

However, as a movie it works perfectly fine. Pradeep Sarkar (director, screenplay) and Vidhu Vinod Chopra (producer, screenplay) have done a great job, it's masterfully filmed and edited, with great music by Shantanu Moitra.

Read this review from Variety to learn more:
http://variety.com/2006/film/reviews/pa ... 200518683/

Here is the trailer, unfortunately without subtitles:

Watch this movie!!!

15 Mar, 2014

My new favorite movie 


I have just watched Aaja Nachle (Come, Let's Dance).


This is the best musical movie I have ever seen! The choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant is amazing, the music by Salim-Suleiman is fantastic, everything is just outstanding.... Bollywood at its very best, heavily influenced by theater and musicals.

Directed by Anil Mehta, story by Aditya Chopra and Jaideep Sahni, and featuring Madhuri Dixit, Konkona Sen and Kunal Kapoor in the leading roles, this is a movie that touched me deeply on all levels.

The music is seamlessly flowing in and out of the story, and several scenes/numbers are incredible, mostly so the 20-minute final number where you get to see the 'musical' show telling the story of Leila and Majnu, the performance the whole movie is centered around. It's one of the best scenes I've ever seen in a musical movie.

The story tells of Dia (Dixit), an Indian dancer and choreographer in New York who goes back to her home town as her old dance master is dying. She stays there to fulfil his wish to save the local temple area Ajanta where they have been putting on theater and musical performances for ages. Local businessmen now want to build a shopping mall in its place, and to save Ajanta Dia has to put on a show using only local singers, dancers and actors. And she only has 2 months to do it. Thing is, the whole town resents her for having left with an American photographer 11 years earlier.

Here is the title song Aaja Nachle:

And the love duet Ishq Hua, with Konkona Sen and Kunal Kapoor:

Finally, the trailer:

If you love musicals and movies, you will love this!

08 Mar, 2014

I see my God in you 


Rewatched another Bollywood movie last night, RAB NE BANA DI JODI (meaning A Match made by God) from 2008, starring Shah Rukh Kahn and Anushka Sharma. It's one of my favorite movies of all time.

Seemingly to 'only' be about an unhappy young wife wanting to join a dancing competition, this story develops into an surprisingly powerful and emotional journey of a love greater than life itself.

Written & directed by genius Aditya Chopra and with stunning music by brothers Salim-Sulaiman, this is as good as it gets! Here is the theme song Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai (I see my God in you), taken from the movie. At 4:41 comes the slow version with female vocals which is even more beautiful.

Enjoy, and Watch this movie!!!

Here is a trailer as well:


15 Feb, 2014


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I admit it. I have been Bollywood smitten. There is something extraordinary about these kind of movies, where suddenly the actors burst out in song, staged and filmed like a music video. And there is something very appealing in the colors and the choreography of these movies.

Here is the song Titli from the movie Chennai Express (2013), sung in the Tamil language, with actors Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan.

They used a shorter mix in the movie, so this video is not how it appears in the movie. I like this longer version though, so decided to put it here.


I have even added a new Category here on the blog: BOLLYWOOD!!!

17 Jan, 2014

RENT progress 

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Our production of RENT is doing progress, yesterday we did the whole Act 2 again, and I tell you it's difficult not to cry. The ever-growing emotion of the singers is touching to witness, especially in Act 2 with everything that goes on.

Here is "Goodbye Love" from Act 2, from the 2005 movie:

We plan to start giving preview shows at Skandiateatern in mid-February. I am proud and happy to be the music director of this show.

01 Dec, 2013

Counting down for Christmas 

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December 1, 2013.

Christmas Time (We can change the world)


05 Nov, 2013

Beautiful Place music video 

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Here it is!

The new music video for my song BEAUTIFUL PLACE:

Wayang-kulit shadow puppetry/animation by:
JT Wong and Yh Khoh

Awarded first prize at the 2013 Borneo Eco Film Festival.



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